Sunday, July 12, 2020

Bigass Weekend Wrap-Up: Extra-Wide Pants and Trout Shoes Flashback; A Wee Shop and a Tulle Flashback

Before I get to anything else, check out Melanie's Miz Bagg's July 2020 Lockdown Edition of VOGOFF, here! I have a poem/piece of visual art in it. So much fun! Thanks for asking me to participate, Mel! 

Weekends are slowly starting to get busier in my world, although more for L (who's an extrovert) than for me (introvert). 
After a quiet Friday evening on my own (L was out), we strolled down to Pluto's for brunch on Saturday morning.

  • Jacket - Vivienne Westwood, consignment; last seen here in June with a fall-ish outfit
  • Top - M by Missoni, thrifted; last worn here (2nd outfit) with my space pants (and these same shoes!) in April
  • Trousers - See By Chloe, thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit) in April 2019 with a flamingo top
  • Shoes - Miista; last worn here (2nd outfit) in May for a shop at Turnabout

I also made plans to have Yvonne over in the afternoon to go through my giveaway pile, followed by doing a long-overdue close swapover for her (the poor woman has been living with her fall/winter clothes!), so I aimed for comfort and funkiness.
These trousers are such a bizarre cut and shape. They are extra-wide, so I'm leading with this picture so that you can see that I am not actually smuggling bags of marshmallows in them.

One oddly-shaped garment deserves another, so I threw on this funky Westwood jacket.
All that thigh room means I'd be comfy for lots of bending and stretching. It took about an hour and a half to go through my giveaway pile. Yvonne ended up with masses of stuff - we are very close in size.

Jacket off. I love this sparkly top. Real Missoni!
 I liked that my pink vintage Italian-made leather belt worked with this.

See what I mean about the pants?
That is totally not a flattering view.

Do I care?
No, I really don't.

The stuff:
These shoes have been real workhorses in my wardrobe for a few years, so get ready for a Flashback below.

Pink and purple bling:
Rings and things.

  • Belt - vintage 80s, thrifted
  • Silver/amethyst ring - vintage mall
  • Silver/onyx ring - Tocarra, vintage fair
  • Earrings - Kate Spade, consignment

It was cloudy but warm - rain threatened.
 It seemed to match my mood.

Vizzini, are you ready for a Flashback?
"Did you say "Treat Time"?"

Not quite the same thing, bud.

Oh, wait, I did pull one more thing out of the pile for me when we went through my "Vintage" bags:
Yes, I rescued the Lady Garden of Delight leather skirt. Expect to see it again soon!


I bought these shoes on a "Last Pairs" sale at since-closed She She Shoes in February 2015 (here), for $140.00. The iridescent (a word that I can never spell correctly) purple and green shades of these leather shoes really rang my bell, as did the brogue/menswear styling. They also have a layer of green sandwiched in the soles. The bottom sole is textured rubber.
As they were the last pair, I was really hoping that the size 39 (I'm usually a size 40 Euro/9.5 US) would be off - but no, they were tight...but not so tight that I wouldn't give them a shot. They are leather, so maybe they would stretch a bit. But I was in love - and love matters so much with clothes! - and I took the risk. By the way, I would never have bought these for that price if they were not leather; that's a game-changer.

The first time I wore these shoes, which was in March 2015, my coworker Frank told me this purple-green mixed colour is called "Trout" in the car enthusiast world. Henceforth, they were my Trout Shoes. I do like to name my clothes!
Of course, I just started wearing them with any hint of green/turquoise or purple/blue. When in doubt, go matchy. This lovely shiny dress was one of my purchases from our trip to Italy.

Taking a bigger coordinating risk with the green/aqua match here, but the shoes read fairly dark.
 This was in May 2015. I notice that the toe-bendy part (technical term, ha) gets broken in quite quickly. I recall that the heel cup was tight for the first few wearings - I often hand-massage my leather shoes in that area to make them soften up.

I started wearing socks and anklets with them in June 2015.
 That's a L'Wren Scott for Banana Republic sequinned cardi - it snagged on everything!

Same denim pencil skirt as above, here in August 2015.
I'm showing off the magenta tassel earrings and fluffy cream top that I bought during the 2015 Blogger Meet-Up (here).

I've always kept them out all year-round - my first fall outfit in September 2015.
 All I have left from that outfit is the leather obi.

Wow, I really liked them with this same denim high-waisted pencil skirt, this time in December 2015.
Socks again! That vintage top was very cool - the diamond design was all through pleating.

Ha, this is one of my Hall of Fame (I should do that!) wacky outfits, from January 2016.
 This is my fourth time wearing that skinny purple belt with the shoes.

Love this outfit, from February 2016, but all I have left is the leather jacket.
I wore that sweater ragged. The jungle print skirt was fun for a couple of years.

This is a fun outfit - my "teeth" necklace is aluminum and rattly. 
Still in February 2016. The shoes are now at the fully comfortable stage. I've been wearing them to work, on the weekends for shopping, and walking in them. 

With my fabulous Stained Glass Dress in March 2016.
 Not for the last time!

I forgive myself this sad outfit, also from March 2016, as I am sick as a dog there.
 Those are big black culottes, by the way.

With the jungle skirt again, again in March 2016 (I was doing a mini wardrobe challenge).
 I like the top and tights matching.

With houndstooth and lace, still in March 2016.
As these are walking shoes, many of these simpler outfits were built to be worn with fancier outerwear, which I always factor into my overall looks.

Like here in May 2016 - I'm going to see some bands in this, so I'm showing off the coat and purse and the bold necklace.
I'm rockin' underneath it with monochrome tights and lace dress.

I like all these colours/patterns together, from September 2016.
 I really grooved on the purple palette for a few years.

Same skirt as above, from November 2011.
 That's a pretty basic outfit - I planned for a physical day in the office.

I have worn them with this dress many times - it's an easy default outfit.
 This was in December 2016.

That lovely vintage sweater again, in January 2017.
That was a cute skirt that I only wore a few times. I recall that necklace used to flip around a lot - it was annoying.

Deja skirt! I went through a brief "Muppet top" phase, including this outfit from February 2012.
 Hey, Sheila, you left your closet light on!

Return of the Jungle Skirt, from April 2017.
That glittery sweatshirt was the start of my navy blue love.

One of the only times I ever wore these purple velvet pants in public, in May 2017.
 I've worn them approximately 50 kajillion times at home, L will attest. I still have the silk Tory Burch blouse.

You'll recognize my soft pink Brooks Brothers blazer in July 2017.
I found this skirt in Yvonne's spring/summer collection. It took us close to 3 hours to do her double closet, cupboard and coat closet. L came over and he and Randall got us all pizza from Prima Strada (the real Italian wood-fire oven kind, yum!) for dinner while Yvonne and I wrapped up.

This outfit is from August 2017.
That skirt infuriated me - it was suede, and so cool, but it picked up stains from everything, which is why I got rid of it. I see a stain right on the front!

A familiar outfit from both the embroidered skirt Flashback and from the Armani duster Flashback.
This was in September 2017.

Told you I'd wear these shoes with this dress again, this time in December 2017.
That's a pretty simple outfit, and why I love dresses like this. One and done!

I mentioned that some of my outfits are built for the outerwear look - this is one of them, from January 2018.
I'm just wearing a blue sweater and my black culottes, but the real stars are my vintage Welsh cape, my blue Agent Carter fedora and my purple leather gloves. And the shoes, of course.

A casual outfit with red leather pants, also in January 2018.
I let go of those pants that year (I barely wore them), and gave up the shirt too (I was over it).

This outfit was after a very long day - we went to a concert that night, after I'd been working on our office move all day, back in March 2018. Hence the unamused face.
I love that embroidered jacket, and this is a rare shot of me in jeans.

What did I JUST say about jeans?? These are totally different jeans too.
This was in May 2018, and I'm showing off the weird arm feature of this blouse which was only worn once.

Showing off my cuddlemeister, Mr. Vizzini here in September 2018.
My Chrysanthemum skirt will get its own Flashback when I wear it again.

Floral and tulle, can't go wrong with that.
This is in November 2018.

A casual layered, 90s-inspired look from December 2018.
And there's that dress again, later that month.
Dressy on the top, and business on the feet. 

My Stained Glass dress makes another appearance, here in February 2019. 
That is such a gorgeous dress - I'll do a Flashback of it eventually too.

The only things I have left from this April 2019 outfit is the scarf and the shoes.
I sleep in the t-shirt now.

I love this bright outfit from July 2019.
That skirt is such a winner.

I'm surprised that this is the first time I wore these shoes with this Desigual dress (which will get its own Flashback at some point).
This was in September 2019.

For a weekend gathering, also in September 2019.
I'm all shiny in my Space Pants and Galaxy Jacket!

Another look with the cape and accessories, this time in November 2019.
I'm just wearing a plain cream sweater and a short little tie silk skirt. So cute! I love this look.

With my PANK dress, in December 2012.
I spy my magenta tassel earrings again.

Into 2020, this outfit is from February.
The sweater went to the giveaway pile, where it was promptly eaten by moths.

And finally, my shopping outfit from May 2020.
Wow, what a lot of looks! Including the featured outfit, that is 44 outfits! I feel much better about spending $140.00 on these shoes when I calculate that I'm now at $3.18 per wear on them!

On Sunday, I woke up with tight hamstrings from all the bending and stretching during our clothes shenanigans. The only thing for it was to go out for a walk and loosen up. And Turnabout happens to have a 70% off sale on!
As it was windy out, I wanted to wear something that would swoosh when I walked there and back. Being swooshy makes me happy.

  • Blazer - InWear; last seen here in June with my new orange Fluevogs
  • Blouse - CABi, consignment; last worn here in February with tartan trousers
  • Skirt - Trina Turk, consignment; last seen here in June with green lips and Armani
  • Shoes - Karl Lagerfeld; last worn here in April with bright colours and Madras

I felt nice and bright in these citrus-y colours.
As I'd picked the skirt first, I then rooted around for a top with navy to match.
 I then added the bright yellow shoes (there are bits of yellow in this blouse).
 And that is how I like to tie my blouses.
Swooshiness demonstration.

All buttoned up and ready to go.
 Wait, add a bag!
 Okay, NOW I'm ready to go.

The stuff:
I've been very lazy with not actually changing bags to go with my outfits - I'm really a one-bag woman with inclinations towards matchy bags that I never wear.

Simple bling:
I was delighted to wear this brooch - I've had it since about 1985-86, and I think it was from Fairweather or BH Emporium. I used to wear it at the top of button-up oversized shirts, a very trendy look back in the day.

  • Brooch - homegrown vintage, c. 1986
  • Ear-balls - Dior, consignment
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes


Before I get into what I bought on my shopping trip, here's a little Flashback on my tulle skirt. I've had it since August 2018, when I bought it here at My Sister's Closet for $20.98. It's by Trina Turk, and is called the Floris skirt; it retailed for $238.00. 

I wore it right away in August 2018 for a hangout with our friends at Glo.
I love all the layering of colours and patterns in this outfit. I put those Fluevog shoes in a bag for reselling - they really aren't that comfortable.

With a basic floral top, and familiar shoes, in November 2011.
 I love a full swooshy skirt.

This was a favourite outfit too, from December 2018.
 I like the layers of fabric and accessories.

A fun outfit in October 2019 (I must have packed it away for summer last year).
 That sweater makes me giggle.

Gah, just looking at this sweater makes me unhappy.
This is from November 2019 - I thought the sweater was navy!

I love this outfit from February 2020 - I wore this to a concert by The Beaches.
"Seriously? You wore this in public?"

Yes, and I loved it, Vizzini.

And then lastly, I wore it in June.
I like having a navy blue skirt in my wardrobe, especially a tulle one. Did I mention it has silk lining? It's so soft!

I'm now at 8 wearings, putting my cost-per-wear at $2.63 - but I'm sure I'll be wearing a lot more! 


I did well at Turnabout, and managed to find a few things on sale, however, not these shoes.
I completely fell for these. Dark orange, suede, sweet heel, sling-back.

Such a cute toe!
 Not too pointy, not too round.

The brand is Vagabond, which is a Swedish company.
And they are a current shoe with them - and they are on 50% off so we can be shoe twins if you like (link here, 'cause I love).

They are called the Joyce and are on half price for 430 Krona, which is about $65.00 Canadian. They were $59.99, so right on track.
I'm especially pleased that they have never been worn. There is not a mark on them!

I've seen these shoes at Turnabout on previous visits, but didn't want to pay the marked price of $47.99.
That's not a terrible price, but they're slightly snug (they're a 39/9 and I'm usually a 40/9.5). But such a cool metallic steel blue - I love the crackly finish, and they are leather, so they will stretch over time.

When I saw they were marked down to $15.00, I said, "What the heck."
They have soft soles, not much of a heel. They go on and off by unzipping the little bit at the front.

They are by Gadea and were made in Spain.
Looks like they run from about $130-250 Canadian for similar styles, so I'm very happy with $15.00. Not much wear on them either. They're going to get worn a lot by me!

I spotted this gold leather purse by Banana Republic in a corner.
 I love the light tone of the gold - that makes it an even better neutral.

It's two separate sections connected with three snaps across the top.
Those are purely for design, although I did pull it all apart to see if there was some purpose to it.

Verification of leather (cow leather).
And I see that it's from Spring 2017 (in stores in November 2016), so barely 3 years old.
It retailed for $118.00, but for me, it was only $24.00!

I have a collection of Floofy Underthings that I layer under clothes to add extra length, volume or texture. This is a dress that does that.
 It's by Simpli, and is a sheer grey stretch netting with an asymmetrical hem with two layers of embroidery/lace.

I'm not really sure how I'm going to wear this, but I liked it, it looked cool on, it's majorly swooshy, and it was only $15.00.
"This seems delicious."

Vizzini was all over; the previous owner must have had a pet.

I normally skip by Urban Outfitters clothes - I want better quality than most of their stuff.
But I really liked this wrap top - it has really long, wide ties.

It's a micro "lumberjack" plaid.
 It was $23.99, which is about right.

I actually came out of the change room to show off this dress.
It's such a pretty dress - love that neon orange lining and the oversized roses print.

The top is a bit looser, with the bottom pencil skirt long and sexy.
 It's missing its belt (the belt loops are there), but otherwise, it's in really good shape.

It's by Ted Baker.
Note the little clasp on the front; this can also be worn open to show off the neon lining.

It's polyester and washable.
 It's called the Cocoe dress and is from Fall 2014 (nearly 6 years old!). It originally retailed at $269.00, but it was marked down to $69.00 from Turnabout's original price of $179.99. Score! It looks amazing on me, and I can't wait to wear it!

Vizzini is now all tuckered out, and so am I!
"Nap time!"

Time to go chill and enjoy the rest of the weekend. Thank you all so much for stopping by!


  1. We're still not really going anywhere, which is fine because with the pool and fire table and screened in porch we have lots of entertainment. Still. I miss going to the movies!

    1. Oh, I'm jealous, your pool and yard sound so nice! I miss movies too - although the theatres have sort of reopened here.

  2. Hello Sheila, love your blog and discovered it through Vix! I feel a bit of a fraud because I admire both your styles and if you knew me you would be surprised(so would Vix) in the clothes dept, I have nowhere near such style as you ladies. What I love is how you have so many different looks. Your flashbacks are inspiring and that is what got me into your blog as I could not believe the different looks from one garment. I am missing the "chazzas" as I call them charity shops(thrift) at the moment . Anyway thanks for all the work on your blog. Shazx

    1. Hello, Shaz! nice to meet you. :) No judgment from me - not everyone is as flashy as me or boho as Vix! I'm so glad you are enjoying the Flashbacks. They are pretty new for me, and I'm enjoying looking back at all my outfits.

      Thrifts and consignment stores are so fun. I hope you get to go to some soon! You're so welcome, and thank you so much for coming by! :)

  3. Well the trout brogues and net skirt have certainly earnt they keep, what an array of outfits old and new! I love the strangely shaped trousers, aren't they fun? The citrus additions to your Trina Turk skirt are fab.
    You did do well with your shopping, I'm loving the zip fastening shoes and the metallic bag and no wonder Vizzini is spark out in that last photo with all that investigating.
    Thank goodness you've rescued The Lady Garden of Delight skirt, it's amazing!
    I'm gald you've had a fun packed weekend, it seems liek years since we had a busy one! xxx

    1. Yeah, I'm really happy with how much use I've gotten from the trout shoes. The trousers are hilarious to me (most people don't like them). Thanks, Vix!

      I liked all the cool stuff I found! I'm excited to wear the Lady Garden of Delight skirt again. It'll be soon!

      I know, it almost felt normal!

  4. Those shoes are lovely - I always think it's worth spending on something like that 'cos they'll last ages, and leather ages well whereas synthetics seem to go shoddy quite fast. (Or maybe I've just had a lot of cheap synthetics!) And yours seem to go with absolutely everything.

    1. Thanks, Mim! I love them - always have - and I'm thrilled that they have earned their keep (and then some!). I hate synthetic leather shoes - they don't last, and they look crappy fast.

  5. What a fun day with your friend and sounds like she's all set for the season now. What a nice thing to do. You have such a good eye when shopping - love the Ted Baker dress and can't wait to see you model it.

    1. She was so happy! So many clothes for her to wear, and it was so much fun getting all her summery stuff out and ready to wear. It's like Christmas! And helping her makes me feel better too. Win-win.

      Thanks, Nana! I am so excited to wear that dress, but it's very much a party type of dress. I don't know if I'll wear it to work, at least not right now. It does look fabulous on!

  6. That Lady Garden of Delight skirt was in the giveaway pile? Oh my, I'm so glad you changed your mind! The sparkly Missoni top is gorgeous, and those oddly shaped trousers and the VW jacket are a perfect match. I loved the trout shoe flashback, they have certainly earned their keep! Sunday's shopping outfit is fabulous, I love the pops of orange and yellow with the navy skirt. You did very well at Turnabout with those orange suede slingbacks and those steel blue metallic shoes. I'm loving the gold leather purse and the Ted Baker oversized rose dress too. Can't wait to see how you'll be styling it! xxx

    1. Yes, it was, Ann! What was I thinking?? Thank you - that's not the most complimentary outfit on me, but I wanted to be comfy for all the hard physical work we did. I'm still very much in love with the trout shoes, and am glad they are still in good shape after all those wearings.

      I loved my shopping outfit, felt great in it. I am excited about all my purchases! The Ted Baker dress is so pretty on!

  7. That first outfit is fun with both main pieces being of unusual cuts. Wow: you have worn those shoes in so many outfits: sure shows how versatile they look. Fun to see you throughout the years!

    1. Thanks! I like challenging pieces like those pants and jacket. I have! I've impressed myself, ha ha!

  8. You really are makign the most of those shoes and I love that you picked up another metallic pair too! You know I have a pretty basic shoe collection (I tend not to deviate much, like you with bags it's the trusty basic ones I wear and rewear!), but the metallic ones are my most statement ones and I find then really wearable!

    I really like the yellow and navy and orange outfit - I want to wear more yellow and orange now I've tried it once, but I don't have a lot of pieces that go together. Need to think a little harder!

    1. I just love these ones - they are so fun, comfy and surprisingly versatile. Yes, you're like me with bags, ha ha! Metallic shoes are awesome and work so well as neutrals.

      Thank you - I like that one too. You can do it!

  9. Love the flash backs - so many wonderful outfits! The metallic shoes are so fab; the colours remind me of magpie wings when you got up close to them....the tulle skirt is a very useful skirt indeed. They look awful on me; I've had two and only wore one - once!

    Loved your weekend finds; more amazing shoes.

    Take care

    1. Yes, I love that shine. Tulle skirts do not work on everyone, sorry that they aren't for you, Vronni!

      I lucked out on both of those pairs. Love them.

  10. I love those wide pants you paired with that fabulous Westwood jacket. The shoes you paired with them are lovely as well. It was great seeing all the ways you wore them. You are always so creative with your outfits.

    1. Thank you! That type of proportion isn't to everyone's taste. I love trying new things, and I like seeing how eclectic my style is when I do the flashbacks.

  11. Love the main outfit of this post. Fantastic. And the shoes were worth their money for sure.
    I also like the September 2019 outfit with the silver trousers and the galaxy jacket.

    1. Thanks, Greetje! It's got tricky proportions. I like that spacey outfit too.

  12. Love this strangely shaped trousers, they're really groovy (and comfy too). And so cute top (Missoni!), and so fabulous to see your Trout Shoes in so many different outfits!. Love a pair of brogues and these ones look stunning with almost everything, particularly with purple and with green too (actually, with lots of colors!).
    Glad you rescued the Lady Garden of Delight skirt, it's such a colorful and fabulous piece!.
    Love your swooshy skirt with these orange and yellow accents, such a fab color combo!. Love how you tied your shirt. And love your orange jacket!
    I always enjoy your recaps, such an inspiring and entertaining thing!
    And you've been a lucky lady finding these cute shoes, the Golden bag and the fab dress!. It's great to be back into real shops!

    1. They are not to everyone's taste, so thank you, Monica! I know, Missoni! I love these shoes, and it makes me happy to see all those outfits.

      You'll see the skirt soon!

      Thank you - I love that outfit, actually. The colours are so fun. I found some great stuff, very exciting.

  13. What a dazzlingly gorgeous array of ensembles. The sartorial inspiration here is more abundant than sunshine in July!

    I am a massive, poster child level introvert who is married to an ambivert, so I can relate to the pros/cons/challenges of the dichotomy that can exist at times when one partner likes/needs social outing, being around people, etc more than the other. Thankfully, we've usually been able to accommodate each other's needs in on this front really well. I do feel though that in many relationships, broadly speaking, it's us introverts who compromise more than our ambivert or extrovert partners.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Autumn! I'm glad they made you cheery.

      L and I have adapted, and we always check in with each other to make sure the other is cool. I think we are pretty balanced - I often do things on my own, at my own choice.

  14. I'm not a heels gal (prefer to just admire them from afar instead of actually wearing them ;) ) AND I'm magpie-like drawn to anything iridescent (yep, spelled that wrong the first time) so your trout shoes are a particular favorite of mine.

    1. I'm gradually letting go of a bunch of my heels, and I'm a total crow for anything shiny, Ashley! Thanks so much.

  15. I really liked your VOGOFF piece - the words, and the visuals! Those pants are right up my alley (so to speak). If you ever grow tired of them, let me know ;)

    Excellent shoe scores on your recent shopping trip. If I didn't have stupid bunions, I would wear both of those styles.

    1. Thank you so much, Shelley - Mel really did an amazing job on VOGOFF! Will let you know if/when it's time for them to leave my closet!

      Thanks! I love both pairs, but I think the blue ones will need to wait till fall. They need tights.


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