Sunday, January 10, 2021

Weekend Wrap-Up: Grey Brunch, Zoom Velvet and Makena Flashback

Hello, my friends! I hope you've all had a fabulous weekend - I've been watching football playoffs, with a couple of outfit interludes, including what I wore for our Saturday Zoom Happy Hour with our crew. I also have a big Flashback for you on one of my most versatile pairs of shoes (and I've only had them for just over 3 years!). 

Are ya ready? Let's get 'er done! 

L and I were up early for brunch, and DROVE to Pluto's, which felt very decadent indeed. Vroom, vroom, take us to town, Vlad! 
I wore walking shoes and a comfy outfit anyway. I built the outfit around this lovely necklace that Mom got me for Christmas. 

  • Sweater - Maison Scotch, thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit) in February 2020 to see the Beaches in concert
  • Skirt - H&M, consignment; last worn here (3rd outfit) in June 2020 (Flashback there on it)
  • Shoes - Truths Makena, Fluevog; last seen here in September 2020 for brunch
  • Leather blazer (below) - Danier Leather, thrifted; last worn here in December 2020

We had to run an errand (exchange a belt I bought for L), and wanted to get home quickly to make sure we didn't miss too much of the games. 
I love this wool sweater - it has a really wide neck, and I often go "full Flashdance" and wear it off one shoulder. 
Not so much this time, as I only took my jacket off while we ate breakfast. 

The skirt is fun. I love that it has pockets and it is very swooshy - I chose a full skirt for clambering in and out of the bucket seats in the car. 
Masked up - this one is black with grey cats on it (one of Mom's).
L is getting ready. When I'm done my pictures, we are out the door. Hurry up, I need my coffee and huevos! 

Outerwear - we had a lovely sunny day. 
Leather weather! I was a bit chilled - I'm still figuring out how to heat my seat in the new car.

  • Purse - Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac, thrifted

The stuff: 
These shoes are tried and true workhorses in my wardrobe. I highly recommend a pair of pewter shoes - they are a fantastic neutral, as you'll see in the Flashback at the end of this post. 

Black and blue bling. 
Such a funky necklace! Thanks, Mom!

  • Necklace - Zsiska, gift from Mom
  • Sparkly cuff - Swarovski, consignment, gift from L
  • Fang bangle - Alexis Bittar, consignment, Sidney
  • Volcano ring - vintage 70s, Mom's
  • Blue ring - vintage 70s, Mom's
  • Silver/onyx ring - Tocarra, vintage fair
  • Pearl/crystal ear-balls - Swarovski, consignment

After a bunch of couch-surfing/football-watching (none of which went the way we wanted, sigh), we got ready for our Winesday/MANday Zoom Happy Hour in the evening.
I figured I may as well wear this lovely new-to-me vintage skirt - when else am I going to wear it? 

  • Top - thrifted; not tracked
  • Skirt - no label, handmade, vintage 70s; purchased here for $8.97
  • Boots - Teleport; last worn here (3rd outfit) for a Boxing Day Zoom call in December 2020

Zoom call outfit requirements: 
  • Upper body interest
  • Below the waist surprise (visual interest)
  • Easy to sit in
  • Dressy! I have so many dressy clothes, and I consider this "almost a real party", so I'm working to integrate some of my party clothes. 

Remember: Life is Short; Wear the Clothes
I was overheated (darned hot flashes) so went sleeveless. I love this black top - it has a copper lame (lah-MAY!) thread running through it. I suspect that it is from the 90s and is probably a brand like Le Chateau, but someone's cut all the tags out of it. I've had it forever, but have long since lost track of it. 
The skirt was lovely to wear for a little bit of walking around the house, and then sitting and enjoying our Zoom chat for over an hour. 

Check it out - KLASSY! I have my Roots lumber socks on (a Canadian classic!). *snort*
Also fleece-lined tights for warmth for my legs. 

The stuff: 
I adore these boots - how did I live without silver boots before?? 

Mixed metals bling: 
I went more with echoing the shapes in the embroidery on the skirt than for any other cohesive metal matchiness. 

  • Necklace - All Saints, gift from Dominique
  • Copper cuff - Karen's
  • Pewter cuff - Robert Larin, 1960s, vintage mall, gift from L
  • Earrings - consignment
  • Volcano ring - Mom's, vintage 70s
  • Silver/smoked topaz ring - Anneli Neuman, Sweden
  • Silver/crystal ring - Soul Flower

Flashback: Truths Makena, Fluevog

Over the past few years, I've been leaning more towards flatter heels - some of that is age (oh, my poor feet, how I mistreated you for decades in high heels), and some of that is wanting to have nice shoes to go shopping in or to walk around in that don't kill my feet. 

These were my first pair of shoes from the Truth Family of Fluevogs - since I bought these here in November 2017, I have also purchased the Pilgrims (Flashback here) and the Teah boots (Flashback here). I know how this shoe last fits, so I know my size in any other shoes or boots in this same Family now (9.5).
These were $199.99 on sale, and I'd been looking for a neutral pointy-toe flat. I love metallic shoes - they go with everything! 

I wore them twice right away in November 2017, the first time with my striped Dries Van Noten skirt, which we shall see again. 
My "chicken" top was passed along last year. 

A week later, still in November 2017, I wore them in an outfit for brunch, a vintage fair, and to see a movie with Elaine (on Dries Van Noten, which is why I'm wearing my Pirate Skirt by him). 
These were great for all the walking and standing I did that day! 

This was a shopping outfit in December 2017. 
I no longer have that sequined dress (I kept the sequined tank dress instead), but I love my Tentacle Coat. Should wear that again soon. 

This outfit is also from December 2017, when Mom, me, Cat and her mom went to see "Chicago" at the theatre. I froze in this outfit, but don't I look fabulous? Jacket Flashback here
Note Vizzini photo-bombing in the background. That's the same copper top as my Zoom call outfit this weekend. I still have that skirt, but it's tight right now. 

The only thing left from this January 2018 outfit is the shoes (and the belt and jewelry). 
That top was such a gorgeous colour, but that cut is horrendous on me. 

Another shopping outfit from January 2018. 
I haven't worn that top yet this season, but we did a Flashback on that vest-dress thing here

Here's my stiped Dries skirt again, in February 2018. 
It's a hard skirt to mix things with, but I love it. I do still have it, but it's a smidge snug.

This is the same grey skirt as above (this was the last wearing of it - it had moth-holes). 
I wore this for brunch in March 2018 - I got rid of the sparkly navy blue sweatshirt a while back. The tights were funky, but I found them very hard to style and let go of them. 

This outfit is from when Ally came to visit in April 2018. 
My dotty pants are fabulous - I need to wear my Kenzo cardigan again soon. 

See how nicely the metallic shoe goes with all these shades of grey? 
This was in May 2018 - this was one of the only wearings of this blazer (it was a little too weird, even for me!). 

I wore the shoes to the Ultimate field in July 2018. I don't know when we'll be able to resume playing Ultimate Frisbee - maybe next August? Fingers crossed - I really missed playing in 2020.
I gave that silk All Saints dress to Caro, who then passed it along to Marian. I love seeing my clothes go to good homes. 

I have a circle theme going on here in August 2018. 
This is another shopping outfit. I let go of that denim duster - I just never wore it. 

I also let go of this lilac and silver vintage dress - I wore it a ton and just got tired of it. 
This was in September 2018 for a weekend look. 

Another simple outfit from October 2018 (dress Flashback here). 
This was yet another shopping outfit (my focus was on the outerwear). 

I wore these shoes frequently to the theatre with Mom, as I did here in November 2018, as they are good for walking to and from the venue. 
Such a fun dress! I hope to wear that again next year - the fascinator too! 

I love this funky outfit from December 2018, which features this weekend's skirt. 
I like that the shoes add a little more visual interest than boring ol' black. 

This is a fun look from January 2019. 
I would recreate this outfit, and maybe I will, when I can get the pants zipped up again! 

I wore this colourful ensemble to Vancouver in March 2019 - this was our last anniversary trip over, as we had to cancel the 2020 one due to the pandemic lockdown. 
Such a fun outfit! I need to wear that lilac mohair skirt again soon. Blazer Flashback here

I'm just showing the outerwear look here in October 2019 (I must have packed the shoes away for the summer season that year). 
I am looking forward to doing a Flashback on the Dolce & Gabbana skirt under there. 

This is a work outfit, also from October 2019. 
So classy! Blouse Flashback here

Another theatre outfit with Mom from December 2019. I think I wore my teal Desigual coat over this. 
I gave that cardigan to Yvonne, but I still have that black leather maxi skirt. I try to wear it once per season. 

A comfy work outfit, also in December 2019.
I love that deep purple velvet dress. 

I haven't worn my Thousand Dollar Sweater yet this season - this was the last time, in February 2020.
The silk velvet skirt is dark green, matching the green embroidery on the pink sweater. 

I wore this outfit for our first Pandemic Book Club meeting, in May 2020. 
Easy walking shoes to get to Beacon Hill Park and home again. 

That same grey metal dress again, in July 2020. 
I didn't keep that cardigan - it was too big and the crochet style wasn't really me. 

And this is the last time I wore these shoes, for a stroll to town and brunch with L and Nick in September 2020. 
Skirt Flashback here.

Mathy stuff: From the $199.99 sale price, we are down to $7.41 per wear over 27 outfits. That proves that buying good quality shoes is worth it! These are still in excellent shape (I've added a comfort insole to them for my long shopping trips), and have many more wearings in them still. 

Do you have metallic shoes in your wardrobe? What's your favourite outfit here? 

Back to my football-watching now, folks! Thank you so much for visiting! 


  1. I love your zoom outfit and I really like the silver shoes! I need to get myself a good pair of silver flats :) My gold ones got a lot of wear before I aggravated my knee injury again almost a year ago. Been sneakers all day everyday pretty much since then!

    Glad you had a great weekend! Ours was a nice quiet one at home with the 3 day Brisbane lockdown due to there being a case of coronavirus outside hotel quarantine, but lockdown ended tonight as there have been no more cases :)

    1. Thanks, Mica! I can't recommend metallic shoes enough - they are such great neutrals. Maybe you can find some silver sneakers??

      I'm glad your lockdown has ended - our current restrictions (no social gatherings at all) have been extended to Feb 5th.

    2. I do have some glittery silver sneakers I should get out and wear again! :) Not the most supportive though with my knee at the moment :(

  2. Lovely weekend outfits and what fabulous and wearable shoes those are! I absolutely loved the shoes with the yellow trousers and colourful top; but it was very hard to pick an absolute favourite.

    Take care

    1. Thank you, Vronni! These are fabulous shoes - great for everything! I need to wear those yellow cords again soon. I find it hard to pick favourites too - I like 'em all! :)

  3. Going out for brunch, it almost sounds like normality!
    Great weekend outfit especially that velvet maxi skirt, it looks so good. A great idea to go for the full skirt for getting out of Vlad in a ladylike manner.
    Favourite outfit might be the Thousand Dollar Sweater but they're all good.
    I do have metallic boots, sandals and clogs! I'm sure I'll wear them again one day. xxx

    1. We have been lucky, Vix, that they have only briefly shut down all the restaurants here, just imposed all kinds of distancing, tracing, and cleaning measures. I love the normalcy that having brunch gives us.

      Thank you! I love the skirt, and am thinking of keeping it (I debated giving it away to a friend). Lol, yes, now I have to consider that when I'm going to be in the car!

      I love that sweater - I need to wear it soon. Thanks!

      Yay for metal on our feet!

  4. Your brunch outfit is gorgeous, and how posh you are driving to Pluto's! I haven't been out for a meal since our anniversary break to Bruges back in February. Eek, that's almost one year ago! But back to your outfit: that skirt is rather lovely - can't believe it's H&M! - and your necklace is an absolute stunner! I do have one pair of metallic-y shoes, but they are very tame compared to yours! xxx
    I'm swooning over your zoom outfit - that skirt! - and you're absolutely right: life is indeed short, and wearing the clothes makes it so much more interesting.
    I loved "zooming" through your shoe flashback. And yes, I think you should wear tentacle coat again soon! xxx

    1. It was kind of silly, as it's only a 10-minute walk/2-minute drive, but it made for a surgical strike for our downtown errand. Wow, I can't imagine not eating out for that long - I would go crazy from all the cooking (which I loathe).

      I know, it's one of the nicer H&M pieces I've found. I sense a goal for you: metallic shoes! Thank you - the velvet skirt was so luxurious. Wearing the clothes just feels good.

      I will, as soon as it's warm enough!

  5. Your theater dress and hat-so lovely! Those are a great pair of shoes.

    1. That's a fabulous dress - I had the hat custom made for me! Thanks, Sam!

  6. It's funny you should say that about pewter shoes because I DO have a pair and I totally agree about their versatility. I did a concert back in 2005 and I had forgotten to bring proper concert shoes and was wearing sheepskin boots. Luckily, a girl had the same massive feet as me and had some lovely brown shoes from Aldo which were suitable to wear (she was wearing other ones) so I borrowed them and realised I could wear a mid-kitten heel. I headed to Aldo the next week to find me a pair but they didn't have them in stock but I did go next door into another shop and found a pewter pair of Hushpuppies in a similar style- so my first heels, post Bali, were pewter!
    As usual, there is so much beauty on display in this outfit- I adore your FLuevog shoes and your Maison Scotch sweater looks gorgeous with it! The new vintage skirt is amazing. Funnily enough, I had almost identical top to that sparkly sleeveless turtle neck you are wearing it with, from around the year 2005ish which comes from Primark.
    Pity you got rid of the duster coat as I love it! Such a nice style and colour. You have so many cool items of clothing that are so visually interesting! I love the purple velvet dress!

    1. I have loved metallic shoes since the 80s when my best friend bought a pair, and I saw how useful they were for her. I have massive feet too (9.5-10)! Nice, that is so cool that your first heels were pewter, Kezzie!

      Thank you so much! Those sparkly tops were everywhere in the early 00s/late 90s, weren't they? I couldn't justify keeping the denim coat - it didn't do up properly (no buttons, just the sash) and it was too small on me. I don't regret it. I love that velvet dress too!

  7. Indeed, a very good outfit. Comfortable shoes and still stylish with a skirt. I like the belt around that lovely sweater.
    Your mum knows your taste well. The necklace is perfect.
    Love new long skirt is a beauty as well. Too bad you cannot see much of it with Zoom. But I bet, you stepped back a bit to show it.
    Pewter, silver, bronze.. any metal shoes or boots are fantastic. I MUST get me some silver boots.

    1. Thank you, Greetje! I like the sweater belted too - otherwise it's just so much fullness everywhere. Mom does have good taste, doesn't she?

      Thank you! I know, but I get up and share my outfits when I Zoom, as you surmised. I love my silver boots - you need a pair!

  8. Lovely comfy outfit and walking shoes, stylish and cool!. Love your swooshy skirt (and it has Pockets, wow) and your new necklace (such a piece of Art!).
    Love your maxi skirt and silver boots, you've totally convinced me of the versatility of metallic shoes!.
    Lovely flashback too, these shoes really rock any outfit, plus they're comfy!, so much better than plain black shoes!. I have to remember to have a look at some pewter and bronze shoes when window shopping!

    1. Thanks so much, Monica! Yes, hooray for pockets! Mom has a good eye for interesting jewelry.

      Thank you - yes, metallic shoes for the win!

  9. Goodness me, do I adore your chic meets cozy meets seriously beautiful grey and pink ensemble.

    That is a colouring pairing that I fell in love with as a youngster in the 80s, wore extensively in my youth, and continue to enjoy both inside and out of fashion contexts to this day. It is elegant, feminine, sweet, and sophisticated all at the same time.

    Big hugs & nothing but the brightest wishes to you during these chilly days of mid-January,

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. I have loved pink and grey together for decades, Autumn - it's such a pretty combo. I wore it in the 80s as well! Thank you so much for the hugs - January is a hard month. Right back atcha, my dear friend.

  10. Two grandiose looks ! Two totally different yet striking silhouettes on you.
    That necklace your mom gave you is such a subtle statement piece - and that long vintage skirt was the right choice.
    It's amazing how much wear you got out of your shoes.. and there is even more to come.
    Sometimes we are surprised by certain items we knew we'd wear but not just how much!

    1. Thanks so much, Lorena - you know I like to shake things up! I know, I'm always surprised at how much I wear some of my things!

  11. I'm filled with such envy reading that you went out for brunch. I haven't had a meal in a restaurant since last winter. We are in a lockdown until the end of this month, and a state of emergency as well. It feels strange even to go out to the grocery store.

    I do so love that long vintage skirt. Without the embroidery it would be a bit blah, but it adds the perfect bit of razz-a-ma-tazz (Oh God, I feel so old saying that..)

    1. Oh dear! I didn't realize so many other places have had to close their restaurants - they are really trying to hang on here. I'm very grateful (and cautious) that we can still eat out.

      I agree - I would not have bought it if it didn't have the embroidery. Heh, let's bring back razz-a-mat-tazz!!

  12. You have so many wonderful outfits in one post that I don't know where to begin! The first look in pink and gray is gorgeous. I am loving that skirt so much! And then the second maxi skirt is wicked cool! You have some serious shoe game going on, too! Thanks for sharing your fun style and inspiring me as always!


    1. Aw, thanks, Shelbee! The skirt is fun (and pockets, woo!), and ya gotta love a maxi skirt, especially a vintage one. Thanks again!

  13. 'Life is short, wear the clothes' is an extremely good motto.


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