Friday, March 12, 2021

Boss Pinstripes, and Gaultier Circles Flashback

Hello, my friends! We're going into the weekend with spring in our hearts - we're again allowed to have outdoor-only gatherings of up to 10 people! Woo!
Boss Pant pose. 

  • Vest - Pink Martini, consignment; last worn here in January with black cashmere
  • Top - Jean Paul Gaultier, vintage 90s, consignment; last seen here (4th outfit) in February 2020 under fuzzy angora
  • Trousers - Red Valentino, consignment; purchased here for $45.00
  • Shoes - Amante, thrifted; last seen here in December 2020 with my Silver Belle top
  • Coat (below) - Sisley, consignment; last worn here on Wednesday

I felt like a total boss in this outfit today.  I happily showed off my outfit to my colleague Simona today, as well as another favourite work-friend, Sue, who shook her head and said, "Sheila, you haven't changed! No sweatpants for you!"
Oh, HELL no. I don't even own sweatpants. 

Of course I had to wear my new-to-me and also hemmed by me (!) cuffed pinstripe wool trousers right away! 
I've also been wanting to do a Flashback on this funky top for a while. 

I love long over long looks - they look very sleek to me. 
Because I'm short (5'4"), the long vest creates an illusion of me being taller. 

Ooh, I didn't know my rear view was this good, though! 
I'm wearing a blue cami under this sheer shirt - you can see all the tattoos on my back there. 

Masked up.
And ready to swoosh! 

Outerwear - I'm getting in a bunch of wears of this coat before it gets too warm to wear it. 
I carried my vest with me in my backpack. 

Outerwear stuff: 
I snitched the silk scarf from L's pile - so pretty! 

  • Silk scarf - thrifted
  • Wool/rabbit fur gloves - vintage, thrifted
  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
These are such pretty shoes - easily one of my favourite pairs. They're very comfy. 

Tough bling: 
I always like getting in a wearing of my Mr. T necklace. It originally retailed for $99.00 at Club Monaco - I bought it at end of year clearance for $9.00. I miss their stores. 

  • Belt - Nygard
  • Necklace - Club Monaco
  • Silver/Lucite cuff - Alexis Bittar, consignment, Vancouver
  • Fang cuff - Alexis Bittar, consignment, Sidney
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Silver/onyx ring - Toccara, vintage fair
  • Earrings - thrifted

I was Klassy and used clips to turn my cuffs up one more. 
I don't want to step on the hems while I'm walking to work in my Doc Marten boots. 

Flashback: Jean Paul Gaultier Mesh "Circles" Top

I found this top here at Verve Consignment in November 2017 for $68.00, which was a marked-down price - that's a lot for basically a piece of nylon mesh, I thought at the time. However, it's gossamer-soft and overall really nice quality, plus you know I love a classic designer like Jean Paul Gaultier! 
I'm assuming it's early-to-mid 90s, as we all had the cheap knock-offs of these mesh tops and wore them layered under dresses and suede vests. It was an odd time in fashion, and I find it really funny that this is right back in style! 

It's Jean Paul Gaultier Classique - I also have a mesh cardigan by JPG, and a thin wool sweater, as well as my sailor pants. I'm always tempted when I see his name on a label. It's a size XL, but I don't mind a mesh top being large on me. 
I love the eye-boggling pattern - it variously reminds me of optical illusions, the cosmos. The double effect you're seeing up there are the two layers of fabric (front and back). 

I wore it right away (as is my wont) in December 2017 with Monster Vest 1.0. 
I enjoyed this look, as you can see. Shoe Flashback here

I tend to wear it more casually than for work - this is a weekend look from January 2018. 
Of all of my clothes, it's the most worn with denim pieces, surprisingly! Vest/dress Flashback here; shoes Flashbacked here

I wore it in two different outfits in one day in April 2018. 
The above was my brunch look. Dress Flashback here; Boots Flashback here

Later in the day, I changed up my shoes and tights and wore this to Sarah's baby shower. 
Shoes Flashback here

I layered it under this hard-to-style dress in May 2018. 
I ended up giving it to Cat. 

Another piece of denim here in August 2018. 
I let go of this denim duster this past year - it's too tight and I really never grabbed for it. 

I really like this outfit from December 2018. I love gobs of jewelry! 
I also love a tulle skirt (Flashback here). Boots Flashback here

There's the denim vest/dress, worn as a vest, in February 2019. 
I loathed those grey pants, and was around then that I realized how awful loafers look on me. 

Moving on! I love this cute look in April 2019, with the top layered under another piece of denim, this light dress. 
I now wear that dress in the summer in the house. 

A casual look here in November 2019 - it must be Book Club or Winesday, as that's a bit more relaxed that I typically wear. 
I'm surprised I haven't done Flashbacks on the silver jeans, the snakeskin boots OR the Kenzo cardigan! How very remiss of me! 

And here's the last time I wore the top, for a shopping trip to My Sister's Closet with Sandra. Little did I know it would be the last time ever there, back in February 2020, as they closed for good shortly thereafter.
I gave that angora dress to my friend Jen - I need to learn that Sheila + Angora = huge annoyance. 

Mathy stuff: Today marks the 12th time I've worn this top, which reduces that original exorbitant coast of $68.00 to a very reasonable $5.66 per wear. Awesome! That's more like it.  

I've been puttering around the house, working on making things The Way I Want Them. I had the vacuum cleaner out, and of course, Vizzini skedaddled. 
"I wasn't hiding! I was napping!"

To be fair, he did sleep all day. 

I'm off for the weekend - I hope things are getting brighter for you! Stay safe! 


  1. Great job hemming those pants; they look fantastic on you. What a beautiful blouse and I particularly love it with slip dresses.

    Spring is definitely in the air - it was 15 degrees here yesterday, 10 degrees today and all the snow has melted. I saw my grandson today and in 7 weeks our second grandson will arrive, so it's all very exciting.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks, Nana, I was very proud of my handiwork! I love the funky top too.

      Oh, how lovely and exciting for you! It's been sunny off and on, and although still cold, we are seeing flowers all over the place. I'm really looking forward to seeing our friends and family again!

  2. I much prefer your outfit without the vest, rear view is very good, and you don't look short in the pic without it. I know you like a third piece but sometimes it is not necessary - like today! Have a fab weekend. Lise

    1. Thanks, Lise! It didn't feel quite right with just the top (I'm self-conscious about the sheerness), and I like having that extra layer.

  3. Seriously chic ensemble! Those pants are so elegant and timelessly stylish.

    While I do own some sweatpants, they are reserved for the house/backyard, nature walks in secluded areas, and certain types of hospital/medical visits. What I don't own, and haven't worn since middle school, is leggings. Between having disportionately thick legs for someone my overall size and not being a big fan of skin tight bottoms in general, leggings (much like shorts) are something I have no desire to own anytime soon (if ever).

    Big hugs & oodles of happy wishes for these final days of winter, my sweet friend!

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Thanks, Autumn! I have two pairs of leggings, which are sometimes worn around the house, but just as a layering piece. Thank you - here's to all the snow melting, and the flowers blooming!

  4. I want your confidence- and yeah, you did look fantastic from the back. The pants are sure to get a long history on your closet, and thanks for mentioning the vest went seperataly as I wondered how you were going to layer a coat over.

    1. Fake it till you make it, Sam - I'm not a naturally confident person. It's something I've learned and I practice.

      I love the pants, and yup, I felt very clever in carrying my vest!

  5. Good afternoon Sheil, I appreciated your reply the other day thanks for the positive vibes. Well I love how you style that top. I most like it under the slip dresses. I also smiled when you said your look was casual in the book club pic with the silver jeans cos you looked great in it. I don't think you do casual like us mere mortals so glam! he he I loved today's look. I have a long vest I have put in the give away pile but now I might hook it back out. Have a great few days Shazxx

    1. You're very welcome, Shaz, and I'll keep sending those good vibes for as long as you need 'em. :) I like the top under slip dresses too. Ha, yes, I do casual differently than most people, don't I? Thank you! I love a long vest - they're a good layering piece. Happy weekend, my dear friend.

  6. Those trousers make you look six foot tall and are just as fabulous from the front as the back! The top is perfect with them. A smashing outfit.
    Our lads have never heard a vaccuum cleaner but they see the feather duster and the mop and vanish as fast as Vizzini did! xxxx

    1. Aw, thanks so much, Vix! I enjoyed swooshing the wide pants about in the office.

      Oh, those boys! Ha ha, I can just picture it.

  7. Those wide pin-striped trousers look magnificent on you and I agree with Vix that they make you feel six feet tall. Note to tiny self: do search out a pair of trousers like that ;-)
    They looks absolutely perfect, both with the Gaultier blouse on its own, and with the long vest on top. Your rear view, by the way, is very good indeed!
    Phoebe absolutely hated the vacuum cleaner, but with scaredy cat 2.0, we haven't even dared to take it out yet, buying an old-fashioned sweeper instead to use until she's a bit more confident. Oh, and I don't own sweatpants either. Horrible things! Have a wonderful weekend, Sheila, and I hope the weather behaves for you. It's stormy out here! And we can meet up with 10 people outdoors here as well as from this week :-) xxx

    1. Thank you so much, Ann! I felt awesome in them, for sure. It was a surprise to see my rear view when I uploaded my pics! Gotta love that!

      Oh, yes, cats and vacuums are not usually friends. I hope Bess is not traumatized when you bring it out! Sweats are awful. I would always rather wear a pair of stretchy jeans instead if I'm going that casual.

      It's been sunny-ish and cold, but the flowers are blooming and spring is in the air! I hope it gets better for you - glad to hear you can gather now too!

  8. You wear that top well and I love the long vest with this!

    That's great news you can have more outdoor gatherings! :) Our limits got lifted so we can have 500 people together outdoors without having to apply for a covid safe plan and government approval which is nice. We have had one case out of quarantine though so I'm sitting here hoping and wishing my son's party can still go ahead next weekend. We had to cancel it last year so I am a little stressed about the possibility of another quarantine case and us going into a short lockdown - we will see how it all turns out day by day I guess!

    1. Thanks, Mica! It was a fun outfit to wear.

      It's so exciting - I can't even get my head around 500 people in one place again! That seems like so much! Fingers crossed for your son's party! I hope you'll all get the jab soon and we don't have to consider these things as much.

  9. Hurrah for outside gatherings!
    I was worried I wouldn't be getting my Vizzini fix but there he was at the end!
    The JP top is brilliant- I love the boggle your eyes pattern- it looks so cool and I LOVE the latest way you styled it! Long over long is great! Brilliant! The bulldog clip made me giggle-it's a good idea though- I have mashed too many bottoms of trousers that are slightly too long, even though 'too long' is a rare occurrence for me! They are my style of trouser- love them!x

    1. Yup, I'm pretty stoked about it, Kezzie!

      I always try to include our little monster - he does have his fans!

      Thank you! I love a funky pattern like this (the cardi I have by him has a similar eye-boggling pattern). Bulldog clips are my saviour with long pants! I hate the cuffs dragging on the ground, getting dirty or torn. Thank you!

  10. Those are such great pants. They do make you look super tall!

  11. A real boss outfit! Such trousers do that immediately don't they. I loved Jean Paul Gaultier. I bought a denim moto jacket in the mid 80s by him. It was a amazing jacket, why the hell didn't I hang on to it! What a amazing news that you can meet with a group outside. We still can't here. Only allowed to go outside with 2 and 1 a day inside. Pfff, I am realy feeling a bit down by now. Want to go out with friends and family. I am having aZoom with Shelbee next week btw, we should do one with the 3 of us! Have s great Sunday my friend!

    1. It is, Nancy! I felt super-confident, swishing about in them. I love JPG too - I'm always excited when I find a new piece of his. Oh, that's too bad, but we can't waste our time on regrets.

      It's so exciting, the thought of seeing our friends and family again! We aren't allowed anyone inside, though. How awesome - I would love to Zoom with both of you!

  12. Looking fab in your boss outfit!, these trousers rock and love your grey waistcoat. Actually I love your top with any waistcoat or dress, and it looks fab with denim too, so amazing!.
    And I'm loving your 'real life' tip on wearing some clips!, that's the kind of stuff I usually do!.

    1. Thanks, Monica, I felt very boss-like! The top is awesome, glad you enjoyed the Flashback.

      Yup, gotta keep it real, ha ha!

  13. Aaaah it must be so great meeting up with people!

    Those trousers do look great on you. Those clips are a good idea. (I too do not own sweatpants. I do have some yoga pants but they're strictly gym wear.)

    1. I haven't met up with many yet, Mim, but it's so great that we CAN.

      Thank you! I loved wearing them. The clips have saved me many times. I have leggings that I wear under other clothes - that's it!

  14. I DO own a pair of "joggers" which I purchased for cheap from an online clearance sale for a fancy-schmancy store. They are leopard print, with pockets,and super soft. I don't wear them outside though - I still have standards.
    I wish I could find a pair of trousers that fit my behind as good as those fit you - definitely a flattering back view!

    1. Oh, I could totally get on board with leopard joggers! Good for you for keeping them indoors, lol.

      I was shocked at the back view! I forgot how nice high-waisted pants can be!

  15. I am loving those boss girl pants! Haha and had to smile when reading you do not even own sweatpants! Like Karl Lagerfeld said "sweatpants are a sign of defeat"

    1. Aren't they sweet, Lorena? I thought of you, remember you had bought Red Valentino in the past!

      Nope, no sweatpants - I agree with Karl on this!


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