Sunday, February 21, 2021

Weekend Wrap-Up: 90s D&G Flashback

Hello, my friends! I want to give a quick shout-out to two dear friends, both of whom lost their kitties this past week: Ann (and Jos) of Polyester Princess, whose much-loved Phoebe made me smile whenever Ann posted her sweet grumpy face, and my real-life darlin', Caro and her family, who lost their beloved Fudge suddenly. My heart goes out to you both for your loss. 

Moving's been a quiet weekend over here, with just a quick brunch on Saturday, followed by a shop.
With just over a month left in my fall/winter wardrobe, I'm reaching for the backward hangers and working on getting my not-yet-worn items into outfits. 

  • Blouse - Brooks Brothers, consignment; first seen here in January 2020 with plaid
  • Dress - Dolce & Gabbana, vintage 90s, thrifted; last worn here in March 2020 with atrocious shoes
  • Boots - Prepare 2.0 Tracker, Fluevog; last seen here in December 2020 with leather pants and floral
  • Coat (below) - Danier Leather; last worn here in January

I do take delight in thrifting Dolce & Gabbana, since their staff was rude to us in their Florence store. No profit for you! I give my money to local stores! Ha! 
I remember getting that ecstatic thrill of first feeling the thick wool of this dress, followed by spotting the D&G label. We'll be having a Flashback on it shortly. 

My hair is getting long! I have a haircut scheduled for Tuesday, thank goodness. 
This is only the second wearing of this silk blouse I picked up just over a year ago. 
I love rose patterns.

Masked up - more dark red. 
We met up with Nick for brunch at Pluto's, then I browsed a few shops up and down Fort Street after. 

Outerwear: I love this red leather coat - it has been well worth the $400 (that was half price!) I paid for it around 8 years ago. 
I was nice and snuggly, but I did miss having a scarf on. 
Most people saw me like this. I've got my backpack plus cloth shopping bags and I'm headed to Dots to scope out the spring stock. I like to look early, just in case there's something really cool (like my red/black leopard denim suit, an early seasonal purchase).

Outerwear stuff: 
I love the studded gloves - one of my few retail purchases from Danier Leather back when they had physical stores. 

  • Mask - Lazy Susan's
  • Gloves - Danier Leather

The stuff: 
I really walked to town and back in these! A few people were ago at them, but it's all shoe-math. That's only a 1-inch heel. 

Round bling: 
More badassery. 

  • Leather cuff - Guess, thrifted
  • Silver/Lucite cuff - Alexis Bittar, consignment, Vancouver
  • Earrings - Tania Gleave, Granville Island
  • Silver/onyx ring - Toccara, vintage fair
  • Silver/crystal ring - Soul Flower

I stopped in at Vanity Fair Antique Mall, as they had a 10%-50% off sale on, and had a quick browse. 
These Brutalist earrings had to come home with me. They'll go well with my Robert Larin pieces. 
They are fairly light - I'm glad that ball in the middle is hollow. 

They are marked .925 Sterling Silver, and some initials, which I can't really read. 
It looks like "MRG" but I can't find anything on those initials. They were $41.65. 

I strolled down to Dots and spent about an hour poking around, but nothing really grabbed me (a lot of cheap fabric), so I popped into MONA (meh) and was going to browse in the Velvet Crease, but they closed at 3pm. Some days, you just don't find anything. 

Flashback: Vintage 90s Wool Dolce & Gabbana Slip Dress

I found this dress by feel in a crush of black dresses at the Patch here in September 2017. I recognized the iconic slip dress shape and adjustable bra-style straps as being from the mid-90s. The inside of the top has silicone for sticking to the skin (to help keep it in place). 
The fabric is 100% virgin wool knit, so like my Muppet skirt, it's very thick and warm. It's not a summer dress! The wool is slightly pilled, and the straps are a little stretched out - this dress was loved in its heyday of the 90s. I bet it danced in a lot of clubs! 
It's hard to see, but that black tag above the size says "D&G".
It's got the hologram, it's authentic. This was only $27.95 - bargain! 

I first work it in October 2017 for my birthday week - I had this outfit planned out well in advance. I felt completely awesome in this. 
I'm a sucker for a floral blouse - I had that one for a few years. The boots were only worn this one time, I think - they were hugely uncomfortable. 

I prefer my slip dresses with something layered under them, as here in December 2017. This sheer lace top and lacy tights were a good base for the magenta shoes and earrings. 
I saw those shoes in the window at MONA! They aren't MY shoes (mine are in a giveaway bag somewhere, I think - they are too high), but belonged to a friend of the owner's. 

I wore the dress twice in one day in April 2018. 
This outfit was worn for brunch at Floyd's (the last time before they closed downtown). Boots Flashback here

Then later in afternoon, I changed up my legs and shoes for Sarah's baby shower. 
I need to wear that top again soon. Shoe Flashback here

Another brunch outfit, in December 2018. 
Those boots are great for walking. 

This was a work outfit in February 2019. 
I feel like the colourful bottom half isn't balanced enough by the colourful necklace on top. Shoes Flashbacked here

I actually put the dress in the giveaway pile after that last wearing - I thought I was done with it. Thank goodness my Winesday gals talked me out of it! 
It had a colourful comeback here in June 2019 (I bet I was warm in this!), with gobs of jewelry. This is my favourite look of all of these - the excess of bling ties in with the era of the dress well. 

I wore it out for brunch with my friend and colleague Simona, in December 2019.
I layered a thin mohair sweater under it to go with the floral tights. 

And this is the last time I wore it, in March 2020, with the same top as above.
L called those shoes "atrocious" - the nerve! 

Mathy stuff: I have now worn this dress 10 times, bringing my original investment of $27.95 down to $2.80. Take that, D&G! 

And now, off to give some love and warmth to my own little kitty. He never met our first cat, Othello (link here).
"I've heard stories. Phoebe is probably hanging out with Othello - they can be grumpy together."

Aw, look at that face.

Vizzini did know our dear bud Inigo, though (link here). 
"Fudge is going to love playing with Inigo - they'll be good pals."

Our furry companions give us so much joy. Much love to my friends - I'll be giving your kitties hugs through Vizzini. 


  1. My condolences to Ann, Jos and Caro - my heart goes out to you all.

    Lucky you to have a hair appointment! Our area has just this week gone from lockdown back into the red zone so I think I may be able to book something. Like so many, I am desperately in need of a good reshaping.

    Love the D&G dress. You have so many wonderful belts I'm a bit surprised there is no flashback with one - perhaps you've tried and it doesn't suit?

    1. I know they appreciate it, thank you, Nana.

      I am lucky! My hair is getting so shaggy right now.

      Thank you! I don't like body-con dresses like this belted - it just feels like too much to me.

  2. Dear Phoebe. She'll be in good company with the cats we've loved and lost over the years. Pets give us such joy.
    Your hair is looking fantastic, She! I love the red boots that look higher than they are - the best sort! I still love the atrocious orange shoes. Chunky footwear is my catnip!
    Loving those super dooper earrings.
    Isn't it typical that the year I made the decision to start having regular professional haicuts is the year that Covid struck? Mine was last trimmed in October but I've signed up to my salon's VIP booking list so, when they ever do reopen, I'll be top of the list. The ends are bearing up well but one plait is longer than the other, freaky! xxx

    1. Yes, I hope that Ann/Jos take some solace in that, Vix. Our furry friends cavorting together makes me feel better.

      Thank you! I had fun bouffing my hair up with some twists to give it massive volume. That's so funny that THIS is the year you decided to go professional with your hair. Good luck, I hope you get a slot!

      I love the red boots, and although L hates the orange shoes, I adore them. Bring it on!

  3. Sending condolences to your friends. I know how it feels to lose a much loved pet.
    I love the idea that you are sticking two metaphorical fingers up to the rude staff at D & G.
    The dress looks stunning and I am glad your local store benefitted. X

    1. Thanks, Jane. It really sucks.

      You bet! No money for them, but I'll happily buy your clothes in a thrift store! Thanks so much!

  4. You look fabulous in this 90ties D&G dress. The colours of your outfits are so lovely. The red boots are fabulous and I like the fun tights. Moreover, I love how you paired this dress with a floral blouse. I also enjoyed your fashion flash back with this D&G dress. I always thought D&G classical cut black midi dresses are one of the most practical and fabulous items to grace the runaways. DVF wrap dress is another iconic item that comes to my mind as being timeless and elegant. With such pieces, one can never get wrong...and this was a bargain for sure. If we had any good second hand stores here, I'd hunting for one of these as well.

    1. Thank you so much, Ivana! I love this dress, and can't believe I ever put it in the giveaway pile (silly me!). I agree, it's a classic style and look. I like DVF wrap dresses, except for the whole "gaping open" issue!

  5. I like how you layer that dress, definitely a great opshop find and while you didn't find much on this outing you have got so many great pieces over the past trips, like this dress, that I'm sure make up for it! :)

    It's so sad to say goodbye to a family member - very sweet of you to share your friends lovely cats, they must be really feeling the loss!

    1. Yes, it all balances out - sometimes I have great luck, and other times, I don't find anything. Thank you so much, Mica - it's a fun dress to wear.

      I've been thinking about both friends, and just wanted to acknowledge how sad it was for both of them.

  6. Aww, Sheila, thank you so much for the shout-out. Had to go and get a hankie before I was able to continue. So sad for Caro and her family too. Do give her my deepest sympathy!
    I love how you styled that D&G dress with the pops of red. That red rose patterned top is delightful. I'm in awe of your red leather coat and those amazing boots too. That dress was a total bargain and it was a joy scrolling through its flashback. The chunky orange shoes are fab, and don't let L. tell you otherwise.
    I see you are beating me to the hairdresser, I have an appointment on Tuesday. Counting the days ... xxx P.S. Phoebe hanging out with Othello and being grumpy together is a comforting thought :-)

    1. Not on Tuesday, that's you! Mine is on Thursday :-)

    2. Aw, sorry about that, Ann. I just wanted to send my good vibes out - I do think Othello and Phoebe will be best buds in the cat-afterlife. I will pass on your thoughts to Caro, thank you.

      Thanks! I love the rose top, but it's a tricky one to style without looking too Christmassy. I adore that coat and the boots too. Ha, L just likes to give his two cents - I don't care that he doesn't like those orange shoes, 'cause I do!

      Good luck on Thursday! I am super excited to meet my new hairdresser tomorro1

  7. How so very thoughtful of you to think about friends who lost their furry sweethearts.
    You are so lucky you can go to the hairdresser! We hear tomorrow if they are opening soon. I realy need it bad! What a luck to have such a good slipdress. I also think they look the best when something is worne underneath.

    1. Aw, they've been in my thoughts, Nancy. Our cats and other furry friends mean a lot to us.

      I'm grateful that they are still open here. Can't wait to get my trim!

      Thank you! I love them layered too! I wore them that way in the mid-90s!

  8. I was surprised you found nothing on your recent shopping expedition; nothing apart from the earrings, that is. Which by the way are lovely. I have got so used to you finding wonders each time you time maybe?

    The D&G dress is fab. I like it best with colourful tops and tights. It's a very versatile dress and it fits you beautifully.

    1. Oh, for sure, next time, Vronni. Dots isn't second-hand, just sales samples and unsold store stock, so it's always a bit hit and miss for shopping. MONA is a pretty small store, and they cater to women who are not as...shall we say?...flamboyant as me! Next time!

      Thank you, Vronni! It's a really cool dress and does go with everything!

  9. You have a heart that makes gold look like coal by compassion. What a caring, beautiful way to honour the lives of these two precious animals and the families they've left behind.

    May life always be as sweet and kind to you as you are to those you care about, dear Sheila.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Aw, that is really sweet of you, Autumn, thank you. I cried for both of these families and for their loss(es).

  10. Oh how fabulous are you, my friend! And what a bummer that the D&G staff were icky to you. Keep it local and thrifted, it's better that way! I never find amazing designer labels in my size in my local thrift stores. Boo! But I keep looking. My sister arrives today and we have a whole day of thrifting planned for tomorrow! I am so excited! Thanks for linking up with me. And many condolences to your friends who lost their sweet kitties.


    1. Yup, too bad for them - I'm never going to buy D&G retail, but I'll shop the heck out of their stuff in the thrift/second-hand stores! Take that! Sorry to hear you don't see designer labels in your local stores, Shelbee! Maybe my good vibes (sending right now, don't be alarmed, heh) will cause you and your sister to have some luck today!

      Thanks, I appreciate that.

  11. Lovely words sending love to dear friens who have lost their pets recently, totally deserve some support these days!.
    And so fab dress, it ticks all the boxes, versatile, quality wool and coolness!. Love it layered over floral tops and shirts, love your shoes and tights matching the colours! and love your red leather coat!

    1. Our little furry friends are much missed when they leave us.

      Thank you, Monica! I love this dress. The coat has been one of my best purchases over the past 10 years.

  12. Always so sad to lose a pet.
    I had a similar experience with D&G staff. I bought a skirt suit in their Amsterdam shop (I know, I am a big spender sometimes). And as I walked out the shop, three young assistents were standing near a wall, checking me up and down while chewing gum and by the look on their faces, they were wondering what on earth I was doing in their shop. So rude. I never bought anything again.
    Nice styling again Sheila.

    1. It is, they leave such an empty space.

      Seriously, that company needs to pull themselves up to a better standard overall.

      Thanks, Greetje!

  13. I was so sad to hear about Phoebe. Losing a pet is always hard, and I think they've been little furry godsends during lockdown.

    That dress is so versatile! It seems to go with everything.

    1. It just breaks my heart, Mim. They are like furry comets, blazing through our lives for such a short time.

      Thank you - I totally agree!


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