Thursday, April 23, 2020

Dolphins Colours, and Vintage House-dress off today! Thursdays have become my Mental Health Walk Day as well as Grocery Day, so that's what I did! Routine is good. 
And that includes our dressing routines and make-up routines! I came across an interesting article from Cosmopolitan about wearing make-up during the pandemic (link here 'cause I love - I read Cosmo back in my 20s), and it echoes what I've found over the years when I've been feeling blue or needed a lift: putting on make-up makes me feel better.

  • Sweater - Lord & Taylor, thrifted; last worn here with snakes and rainbow houndstooth in October 2019
  • Skirt - LA Nights, thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit) in August 2019 with my Gookey lace bomber for Ulti
  • Shoes - Prepare Guide, Fluevog; last worn here (3rd outfit) for weekend brunch in September 2019

The sun is back, and it's brought a cool breeze with it. I enjoyed being out this morning for my walk and even lugging home my groceries. The seagull couple spotted me as soon as I went outside - the nesting lady on top alerted her fellow who came out to look at me.
"Yes, it's her. She's spying on us!"

In addition to doing my make-up today, I also got dressed in some "good clothes" which are just as comfy as my around-the-house clothes.
Ivana at a little place to call my own has a great post today: 'Wear What Makes You Happy When You Can" (all links 'cause I love). It's an excellent reminder to have fun with your clothes and to dress up - life is short!

Today's dressy outfit (which will be worn until I start making dinner - I'm messy when I cook!) is in homage to L's beloved Miami Dolphins NFL football team, whose colours are orange and aqua. L has been missing sports badly these past few months, and the NFL Draft starts today. It's important to him, so I'm surprising him with my team-coloured outfit. Fins up!
My hair is long enough to clip up again!

This sweater is 100% merino wool, and it's heavenly soft and comfy to wear - it does have a couple of small spots on it, and a very light repair on the front hem. Those kinds of things don't really matter to me - but I will likely eventually rotate this sweater into my at home wear at some later date.

I love the swooshy skirt - it's a sheer layer over a black lining, which gives it good coverage and intensifies the colours in it.
I'm noting the weird shape of this sweater - where did my waist go?
I am a box with arms!

Model pose, hee hee!
It's such an odd cut, almost a mullet sweater - I usually wear it with a skinny bottom, but felt like being super swooshy today instead. This skirt is a Swoosh Factor 8, and must be kept out of the clutches of the Evil Computer Chair.

The stuff:
L hates these shoes, but I love them. Ha! I'm the one who has to wear them, so tough beans.

Colourful bling:
I played with the colours in the skirt and kind of went with the 1920s long necklace silhouette. I liked the mix of green and blue.

  • Acrylic cuff - thrifted
  • Glass bangle - thrifted
  • Turquoise necklace - thrifted
  • Green glass bead necklace - Mom's, 1970s?
  • Brass/jade ring - Mom's, 1970s
  • Turquoise ring - local
  • Earrings - Mango's

I added this bracelet - it's sterling silver and loaded with semi-precious stones and pearls. The glass bangle rings on it like a spoon on a teacup - it's a pretty sound.
The cuff was handmade on Salt Spring Island, and was a gift from L many years ago. Wearing it might make up for the shoes, ha ha.

I'll be changing into my vintage house-dress for the evening.
Isn't it fabulous? It's by Mr. Robert and it's probably from the 70s. I bought it here a year ago (detail pictures there), in March 2019 for $18.95 and have worn it oodles of times. I feel very "Mrs. Roeper" in this! 
I adore the bright orangey-red, the pockets and the massive pattern. It's worn the most in spring and fall. 

And now, time for some reading in the sun.  
"On my way!"

Vizzini immediately threw himself down and lolled around for a tummy rub.
"Let's get going - we have a lot of tum to cover."

My Purr Therapist calls! I hope you are having a good day - stay safe, my friends.


  1. That skirt is AWESOME, as is the colour combination of that outfit, but I really drooled over the "house dress". So gorgeous!

    1. Thanks so much, Cynthia! Ha, I am enjoying all this love for the house-dress!

  2. Love all the orange, it's just so darn cheerful. Your model pose truly made me laugh out loud! Big, slouchy sweaters are just soooo comfy, but a big, slouchy, orange sweater - well that's the bees knees!

    I did indeed have a nice day. I got to spend some time, from an 8 foot distance, with my grandson today! I missed being able to hold him, but I was thrilled none-the-less.

    Ahhh, kitty tummy rubs. A win-win for everyone!

    Keep well.

    1. Thank you, Nana! I love this coral-y shade of bright orange. I was being silly with my poses - why not? Glad to get a laugh. I do love a funky sweater.

      Aw, that's wonderful - I bet he was happy to see you! Hugs will come soon!

      Oh, very much so - especially for our spoiled kitty.

  3. Yes! Wear all the good clothes, dress up, embellish your face with makeup and put your jewellery on, let's face life looking as fabulous as we possibly can.
    That swooshy skirt is fabulous with the mullet jumper and the shoes L hates (tell him he's crazy!) Love Mr Robert's creation, I'm a big fan of the vintage houserobe, mine's plum velour with a gold braid trim, I wear it in the street on Thursday night when we're clapping for our carers.
    Doesn't everything feel better when the sun is shining? No matter how mundane the task it makes me happy to be alive. Good to see Mrs Seagull not looking quite so intimidating.
    Big love to you, L and Vizzini! xxx

    1. Yes, yes, yes! It feels so good to be dressed up and feeling swanky!

      Oh, I've tried, but he just hates any shoes that are not pointy-toed. The man clearly has no taste, ha ha. Ooh, your houserobe sounds marvelous - I would love a velvet one. I have not worn mine in public - it feels too casual for me!

      Yes, it does make everything so much better. Thanks, Vix!

  4. I love your colourful outfit, and the curved hem of the top with the maxi skirt! i wore a similar shaped tee with a maxi skirt the other day and I loved the long lines and the loose styles together, but it did look a little oddly shaped in some pics! Comfort over anything else though i think, I would still repeat the combination again as it was something different for me to try and I loved it even if the photos didn't do it justice!

    1. Thank you, Mica! I like the long over long look - and not every outfit has to be super-flattering! It's fine to just like a look and not have it reflected in pictures. Agreed, comfort comes first!

  5. Great mix of colors in the outfit. And I'm fascinated by your comment that "putting on make-up makes me feel better." The psychological role of make-up (and similar female grooming) is unknown to most men. I'm studying it closely, with deep personal interest.

    1. It's a biological thing! Did you read the Cosmo article? Putting on make-up releases dopamine. Yes, men are really missing out on it, but then, they have a lot less pressure to be appearance-focused at all times.

  6. I just love that swooshy skirt. It must be such fun to wear. Your colours are gorgeous today and I adore the turquoise "pulling together" accessories. You know, my mom used to talk about her "housecoat" in the seventies but now I have a deeper understanding of what a housecoat really is. It totally rocks! Much better than boring grey sweatpants and t shirt!
    I agree with the makeup thing. I've made up my face every day since lockdown began. A few years ago I was recovering from cancer and a nurse shared some wisdom with me around patients who take care over appearance having better outcomes. It makes sense ;to feel more put together is to feel you have agency in the universe. Rock on Sheila and have a beautiful weekend., x

    1. It is delightful to wear, Juliana! I even make "swish swoosh swish" noises when I walk in it (and I swoosh it at Vizzini!). Thank you so much.

      Now, there are housecoats and then there are housecoats! I remember the old nylon quilted things and they were not very attractive, but this one is such a beauty it deserves to be seen. It's definitely more comfy than sweatpants.

      I take a few days off make-up, but in general, I like having it on - I look more like me, and I feel better about myself and the whole aging thing when I perceive that I look better. Wow, that is really interesting about the cancer patients! "to feel you have agency in the universe" - you have nailed it, Juliana, thank you!

      Rock on!

  7. Thanks for sharing this post and her fab attitude, I totally agree about wearing whatever you like whenver you can (and not saving 'for good').
    And I love this magnificent color combo (and feeling sympathy for those Dolphins!) and You Totally Rock It!!, love your swooshing skirt and its print, love your 'boxy' sweater which looks fab, and love your turquoise and green accessorizing and so cool shoes!. I'm loving your silver bracelet everytime I see it!
    And your house coat is such a stunning piece, and You Totally Rock It!.
    Helen Roper in the Three's Company american series looked fab, but I have a weakness for Mildred Roper (english series). Love some vintage inspiration!

    1. Isn't she awesome? I love her positive outlook. I remember when I had the revelation about not saving my clothes for special occasions - it made a huge difference to my happiness with my wardrobe.

      Thank you - hey, every year we can hope! Ha ha! L was very happy that I was wearing his team's colours. I know, that silver bracelet is a treasure.

      Thank you! I don't know that series, but I see it was the model for the US one. I loved Mrs. Roper!

  8. Couldn't agree more with you, Ivana and all the other fabulous bloggers out there who don't think this pandemic warrants the wearing of slouchy clothes and generally being a slob. No, no, no, we've got to keep showing 'em who's boss, and that's us! Life simply is a whole lot better when we're wearing make-up and fabulous clothes, even if all we do is stay at home! Plus, we can make other people happy with our looks. Your swooshy maxi certainly puts a smile on my face whenever it makes an appearance. As do the shoes - can't imagine why L. hates them. And it's been lovely to see your housecoat. It is simply marvellous. It reminds me of my own but yours is definitely the winner! xxx

    1. Yes! Ann, I feel that one of the most important things I've done during this pandemic - both for me and our readers - is to keep dressing up and feeling good about it. It's a win all around!

      Thank you - I do love a swooshy maxi, as you know! Ha, L hates any chunky shoes - he is only on board with pointy toes.

      Oh, it's not a contest - any vintage housecoat or house-dress is a winner in my book! They're still head and shoulders above sloppy clothes!

  9. First of all, thank you for linking up. Secondly, I agree on you with the whole make up and dressing up things. I often go bare faced, but during this epidemic I think I've actually used make up more often than I normally do- my face has been acting out, probably because of the stress and putting on some concealer and covering up redness and other stuff does make me feel better. I love what you said about how 'good' clothes can be just as comfortable as the 'home' clothes. Is there anything more comfy than a nice maxi. I think people sometimes use comfort as an excuse because they're afraid to experiment with clothes....but the great thing about clothes is that there is a style for everyone.

    I do like that wool sweater with an interesting cut. It looks fantastic paired with an abstract intensely coloured maxi skirt. It looks very modern. The combination made me think of a number of fashion eras.

    I also love your vintage bright orange/red house dress. What a gorgeous colour! I also love the pattern with the big flowers. Have a fab weekend!

    1. You're so welcome, Ivana - thank you for writing such a concise, well-articulated post! Oh, I think you are right - they feel the pressure and are afraid to fail. I think fear is behind many people wanting to disappear in their clothes: fear of being seen, fear that people will laugh or comment, fear that it will raise others' expectations of how they will dress. So many things - it's a complex issue!

      Thank you! I loved it with the colourful maxi. I was feeling a very Roaring Twenties era.

      Thanks - it's a very comfy and fun thing to wear in the house when I'm not in the mood for pants, ha ha!

      Happy weekend, Ivana!

  10. Oh aren’t you sweet dressing up in the Miami Dolphins colours.

    And I agree, I find dressing up and putting on a bit of lippy makes all the difference.

    OH MY GOSH, I am dazzled by your house dress! I’d definitely put a belt over it and wear it out of the house too.

    1. L really appreciated it! It really does make a big difference for me. Oh, gawd no - it is really not for public viewing!!

  11. My goodness that house dress!! That brings back memories! My grandmother wore those in the 70s! I think I even have a photo where she almost wears a similar one! She also had a original Japanese kimono as a house dress. My grandfather won a Japan trip when hè worked for Honda and brought it back for her!

    1. Isn't it fun, Nancy? It's so comfy! Oh, I love kimonos - they are so awesome.

  12. Totally right to dress up. I do it at home as well, often even with high heels, much to the amusement of my neighbours when they spot me in the street. They probably think I am mad.
    But it makes me feel good and that is important. Besides, I don't mind people thinking I am mad.
    Your skirt and sweater are so pretty. And I like your housedress too. It sure beats an old T-shirt and soggy leggings.

    1. You're right about wearing heels, Greetje: if you don't wear them, your feet get out of the habit! Good for you for dressing up. I agree - it makes me feel good.

      Thanks so much! No leggings for me!

  13. House dresses are long overdue, IMO, for a serious comeback - as your glammer than glam example here highlights in spades. What a vibrant, fabulous way to inject colour into your day and be wildly comfortable (I assume) at the same time.

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life

    1. I agree - it was only a few years ago that no one wore actual dresses, so why not bring back the house dress? Yes, it's wildly comfortable, more than anything else I have.

  14. Love that vintage house dress! The colours are so cheerful - it's much better than wearing sweats to lounge around the house. I put on a pretty kimono over my t-shirt and jeans to sit outside yesterday just so I wouldn't look so shlubby.

    1. Isn't it awesome? I wear it a lot, especially pre-shower and on the weekends. A kimono is a great idea! I am waiting for it to be a bit warmer before I break mine out.

  15. OMG send me that house dress right away my dear, poste haste! I would love it and wear it and waft about in the most stylish of manners, I promise.
    And I have to agree about the wearing of make-up. Very early on in the lock-down, I was coming back from the beach early one morning and considered the fact that if I was no longer out at work or seeing anyone, perhaps I could give up on wearing make-up. But I didn't. And it was because I know I like my face better with than without and that impacts on my mood, so every day I apply enough to lift my mood. It works, it really does x

    1. Ha, hands off, Anna! I wear it all the time. It really does help to wear make-up - it's kept my spirits up, and given me a lift whenever I put it on.

  16. My dear Sheila you are looking glorious in those bright colors.
    But my jaw dropped when I saw hour house dress - WHAT A PIECE, it sent the one I have home to cry :)

    1. Thank you so much, Lorena - bright colours really cheer me up these days. I know, isn't the house dress amazing?? I remember being boggled when I found it. I love wearing it.


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