Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Flowers, Sequins and Sunshine, and Second Chance Red Retrospective

Happy Wednesday, my friends! Great news for BC: we are heading for our first stage of loosening restrictions! If you're interested in our plan, it's here - I'm really proud that my province has succeeded in flattening the curve of infection, and as of mid-May, we'll be seeing reopening of service businesses and retail, albeit with safety measures in place. 

I feel like we will be observing many of those going forward, or for at least a long time in our future. I don't think things will ever be quite the same, but even so, it feels like the sunshine is breaking through the clouds. 
To celebrate, I wore two of my new-to-me items from yesterday's shop, as well as my shoes that I shopped from my giveaway pile.

  • Jacket - Sarah Pacini, consignment; purchased here for $129.99
  • Blouse - Hoss Intropia, consignment; purchased here for $59.99
  • Skirt - Banana Republic, consignment; first worn here in February with Etro
  • Shoes - Marc; last seen here in November 2019 when I had fits of rage

I love this top - it's so pretty! The flowers are enchanting.
It was very comfy to wear.

The back is so dramatic!
I wore it without the jacket for a few hours, but got chilly in the office later.

I amused myself by "writing" on my skirt.
 Hello, sunshine!

I ended up wearing my new-to-me jacket over it for most of the day.
 I rolled the sleeve cuffs and scrunched the arms up.

I like a jacket that looks just as good open as done up.
 I like how the sparkly, sequined flower centre peeks out of the top.

I only wore it done up when walking to and from the office.
 It's linen, it rumples. Eh, I'm fine with it.

The stuff:
Wow, I've worn these shoes A LOT since I bought them here in October 2013 for $110.00, at Heart & Sole Shoes, one of my favourite local shoe stores. I've worn them so much, I think they deserve a little something special...perhaps...a retrospective?

Chunky bling:
I've had most of these pieces for many years.

  • Leather/steel cuff - Rimanchik
  • Leather/chain wrap - local
  • Wood ring - Dots
  • Klimt wood ring - consignment
  • Earrings - Tania Gleave, Vancouver

In fact, you might see some of them all the times that I've worn these shoes! Get ready for a bunch of outfits - I've grouped them by how I've worn them.

As Accents x 9

Love this outfit.
Redder lipstick! What did I have against red lippy?

A red cami, and my red leather cuff.
 Did not like that top, and miss that skirt (the moths got it!).

I only wore this Oscar de la Renta blouse once.
It was way too Christmassy.

I wore it with this blouse a few times - it has red in the pattern.
I was sad to find that this belt broke when I unpacked it this year - the metal snapped.

I got this dress from Patti of Not Dead Yet Style here in Vancouver in 2015.
There's my red earrings - I got them on the same trip.

I miss this pleather skirt, but it was so cheaply made.
 I love purple and red together.

I actually wore a big red swing coat over this, but this is the outfit (minus the hat) that I wore to the office.
I went to a big Vintage Expo with the hat on.

I loved these vintage high-waisted velvet pants but they got a jam stain that not even the dry cleaner could get out.
The top snagged a lot.

The most recent look - hair changes! - with my Alexander McQueen trousers.
 I'm wearing the red earrings again, and I approve of this red lipstick.

With Plaid x 8

Red and tartan/plaid are such a natural combo.
These shoes and this skirt were worn together four times - the skirt ended up with holes in it, but I wore it a lot.
 The shoes definitely got worn a lot during the holiday season.
 Classic combo.
 My brief foray back into chokers. Nope.

I wore the shoes with this skirt twice.
I liked that skirt - the lining eventually ripped before I passed it along.
 One of my coworkers got this blouse.
I love this jacket - I should have kept it!

This is one of my favourite looks.
 So sassy!

With Another Solid Red Piece x 7 

Remember this skirt?
I think it's still in the giveaway pile...

I'm sure this was for Valentine's Day.
 I destroyed this red dress by catching a buttered potato in the skirt.
Not on purpose!

With red leather pants.
 And a cat.

This polka dot silk skirt reads as a solid red.
 This cardigan was orange, red and black, but the dominant colour is red.
 I mostly wore this jacket open or off entirely.
Gawd, those are boring trousers.

With Florals x 7

I seek out patterns that go with red - I have a lot of red shoes, not just these ones.
 Twice with the same coat, about 2 years apart.
I like the one with the bowtie better.

Pulling out colours from the pattern is an easy trick.
I bought that skirt in Rome.

A rare polo-neck on me (it's ultra-fuzzy angora).
There's that red cuff again.

This is a nearly identical outfit to the blue skirt at the top.
 With a floral dress.
 And with floral tights.

Adding all those up, that's 31 times I've worn these shoes, not including today's outfit. That's $3.46 per wear, and as good an argument as any to splurge on good quality shoes.

I had taken these shoes out of my closet after the last wearing, as they felt too high and gave me some foot pain. I didn't have any pain today, so they are staying! Hooray!


  1. Those red shoes have been front and center with a lot of cute outfits! Lovely!

    I agree - we are going to have to live with these safety measures for a long time.


    1. They have - I was surprised at how many times I've worn them.

      This is our new "normal" - thanks, Michelle!

  2. Loving the evolution of Sheila! What a great look through the ages, you definitely look more beautiful with age!
    I knew that flower top and zip-up jacket would look amazing on and they do especally with the killer sequin skirt. Super styling!
    Great news about BC relaxing the lockdown, we're expecting an announcement tonight and another one on Sunday. Sadly our government isn't as sensible as yours so I dread to think what we've got in store!
    Much love to you! xxx

    1. I wish I'd put them in chronological order, but eh, whatever. Aw, you are too sweet, Vix, thank you!

      Much appreciated on the outfit!

      I know, we are really excited to be able to move onto the next phase. Hugs to you! Good luck!

  3. So pleased to read that BC has been flattening the curve and that restrictions will be loosened. In Belgium, we have managed to do the same, and shops are re-opening on Monday, also with restrictions. I just hope that people act sensibly and responsibly, and don't go too crazy on Monday. I think I'll be wearing my mask if I have to brave the traffic free shopping street I need to go through to get to the street where Jos is picking me up. My pick-up point, by the way, is just opposite Essentiel Antwerp, so I stand there thinking of you each Monday and Wednesday ;-) Your new to you top is gorgeous, and looks especially wonderful with your etch-a-sketch skirt. How fun is that? I'm also loving the new to you jacket, which looks absolutely fabulous on. Those red accents are lovely too, and I'm so glad you kept the shoes. I loved looking through the retrospective, and agree with Vix that you look more beautiful with age! xxx

    1. We managed to miss the most dangerous time - I'm very proud of us for all getting on board so early, Ann. I plan to keep on doing what I've been doing, and not taking any crazy risks.

      Oh, that's so sweet - you think of me! :) Thank you - I love that floral top! Wasn't that retrospective fun?

  4. Your style is so fun. I could use some pointers.

    1. I don't do pointers, but keep on reading. Try copying an outfit. Take risks. Don't be afraid to fail.

      Thank you!

  5. Love the silver skirt and how you played with it. Good luck with the easing back toward normal.

    1. Thanks, Ally! I hope things will go fairly smoothly.

  6. Such fabulous outfits - and your ever changing hair styles and colours....amazing shoes.

    1. It's a bit of a roller coaster, isn't it, Vronni? I've had every hairstyle under the sun.

  7. Those red shoes have quite the history. I found it very interesting to see all the changes you have been through over the years - kind of like time travelling! The new blouse and jacket are perfect together.

    Enjoy your new freedoms and stay safe.

    1. Don't they, Nana? I've had a lot of different hair styles, colours and lengths!

      Thank you, my dear.

  8. wow! those red shoes are well loved! but i can see why--so versatile
    love, love, love the metallic skirt with your new top
    just a great post!
    xo eva @StyleMyThrift

    1. Thanks, Eva! I love these shoes, and I'm happy to have them back. Isn't the skirt cool? So fun.

  9. I bought a pre loved skirt exactly like the first one and received it yesterday! I love it. And I love the top you are wearing on it. I already liked it when you showed it but now that you are wearing of its even more beautiful! Fabulous to see so many of your gorgeous outfits!

    1. Oh, cool, we'll be matching, Nancy! Thank you - I loved this top too. Glad you enjoyed the retrospective.

  10. That new to you top IS amazing, Sheila and I love how you styled it with the sequinned skirt. Retrospective on the shoes so fascinating on the cost per wear debate. By the way, the shoes are fab and deserve to be stars of the show.
    So glad to hear your restrictions are easing up a little. We're not going to see any meaningful opening up ie. travel beyond 20 km, service retail such as hairdressers etc until late July. I gotta get creative with the headscarves. Luckily I have a great collection of vintage silk squares thrifted over many years.
    Enjoy your weekend, Sheila !

    1. Thanks, Juliana! I'm looking forward to wearing it again already!

      I only do the cost-per-wear as an exercise to see how I've done - mostly I do well.

      Sorry to hear that - I hope things get better in your area soon!

  11. That metallic skirt looks great paired with a floral top. The red heels are fab with this combo- as they are with other outfits you showed. I love that you did a retrospective of those gorgeous red heels. I enjoyed it a lot.

    1. Thanks, Ivana! I love the shoes - I'm so glad I grabbed them out of the giveaway! Thanks, it was fun to look back, wasn't it?

  12. I love that outfit and when I saw you in that blouse I could have sworn that I had already seen it on you. How funny?! I am mystified why you gave away that tartan jacket. What were you thinking?! xx

    1. Thanks, Fay! Nope, just this one time - maybe you remember the post from when I bought it?

      I went through a phase when I had purple hair, and got rid of things that I felt "clashed" with the purple. I also didn't like how it looked worn open, and the style of it felt limiting (the collar was really wide). There are always reasons!

  13. I very much enjoyed seeing the outfits and hair changes! You certainly got your money's worth out of those shoes.

    1. That was pretty fun, to dig all those up. I'll have to do it again at some point. I love when I get my $$'s worth! Thanks, Shelley!

  14. Thank you for the brilliant retrospective! My oh my, didn't you work these red shoes? My fave had to be the plaid trousers and cute bow tie - yes, so sassy!

    1. Yup, that's one of my favourites too - I think I've gotten better at making more interesting, riskier outfits as I've gotten older. Thanks, Anna!

  15. wow, lovely outfit, the metallic skirt is so special and the jacket is also really cool! I also love when a jacket looks good open and done-up, that's doubled fabulousness!. Only pockets are better! ;DD
    Thank you for this fab recap, I've enjoyed looking at patterns and interesting color combos, as you're so creative!. Totally agree that red shoes are so versatile!

    1. Thank you, Monica! I have learned to make sure that a jacket works both open and done up (or I'm willing to live with it working only one way) before I buy it.

      I'm glad you enjoyed the retrospective - it was fun for me too! Who doesn't love a good pair of red shoes?

  16. I always enjoy seeing a great cost per wear :) MY Tsubos got a really good cwp too.
    You know I am happy to hear that you are slowly being able to go out, here we will go on out first stage monday. It will be on line sales, doctors, fishing and technicians. We are already over 200 deaths, I have to admit I think we will go into total lockdown in 20 days. People do not follow instructions and government is being as corrupt as ever during this pandemia.

    1. Oh, I bet they did! It was fun digging up all these pictures!

      We have been really lucky here - I think only 1 death on Vancouver Island (where I live). We'll get to expand our "bubbles" soon! Arg, that sounds so frustrating, my dear. Hang in there!


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