Monday, February 22, 2021

Superhero Cape and Best Shoes Ever Flashback

As this pandemic stretches on - hello, 11 months! - I am finding it hard to stay upbeat and positive. I am aware that I'm in a low-ish spot right now, and I know it will pass. Clothing As Armour is a good cure for what ails ya.
And there's nothing more amour-ish than a superhero cape.

  • Top - Lord & Taylor, consignment; last worn here in May 2020 with linen and Star Wars shoes
  • Skirt - Holt Renfrew, vintage, thrifted; last seen here in October 2019 (with the matching jacket) for my Star Trek-themed Hallowe'en outfit
  • Shoes - Poetic Licence; last worn here in February 2020 with tropical strips and pleats
  • Coat (below) - Topshop, consignment; last seen here in January

I love this outfit in pictures, but it was less successful in action. It didn't help that nearly every element irritated the heck out of me. 
The shoes didn't bother me, but I had a near miss of putting them in the giveaway pile. 

I shivered in this top in my chilly office and sat in my coat for the last couple of hours. 
Due to my increased amount of sitting at work the obi was pretty much crushed by the end of the day. 

The top was too cold, even though I wore a tank underneath it. But it's so cool!
Although I love that it's part of a suit/has a matching jacket, the skirt is in more worn-out condition than the jacket and has a few marks on the front. I am officially adding a new red skirt to my second-hand wish list, but I'll keep this one (for now) due to Suit Love.

Masked up: 
Even my mask annoyed me! I felt like I was fogging up more than usual.  

Outerwear - uh-oh, we've had riding up issues with this jacket's sleeves in the past. Danger! Danger!
It was fine with the sleeves, as the cape just gets all bunched up anyway, but my skirt is an A-line (a classic late 90s/early 00s cut), and it rode up big-time. 

Way up. 
I felt leggy here with just nylons on, but picture this 7 inches higher! Zoiks! I had my hands on the hem the whole way to and from work. That never puts me in a good mood. 

Outerwear stuff: 
I stole L's silk fringed scarf from his stack of dressy scarves, at least remembering that my neck would be cold otherwise.

  • Gloves - Parkhurst
  • Mask - by Mom
  • Scarf - vintage, thrifted (by me)

These burgundy wool gloves had gone AWOL recently, but I found them in an Unsafe Polar Bear pocket when I wore it a few days ago. 

The stuff: 
Ah, the shoes! These were the first really "out there" shoes I ever owned - I loved them the moment I saw them.

Brutal bling: 
The print on the red silk of the obi is chairs. 

  • Obi - Smoking Lily
  • Cuff/necklace - Robert Larin, vintage 70s, vintage mall, gifts from L
  • Silver earrings - vintage 70s, vintage mall; first wearing - purchased here for $41.65
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Volcano ring - vintage 70s, Mom's
  • Hematite ring - thrifted

The new earrings were excellent - I was happy with them. 

To my despair and sadness, I noticed partway through my day that my beloved Best Shoes Ever were starting to come apart at the toes. 
Both toes were separating from the sole. I mentally prepared myself to let go of these shoes. "The Flashback will be a farewell to them," I thought, feeling very sorry for myself after my irritating outfit day. 

Finally recognizing that I'm in a low swing mentally right now, I put on my Big Girl Pants and pulled out the Zap-A-Gap and fixed them. 
I felt instantly better (although I do have glue all over my fingers), and put the shoes back in the closet. And yes, these shoes are getting a little worn, but then, so am I! 

Now, are you ready to have a look at some old outfits? 

Poetic Licence Four-Colour Shoes aka "Best Shoes Ever"

I purchased these shoes here from the since-closed She She Shoes in Trounce Alley (their oldest location) in December 2008, making them 12+ years old now. I immediately dubbed them the Best Shoes Ever. I mean, look at them! 
I had a gift certificate (likely for $100) from L and I don't recall them being on sale. Let's call it $199.00 spent in addition to the gift card - I know they were not cheap! 

As multi-colour shoes go, these are actually pretty easy to match with other colours. Grey, navy blue, burgundy and white actually go with quite a lot. They are by Poetic Licence, a brand I love for their funky shoes. 
As with many of my older shoes, these got worn a lot more in the early days, when I didn't have anywhere near the numbers of shoes I have now. Compare my scant 20 pairs in 2008 to just under 100 pairs now! 

I wore them right away to work (at my old job) in December 2008, and went full matchy. 
I don't like a lot of these older outfits, but I do admire my older, younger self for trying! I was in a period of clothing experimentation, having just lost 50 lbs in 2006-7. I bought everything and tried some wacky stuff. Some of it worked! 

I loved this silk Odd Molly skirt - I slightly regret giving it away years ago. 
This was in January 2009. That's the first of many, many grey blazers I've owned. 

In April 2009, before skinny pants were a thing. 
And now the pendulum of wide-leg pants is swinging back. It only took 12 years. 

I'm all office-y in my suit here in July 2009.
Aw, kitty Inigo, who just flopped himself down as the timer went off. I still have that obi - it's another Smoking Lily one. 

I thought this was the kookiest outfit ever, when I wore it to work in August 2009. 
I still have that floofy underskirt! 

Most of my Smoking Lily obi collection (I have 3 or 4 of them still) was acquired around this time, and they have proven to be really useful with these shoes. 
This is from April 2010. Aw, I see Inigo ears!

The Odd Molly skirt again in June 2010. 
I had that cardigan for ages. 

I also had this grey suede dress for several years - this is in August 2010. 
Inigo was a champion photo-bomber. 

April 2011 - I'm in my current job here, and struggling with it. It took me half a year to get settled - it was a rough start. 
I'm loosening up with a scotch. Perhaps...too loose? I still have that belt. 

Flashing my boobs in August 2011, proving that I'm wearing a dress under this navy cardigan. 
I got good wear out of both pieces, but they're long gone. 

As is everything in this October 2011 outfit. 
That's Vizzini nonchalantly licking his toes. 

The shoes were featured in three looks in my December 2012 thirty-item capsule in my 30 For 30 For 12 Wardrobe Challenge. 
This was a daytime look. That's my Andres Courreges vintage skirt, which didn't get unpacked this fall (due to my COVID chocolate weight). 

I changed the belt and earrings and wore it that night to my Weight Watchers Christmas dinner. 
I still have that belt and necklace. Good accessories last! 

I wore the shoes later in December 2012 with my old Smoking Lily chair-print skirt (the same chair print, only in silver, as today's obi).
That was a lovely piece - I passed it along many years ago. 

You'll remember this jacket from its Flashback here.
I should pair it with these shoes again! This outfit is from October 2013.

All the stitching on this denim dress is tromp de l'oeil - not actually seams or pockets. Oh, and the dress was backless! I didn't wear it much - it was a little too odd, even for me.
This was in December 2013. 

There's an obi! I had this grey lace dress for a few years. 
This look is from February 2014. 

A quirky look from October 2014.
My hair is all coiffed in a swirl, with shaved sides - that was how I found out I had mostly grey hair. It was a bit traumatizing, and I immediately coloured over it! 

Purple hair time - this is in October 2015.
I bought that dress in Nashville, but ultimately it felt too costumey for regular wear, and I let it go. That's the same obi I'm wearing in the current outfit.

I like this outfit from January 2016. Blouse Flashback here

The shoes also go well with purples, not just blue/grey/burgundy/white. 
I didn't keep anything from this outfit - it totally needed a necklace, right? 

One of my many grey skirts, this one featured in March 2017.
I really loved this blazer but it was not useful to wear, as it only looked good done up. 

Monster Vest 1.0 transformed this work outfit into a Work Outfit, in December 2017. 
This was a lot of fun to wear. 

Same pants here in December 2018. That's the jacket that goes with today's skirt. 
The navy and white stripes work well with the shoes. 

And here's the last time I wore them, in February 2020. 
I hated that blouse, and sadly, when I washed this skirt recently it was ruined and not salvageable. I'm on the lookout now for a new grey skirt - Flashback here

Mathy stuff: Today's outfit makes 26 times I've worn these shoes! Wow, I'm really happy with that. At our estimated $199.00 original outlay, that works out to $7.96 per wear. 

Okay, time to go get some Purr Therapy and chill. Take care everyone, and be kind to yourself. 


  1. Those are in deed the best shoes ever and what a trip done memory lane. Your styling creativity amazes and inspires me.


  2. My mind has been drifting frequently as of late to the duration of the pandemic and the fact that in a couple of weeks time, we (as in the hubby and I) will have been self-isolating for a year solid. As have countless others the world over, too, of course. While some of the days felt fast during that time, as a collective whole, the year has been lengthy and heavy. Something that will stay with all those who were fortunate to survive it for the rest of our days.

    Instead of focusing (too much, at least) on that, I'm opting to stay realistically positive and keeping my fingers firmly crossed that come this time in 2022, the pandemic will be starting to fade into the pages of history.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. You're not alone in that, Autumn. It's been a long haul for all of us, and we're really starting to feel that duration hit home. I'm trying to stay positive and keep the end in perspective - fall? late summer?

  3. I'm so glad you could fix the shoes! I remember running down to the cobbler next to the office a couple times once with a pair of shoes I just wasn't ready to part with - eventually he had to tell me his glue could only do so much, haha! I still kept them as driving shoes for almost a year after but they were literally disintegrating...ha!

    I do love the look of your outfit but it's frustrating the pieces annoyed you - I don't like when outfits do that! At least you know things will be better and life will be back to normal - it is happening here, and I know other places can get those relaxed restrictions too!

    1. We'll see if my glue job holds, Mica - I'm glad I could at least do that. Oh dear, your poor shoes!

      Yes, my mood affected my clothes, which affected my mood. It was a vicious cycle. Australia gives me hope! Thank you!

  4. Good morning She, firstly you look fab!! I love this outfit what a shame it didn't behave. Secondly those shoes are the best and yeah just keep fixing them for as long as you can. Whew! glad they found their way out of the giveaway pile! Sorry to hear you felt a bit low today (bet that contributed to the annoyance of certain bits of your outfit) but if it is any consolation your fun and colourful blog cheers us all up, so even when you are low you are still doing good. We have been given a route out of our lockdown so here's hoping. Sending a big hug Shazxx

    1. Thank you, Shaz! It was a very misbehaving outfit, and frustrated me overall, but I also realized that my mood wasn't helping at all. I'm really glad I was able to fix the shoes and keep them for a while longer.

      Thanks, hon. I do get low at times, but things are already feeling a bit better. I'm hoping that we'll start getting vaccinations going in the next couple of months here. Hugs back!

  5. I'm with Shaz, you look fab and I bet your off-mood contributed to your outfit malcontent.
    I'm glad you were able to fix your shoes and I love L's scarf, well worth borrowing.
    Hope the purr therapy and chill worked and you're back to your usual superhero self now. xxx

    1. Thanks, Vix, and definitely the mood impacted my clothes...which impacted my mood! I am very happy that my shoes will be worn another day. That L, so ungrateful. I should steal all of his scarves.

      It did, and I'm getting there. Thanks, Vix!

  6. Can't believe it's been almost a year! I'm hearing you on being low. I've had my ups and downs but surprisingly I've made it past my post-Phoebe low point for now. Clothing as Armour is certainly the best advice a certain someone has given me :-) A superhero cape is even better! You look absolutely amazing in this outfit, although I'm getting the action issues, not to mention being cold in that top. I absolutely hate it if my mask fogs up. I've learned which masks to wear with which pair of glasses, but sometimes the weather is uncooperative and I still get fogging up.
    I can't believe you almost put those shoes in the giveaway pile. They're absolutely incredible and I loved their flashback. I'm glad to hear you were able to fix them.
    Nothing better than purr therapy, so off you go :-) xxx

    1. I know, Ann! It's just crazy how the time has been so long and/or short - both, really! I'm so glad you are doing better. Armour is the order of the day! Thank you so much. It was just frustration after frustration.

      I love them too, and I'm glad I was able to save them and keep myself from doing something ridiculously rash!

      Yes, ma'am. Vizzini....!

  7. Loved those shoes of yours for years. I had a wildly different pair of Poetic License shoes. Sad they didn't last nearly so long, but it IS a really cool brand. As is your smoking lily. I still have and use the little bug zipper pouch you gave me from them. It lasted longer than the shoes. ;)

    1. I bet you remember them, Megan! I love that brand, Irregular Choice too - they make the coolest shoes. Aw, that's so awesome! I have one of them too. :)

  8. This last year has tested us all to our limits I think. Some days I'm surprised there is any positivity happening anywhere at all and I don't really see the point in getting out of bed and other days I happily spend the time at home painting or reading or, if I'm very lucky, playing with my grandson. It's a crap shoot as to which day will be what.

    I love your outfit and am sorry to hear that it gave you such grief throughout the day. You always have great shoes and "the best shoes ever" are no exception. I particularly like the red jacket/wide pants from December 2018. I must say that your April 2011 floppy stair pose cracked me up.

    I hope this low mood passes quickly for you.

    1. It has, Nana - I'm just feeling very stretched out right now. It's been a rough week, but I feel the pendulum swinging back. I hear ya.

      Thank you - and you know, I got over it eventually. I like that outfit too - it's a good one. I know, I laugh at that picture whenever I come across it.

      Hugs, my dear friend. This too shall pass.

  9. Yes, you're a super-heroine and we all know your super-powers. Love the cape. I'm with you on feeling blue from the weather and pandemic-fatigue. Spring can't come soon enough.

    1. Blah blah, super powers, ha ha! Thanks, Ally. I need a pick-me-up. Thank goodness we have a good plan for the weekend!

  10. Lovely that these Best Shoes Ever could be repaired and are ready for more action!. Love them, and love that they've proved their fantastic versatility through the years. Lots of fab outfits with lots of coolness!.
    Clothes As Armour is becoming an everyday motto!, it makes a difference actually!.
    Sorry that this fab outfit was not comfortable 'in action', but it looks lovely. When something like this happen to me, I'm usually in rabid mood for the whole day. Argh.

    1. I'm so relieved, I was really trying to not be sad over letting them go.

      Clothing as Armour and Colour Therapy, that's the way to do it!

      Eh, it's okay - I try to be honest about how I feel about my outfits. It did make me very frustrated, though!

  11. What a shame the items were uncomfortable as indeed, together they make the most perfect picture. I adore this outfit. Perhaps try again when it is a little warmer?

    1. Yeah, I'll definitely do the cape-top with an obi or belt again - I liked it. That top should just be spring/summer!

      thanks, Greetje!

  12. I really like your cape. Clothes as armour is always a good idea. That obi belt is fab as well. Lovely jacket as well. So great you were able to fix your beloved shoes. Thy are such a pretty pair of heels! I try to fix my shoes when I can too.

    1. Thank you, Ivana! It's something I've really embraced - I can present myself to the world the way that I want to. I'm relieved that the shoes will last a while longer!

  13. The outfit does look wonderful, so even if it felt as though there were gaps in your armour, I bet no-one spotted them. (Skirts riding up are the worst; I once inadvertently flashed all the traffic up the Wellsway in Bath because I hadn't realised one of mine was creeping northwards.)

    1. Thanks so much, Mim! I'm sure no one noticed but me. OMG, you poor thing! I once dropped a skirt around my ankles just as a double-decker bus went by!


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