Friday, July 17, 2020

Fancy Friday: Denim Vest-Dress and Pink Pencil Flashbacks

Welcome to Fancy Friday! I'm not especially fancy today, but I count dressing in "real" clothes as fancy these days, don't you? 
I'd actually planned this entire outfit around my new blue shoes (these ones here), but when I put them on, they looked too dark, chunky and clunky with the outfit, so I swapped them out for this taupe-y pair. Maybe the new shoes will be better in the fall? I'll try another outfit with them soon.

  • Vest/dress - Only, thrifted; last worn here in December 2019 over red and pink
  • Blouse - Le Chateau, thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit) in May with lilac and linen
  • Skirt - Studio J, vintage 80s, thrifted; last worn here in July 2017 with dots and black and white pattern
  • Shoes - Seychelles, thrifted; last seen here (3rd outfit) in May with my orange jumpsuit for a park party

I have a lot of physical work to do at the office over the next couple of weeks, so I'm keeping that in mind as I dress for work. I got rather sweaty in this today as I lugged around boxes and crawled under desks.
This denim vest - is it a vest? is it a dress? Yes! - will be featured in a Flashback below, as will this lovely vibrant pink skirt.

Add a pattern to tie them together, and bam, we are done here.
 The vest-dress has a matching tie belt, which I tie in the back when I wear it open like this.

When it's done up - the rear view.
I like that the top half has that overhang; it carries over to the front.

It does up with two snaps; the belt is really just for show.
I wore it like this walking to and from work. And we actually have some sun today (still very windy, though), so I sunblocked up my arms/tattoos.

The stuff:
Sometimes a neutral shoe is just a neutral shoe. I do like the studs on the suede straps.

Copper bling:
First wearing of Karen's copper cuff and poison ring. Aw, my Kare-bear...

  • Copper cuff - Karen's
  • Copper ball cuff - vintage 70s, vintage expo
  • Copper/enamel leaf brooch and copper earrings - Renoir by Matisse, vintage 60s, vintage fair
  • Silver/stone poison ring - Taxco, Karen's
  • Silver/amethyst ring - vintage mall

Flashback time!

I spotted this sleeveless vest-dress at the same time as my sleeveless black coat, shopping at Flavour Upstairs back in September 2017 here, for $22.99.

I wore it right away, in September 2017, layering a cami and summer-weight wool vintage pencil skirt under it.
And nearly every time since, I've layered tops, pants and skirts under it. I've only worn it as a dress once!

I'm showing off my vintage Dior slip here - stay klassy, Sheila! - which I let show in lieu of a skirt.
This was in January 2018.

This is my favourite of all my outfits that I've done with it - I just love the black and white pattern and the punk-ish accents.
That was in May 2018. I can't quite fit into those trousers right now...working on it!

With trousers again in November 2018.
Those metallic weave pants were itchy on the seams, and the moths ravaged that wool sweater.

I loathed this February 2019 outfit, particularly the bottom half.
Ugh, horrible grey trousers! And those loafers were just not me.

What's this? I'm wearing it as a dress!
This was for a shopping expedition in April 2019. I recall I had to clutch the vest-dress closed while I walked - even with tights, it was showing a fair bit of leg.

And here's the last time I wore it, in December 2019.
I like how the extra denim layer really adds a bit of pizzazz to what is a pretty simple outfit otherwise.

Mathy stuff: Including today's outfit, I'm at 8 wearings of this vest-dress, which brings us to...$2.87 per wear, and still going strong.


Super-duper bonus second Flashback!

I found this amazing 100% wool (it's a very fine summer weight) skirt here in August 2016 at Flavour Upstairs again, for $12.99. It was made in Vancouver, Canada, and is marked a size 10, but fits like a 6, so vintage 80s (pre-Great Size Shift).

And of course, I wore it right away, also in August 2016.
I don't have that denim jacket anymore - this outfit revealed that I needed more of a top underneath it.

I wore it again only a month later, in September 2016. Better outfit.
I recently read somewhere that pink and yellow are a "thing" - pshaw, I've been doing that for years! I love those two brights together.

Because the skirt is a summer weight, I only have it in my closet during the warm months - this is in April 2017.
We're going to have a fun Flashback with those shoes in the fall - I have worn them a lot.

In June 2017, I wore it with a darker pink top and cream accents.
Eh, it's okay. I like the colours together.

This is a fun summer outfit from July 2018 - sandals, sleeveless and tassels.
And pink! And leopard! Love it.

And finally, here we are at the last time I wore it, in July 2019.
I really like the bright pink mixed with two different black and white patterns. So fun.

Mathy stuff: Today's outfit marks the 7th wearing of the skirt, so we're at $1.86 per wear. Excellent! Another good cost-per-wear!

Vizzini, what do you make of all of this?
"I just want to hide under the covers, Woman."

But it's the weekend! There is too much fun to be had!

I'll be back on Sunday with tales of adventure. Have a lovely weekend, everyone, and thank you so much for dropping by.


  1. First I have to say your hair looks spectacular in today's pictures! I also think the black and white with punky accents is my favourite look with the dress/vest. The pink skirt is very versatile and works well with all the various accents. I can't wait to see the T-strap shoe flashback. I love the look of T-strap shoes.

    I hope you have a great weekend too! I started mine off by having dinner (outdoor patio) with friends I haven't seen since Christmas. So much catching up to do. Laughter and tears and more laughter. A small taste of normal in these uncertain and abnormal times.

    1. Oh, thank you so much, I've been playing with it. I'm also a fan of t-straps.

      Thanks, Nana. Oh, that sounds so good - I'm glad you could hang with friends. I hope it helped.

  2. Your pink skirt reminds me of the fact that I've got one too, which to my knowledge I've only worn once. I love how you wore yours with the frilly floral blouse and the long denim vest. The overhang makes it quite special. Gorgeous bling too. It must be lovely but at the same time bittersweet to wear some of Karen's jewellery. I enjoyed the flashback of both the vest/dress and the skirt as well as your changes in hairstyle over the years. Wishing you a weekend full of adventure! xxx

    1. Of all people, of course I knew you'd have a pink skirt, Ann! Get on that now, young lady. Thank you - I love nice details. It is comforting to wear her things, but it keeps her with me in my memory.

  3. 10 points for putting on fancy clothes! Surely any form of getting dressed up counts! Love the denim vest and the many ways you've styled it. X

  4. I am convinced I need more skirts in my life now I've seen todays post! You look fab the black and white and the hot pink really pops an looks so dressy. I love how you break down to costs per wear. Have a fab week end Shazx

    1. I can't get enough skirts, Shaz! Thank you so much - that's a kind of new things, so I appreciate the feedback. Happy weekend!

  5. Given that most women wear sweatpants every day now, you're the Queen of Fashion!

  6. Great way to wear the denim vest /dress Sheila. It's a lovely indigo and teams beautifully with the pink skirt. Happy weekend! x

  7. That denim waistcoat is such a versatile piece, I love it in each and every outfit! the pink skirt is fab and fits like a dream.
    Love Karen's cuff and poison ring and Vizzini's cheeky face. Stephen's just got up after a lazy morning on the bed, he's always extra naughty when he's had a lie-in! xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Vix! Isn't Vizzini's face cute? Aw, glad to hear Stephen is still playful.

  8. You made me giggle with that- real clothes count as fancy clothes these days. So true. My annual leave has started and I plan to stay in my home most of the time. My ideal vacation consists of reading all day. I'm not demanding that way. Give me a book and I'm all set. I do still plan to dress for lounging around the house, especially now that I'm in my real home and reunited with my closets.

    I do like this styling of yours. To me it seems fancy enough. The pink skirt is wonderful and that denim vest dress is fabulous. I also like your pointy flats. I do love a good pointy shoe, to me they are always a more fancy option. It is great seeing your flash backs. That denim dress/ vest looks amazing worn with EVERYTHING. I think my fav look from the past is the one you pointed out with black and white pants and punk accessories although I really like it with the yellow skirt. The outfit with the pink turtleneck and red pink skirt (wait is the same skirt?) is fantastic as well. It was also great seeing how you wore this pink skirt in so many different ways, I especially like it with leopard.

    1. It is! It's so rare! Cool for you to just chill out, of course - that sounds amazing. I also am very laid back, and am happy just being home. I'm excited to see some of your closet!

      Thank you! I'm a pointy-toe fan, always have been. Oh, thanks, it's been a greatq piece for me. No, that is actually a pink top and RED skirt - and it's fuzzy cashmere!

  9. I love the denim dress/vest and all the flashbacks. The pink skirt is fab, too.

    Have a great weekend and take care,

  10. That's such a great vest dress and you wear it well - I struggle with vests. I did buy one a couple years back but it was always hit and miss - I just can't figure out how to pull them off, haha! At least I gave it a ago (it's sitting in the donate pile now...)
    I like your pink skirt too - I saw a very similar skirt while on maternity leave with my youngest and was tempted to buy it but didn't. It was on super sale and I still think about it often, ha! Once we are in the office I'm going to try harder to find more block colour pencil skirts!

    1. Thank you, Mica! Aw, you should haul it out! Wear it like you would wear a kimono!

      Thanks - aw, give in to your temptations! Try new things!

  11. How good of you to wear Karens cuffs. It feels like your still connected to her doesn't it? I have now 2 vests, never have worn them in my life but I want to give it a try as they always as some more to a outfit. Yours is looking very good!

    1. It really does, Nancy. Whenever I see them, I think of her, and it feels good, although still painful.

      I like vests as that "completer" piece. Thanks!

  12. Hi! I did a blog post on the Bloggers Art Gallery with an updated list of partipants with hyperlinks and a poster that you are free to use! Please come and have a look to check out final details. Just wanted to let you know! Looking forward to seeing your post on Tuesday. xx

    1. Thank you for the update, Kezzie, I'll be sure to link up to it and connect up. My post is ready to go.

  13. I love the vest-dress with the punked-up accents.

    I've been getting progressively less fancy as lockdown's gone on. I've gone days without putting any jewellery on...

    1. Same, it's a great outfit, thanks, Mim! Uh oh, you've got to get your fancy back on! You can do it!

  14. That long denim vest has been an excellent go-over anything piece. Enjoyed seeing the different ways you've worn it.

  15. I do love your denim vest as a layering piece (it looks fab as a dress too, but Layering Rocks!). I think it adds such an interesting layer of color and texture and it goes with Anything!. Love it over trousers, love it with black&white!, it's very Rock'n'Roll!
    Your pink skirt is a fav piece, such a lovely color and love that you rock in it!
    Totally agree about yellow and pink!

    1. Thanks, Monica! I love it too - that's why I keep it, very handy. You know I like to go rock and roll!

      I love that skirt - such a great colour. Yes, we fashionistas were onto yellow and pink ages before anyone else! ;-P


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