Thursday, April 30, 2020

Bigass Mid-Week Wrap-Up: Kimono and Best Red; Library Second-Chance Shop; Art Corner; Spring Walk

Hello, my friends! I've had a busy few days, and this is a bigass post with lots to look at, so let's get started. 

This is today's at-home outfit that I would have worn to work in the pre-pandemic days. 
Instead, I am wearing it for the afternoon, until I change for dinner after L gets home. 

  • Kimono - vintage, Portland, vintage store; last worn here (4th outfit) in September 2019 for Winesday
  • Sweater - Twik, thrifted; last seen here in February layered under a jammy dress
  • Trousers - Zara, thrifted; purchased here for $29.99
  • Shoes - Wonders, consignment; last worn here in September 2019 for brunch in black and cream

I knew when I bought this vintage kimono in Portland last September that I would be belting it with this leather obi. Finally! The outfit I was dreaming of!
I'm just as agog over the trousers as you are! Aren't they marvelous? They are very swooshy and fun to walk in.

They are a linen/viscose blend, made in Spain, and they have big front seam pockets.
They are about an inch too long - I didn't get them hemmed before the lock-down, unfortunately. I'm considering hem-binding tape or sewing the cuffs up myself. I can sew! I got a badge in it when I was in Brownies (proof).
They're good enough for wearing around the house for a few hours, though. No sewing today.

Instead, I made some tea!
I saw a box of bags on a fellow blogger's table (sorry, I can't remember who it was!), and recalled that my grocery store sells Yorkshire Tea! I'd been looking for an authentic British black tea - I made myself a cup and enjoyed it.

Kimono open. When I bought this piece, I couldn't figure out what fabric it's made of. I'm still not sure. I think it's silk, but it's a weave that resists wrinkling on the black/cream parts.
The inside lining wrinkled in storage, but I gave the whole thing a good steaming (same with the trousers - I steam most of my clothes every time I wear them).

Kimono off and the thin sweater tucked in so that you can see the high waist of these pants.
 Aren't they amazing?
I felt that $29.99 was a bit much for Zara trousers at the time I bought them, but it was the incredible cut and fit that sold me. They are quality and easily the best red pants I've ever had.

The stuff:
I love these ultra-comfy shoes - they are so squishy and soft, and I get a bit of height without the pitch of a high heel.

Gold bling:
 I like bold pieces with detail.

  • Earrings - Biko, consignment
  • Ball bracelet - Butler Fifth Avenue Collection, consignment
  • Bar cuff - vintage 70s, Mom's
  • Klimt wooden ring - consignment
  • Silver/crystal ring - Uffizi Gallery gift shop, Florence, Italy

And my leather bling too!
The "headband" is a leather strip with a snap and heavy gold chain sewn on it - it's locally-made, and it's meant to be worn on the wrist. I've had the black leather obi for probably a decade - I recall it was under $20. That slit is for threading the other end through, keeping it flat at the waist.


Library Clean-Out

On Tuesday, I decided that if I can't go shopping, I can do the next best thing: shop my giveaway pile. L and I currently use our library to store our things ready for giveaway/donation, as well as most of our book collection. It's right here, see?
See that bookcase? Nice, isn't it? It's solid cherry wood, and the cupboards on the bottom hold our DVD collection. You've seen this a bunch of times in backgrounds, I'm sure.

But did you know we have another room behind it? It's a secret door! We had it custom-made in 2014 (link here, lots of pictures). Go here (FB link) to see it in action!
We had this built to provide us with storage, and to baffle sound from our parties for our condo neighbour whose bedroom butts up against the library. Also, duh, it's a secret door! It's the coolest thing ever!

I didn't take any "before" pictures because it was a bit of a nightmare! Imagine this (here) times 10, with clothes and books everywhere. This is the left side of the room, just inside the bookcase door. 
Two bookcases there - L and I are due to do a big book cull, but nothing can be donated right now, so we're holding off a bit.

This is the right corner - another two bookcases.
Those boxes are full of donation-ready items, as is the white garbage bag of clothes on the lower right.

The inside right - that case is full of painted Dungeons & Dragons miniatures. L and I both painted them for decades. Our best ones are displayed around the house - this contains the ones that aren't as nice.
Yes, the pictures are me - they are from about 15 years ago.

Bags of stuff for swap, and some stuff for future clear-out.

This is the inside left, looking back at the "cat play area" (aka dining room). Another bookcase, and you can see some of our books stacked up for donation.
My gargoyle Smaug is wearing all of my race-walking medals.

I pulled out all the loose clothes and sorted and folded them all up, and then bagged them. I've accumulated a ton of plastic bags from pandemic grocery shopping.
"Something's changed here. I can't quite put my finger on it."

I labeled the bags so that I'll remember what everything is! It will help me sort it all for a massive giveaway when I'm able to do that again.

Vizzini was very excited about all the commotion. 
"I'm a seething ball of excitement."

As I sorted all my clothes for giveaway, I really took a good look at everything, and a few things leapt out at me as not quite being ready to leave my closet. Or maybe they are? But I'm giving all of the below items a second chance.
I originally removed these Sorel sandal-boot hybrid shoes because they felt too chunky.
But now that I look at them, and I kind of like them again. They are really comfy.

These Marc shoes felt way too high six months ago, but I wore them for a while and they felt fine.
Let's give them another go, shall we?
 They are a fabulous shoe - that's about a 2-inch heel. Maybe I just needed a rest from them.

This stretchy pink velvet jammy dress by Ichi said, "Hello!"
 And I said, "Yeah, I think you deserve another shot."

I remember this Nanette Lepore dress felt a little snug last year.
It's a gorgeous bright blue, and really pretty. Maybe it will feel better this year.

I went, "Oh!" when I saw this silk Catherine Malandrino blouse.
I only wore it once - I need to give it another try.

I go back and forth on this skirt every year or two.
But it came back again. It's got pockets, it's a versatile pattern (black and blue), and very swooshy. What's not to love?

I also had a soft spot for this gorgeous silk Ports skirt.
Paperbag waist? Pockets? Silk? Skirts like this don't come along every day.

I have been thinking about these Lady Dutch baggy satin joggers for a few weeks.
They are comfy (pockets!), funky and a good neutral colour. I want you back!

And I completely and utterly love this Kenzie bubble-hemmed brocade skirt.
Even if I don't wear it much, I think it is a long-term keeper.

I also reconsidered two silk scarves.
 This one never got a chance - I love the pattern! It's SO 80s, isn't it?

This is a lovely butter yellow.
 Both of these have handrolled edges - good quality. I always have room for a couple of nice scarves.


Art Corner

Well, that was fun! But I had to remove some furniture to get the library empty enough to store our donations/giveaways, so I did what I've been wanting to do since I made the Book Nook: I made an Art Corner on the other end of our deck!

The chair, rug/blanket, marble table and lamp had all been in the library, unused.
That gold chair has been with L and I for 25 years - it's good quality (actual brass tacks and solid wood). We "rescued" it from the hallway of our first apartment - it was in a donate pile. The seat and underside are thoroughly thrashed (it's been recovered a few times prior to us nabbing it), and Vizzini always tries to eat the exposed horsehair stuffing. I took an old sheet and staple-gunned it over the bottom, sealing it from our little monster.

I draped the chair's seat with the thick woven blanket that we were using as a rug in the library, and moved this little footstool out here.
It doubles as storage for my Zentangle drawing supplies!

I pulled my portable easel out of a closet and tucked it under the marble table.
 Ready to set up on the footstool or on the table.

I tucked our set of weights behind the chair, as well as some canvases, in progress paintings, and my bag of paints/brushes.
All out of sight, but there when I need them.

On my walk today, I twisted a piece of lilac off a tree, and put it on the table in a vintage Indiana Glass Company creamer. My D&D mug is filled with my paint-pens, and a couple of brushes.
The lamp is old - it was in our house when I grew up, and I think it was one that Mom and Dad were given? It still has the original wiring and harp, but this shade is a replacement for the original "tube" style one.

So that's what I did on Tuesday. Today/Thursday, I was up early to go for my Mental Health Walk followed by my weekly grocery shop.
"You're leaving me?" 

Only for a couple of hours, bud.


Mental Health Walk 

I took the camera along today, so here are some pictures of my 'hood.
I would live in this house in a heartbeat...if it wasn't on a major road. I love the whole look of it and that's my kind of yard (low maintenance).

Our Hydro (electric company) boxes are covered with scenes from "old Victoria" - this one is right where my mom lived when she was a girl (1940s-50s).
 Mom, do you remember this house?
She grew up in one just like it.

In fact, the large rock in the centre of this picture was in her front yard.
 So was the holly tree to the right of it - I bet it wasn't that high then, though!

I liked this little sign.
There are so many cracks and bumps in the sidewalks, so this is kind of funny. Look out for this one in particular!

My favourite house is decorated to show support for the Nova Scotia citizens (there was a horrific killing spree there recently).
 I love all the eggs in the garden with pictures of first responders and essential services workers.

A purple iris.
 So pretty.

Looking south at Dallas Road - hello, Port Angeles, Washington!
Although it was before 10am, it was still quite busy down here.

Looking east - I'm going down there, all the way to the other side.
 It was a lovely morning, with a mix of clouds and blue skies.
I think that's Trial Island in the distance. I would like to live in a lighthouse...although I guess that's kind of what we're all doing right now, isn't it? Only metaphorical instead of literal lighthouses.

I saw two black blobs in the water.
It's either seals or otters...

And it's otters!
The one on the left is looking south and the one on the right is carrying something in its mouth (maybe a baby?). They swam across Ross Bay quickly with their heads up most of the way.

Here's a big red heart for you.
People have been decorating the driftwood.

Just a pretty shot with the sun glinting off the water.
The beach is different every time I go by here - the logs get tossed around with the weather and the tides going in and out.

Deer in the graveyard.
Not surprised to see them. We have a lot of deer here.

A family with their dog was playing on the rocks.
No sand on this beach.

The chestnut trees are starting to bloom.
 I loved the feeling of walking under the canopies of leaves.

When I got home, Vizzini was ready for some attention.
"This is more like it."

And now, my friends, I'm going to leave you until Sunday. I love y'all this much!
Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Wow. I don't know of anyone else with a secret room. That is so cool - a gorgeous bookcase doubling as a door. And of course, your obi belt/kimono/red pants outfit is just stunning. Your blog posts are the best!

    1. Isn't it the coolest thing ever, Cynthia? We love it. Thanks so much - I just loved this outfit.

  2. Your kimono is fantastic and the obi shows off your tiny waist ... but wait ... you have a secret room? How freaking cool is that! I am in total awe!

    I do believe you live in one of the most beautiful places in all of Canada. My grandmother used to give me her Beautiful British Columbia magazines when she was done with them and I thought the photographers had searched out special places to take their pictures, but when I went to Victoria I quickly realized that it doesn't matter where you look the view is magnificent. Thank you for again sharing your little piece of heaven with us.

    You have a beautiful home and how wonderful that you've added an art corner. I can see you spending many a happy hour there.

    Sending love back atcha!

    1. Thanks so much, Nana! I like to emphasize the waist when I'm wearing lots of flowy/full clothes.

      I know, right? A secret room! Amazing!

      It really is one of the most beautiful places in the entire world! Oh, I remember those magazines! Glad you enjoyed my pics.

      Aw, thank you - I did kind of a half-assed job of it, but I don't care because I have my corner now! L can use either corner for reading too, and these will be nice areas for parties (people tend to head out here).

  3. Oh I would be every day at the beach! Otters! They are so cute! But what a beautiful area you live in. Love that little house to, would be a home for me too. And that secret door!! Wow, I love that! You can play Cluedo in your own home!

    1. It's gorgeous down there, and I'm so lucky to be in walking distance. I know, otters!

      Ha, ha! Yes, "in the library with the wrench"!

  4. Your outfit is wonderful today Sheila, what a dramatic effect the kimono produces when you raise your arms. The pants are beautiful too, colour so vibrant.
    I really enjoyed the walk through your neighbourhood, my favorites were the otters and the heart on the driftwood. I met two rabbits on the path of my walk yesterday.... Luckily my dog was on the lead!
    Happy weekend!

    1. Thank you so much, Juliana! That's what I love about kimonos - and why I wanted to belt it.

      I'm so glad you enjoyed my walk. I never see rabbits - we have very few of them here. Lots of squirrels, though.

  5. Love this post. For one, you gave me inspiration to wear my kimono (actually, if it is short it is a Haiti. I learned that from Sheila Forestcityfashionista) with a belt like this. I haven't got such a sensor pair of trousers though.
    The bookcase door opening... Awesome.
    And you did a very good job with your little book corner.
    At the moment the charity shops are overloaded with stuff because everybody is cleaning closets. I wonder whether they are still excepting haha.
    I need to do the shoes first and then the clothes.
    Did the cellar and Ron's shelf.

    1. Thank you, Greetje! Yes, Shelley corrected me too, and I'm far too lazy to go back and fix it, ha ha. You would look fabulous in these trousers.

      I know, isn't the bookcase the coolest thing? Thank you!

      All charities here are currently closed, but are asking for people to save up their donations. Good for you for doing some easy bits. No need to rush.

    2. Hi Greetje! The short kimono-style jackets are called a Haori, not a Haiti ;)

    3. Haori, that's it. I should probably try to remember that!

  6. Your kimono is beautiful and I like how you've belted it! :) I am looking forward to when the opshops open again after the virus restrictions are lifted, there are going to be so many people like yourself with bags ready to donate! We don't have that much, only 2 bags at the moment but I might go through the boys winter clothes now the colder weather is here and see if there is anything they no longer fit into, I suspect there will be a lot, they grow so fast!

    1. Thank you so much, Mica! You inspired me to wear it - I love seeing yours. I know, I can't wait to shop in the thrifts here once everyone has gotten their donations in - it'll be a bonanza, like when Marie Kondo was a thing last year.

  7. Great outfit! The pants are marvelous, as you say. A real winner.

    Your secret door/room is the coolest thing ever. I'm happy to have seen it in person to get the full effect. Certainly you've inspired me to do the same when I buy my next building.

    1. Thank you, Ally! I love these pants! So cool.

      I know, you got see it in action in person! I highly recommend a secret door. Every house needs one!

  8. let's address the kimono outfit first! I freakin' love it! I love high fashion drama! always have! and I am a sucker for that style wrap belt! found one in camel color most recently, and was over the moon excited! 2nd I have a Nanette Lapore dress and the quality is so nice! the Kenzie skirt is insanely gorgeous! The Malandrino blouse, i can see how pretty it is on a hanger, and I'd gravitate towards it as well! And satin joggers, I have maybe 2 pairs and always forget I have them--i have never worn them! have wanted to though!
    xo Eva

    1. Isn't it gorgeous, Eva? Thanks so much! I love love love obi-style belts, and have a bunch of them.

      I know, I'm really glad I grabbed these items out - I am not sure what the heck I was thinking! I'll be wearing my satin joggers soon - maybe that will inspire you to get yours out?

  9. Love that first outfit so much! Those massive red trousers and the kimono look as if they were made for each other. Belted with that obi, it makes for quite a dramatic outfit. Your colleagues would have swooned! I am totally agog upon seeing that most magnificent of bookcases-cum-secret door. How cool is that! But look at those bags of giveaway clothes and piles of books! That made me feel so much better :-) Well done on rescuing those items. What were you thinking? I'm talking about those red shoes and Catherine Malandrino blouse in particular. Love your little art corner made up of rescued items too. And I enjoyed tagging along on your mental health walk. That house is divine indeed! Fancy seeing otters in the water. I love otters! Have a great weekend, and stay safe, Sheila! xxx

    1. Thank you, Ann! Isn't it awesome? I'm so happy with how that outfit turned out, even though I only wore it at home. My coworkers would have DIED and gone to heaven over this outfit, I'm sure.

      Isn't the secret door amazing? Yes, I build up huge amounts of clothes (that's a full year's worth there), and books also seem to accumulate so fast! The red shoes hurt last time I tried to wear them, so they get one more shot. The Malandrino blouse really needs another outfit to see if it's closet-worthy.

      Glad you enjoyed the walk and all the lovely sights. Thanks, Ann! Happy weekend to you!

  10. How wonderful that you have a secret room. The library door secret opening is so cool. I don't think I have seen that before (in anyone I know), I've only seen it in films. That's awesome. You have a lovely home. You also live in a beautiful area. That beach looks lovely. It must be lovely to be able to see deer in the nature, they are such graceful animals, aren't they?

    Your outfit is fabulous. I like your modern take on this kimono, pairing it with a leather obi belt made it more modern. Those wide red trousers are gorgeous and hooray for the pockets. Such a great look altogether.

    I like all the things you decided to keep,especially that pair of red heels.

    1. I've always thought it would be amazing to have a secret door, and L was just as enthused. It only took a bit of searching to find our builder - and that's all he does now! They are in high demand! Oh, thank you so much - we love our condo, and we know how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place.

      The deer are pests, to be honest. They eat all the flowers and plants - they are a big issue here. I see them walking down streets!

      Thank you so much! I loved this outfit. It's easily one of my favourites of the last month.

      I love those heels - I've had them for ages - but they hurt last time I wore them, so we will see how they go. My feet have healed somewhat from not working as much. Fingers crossed.

    2. It is never good when the natural balance is upset. I imagine the unnatural increase in deer population is because of the lack of natural enemies such as wolves?

    3. Correct, they have no natural predators here - no wolves. Once in a while we see a cougar, but that is really rare. There are bears in remote areas, many hours' travel from here, but also pretty rare.

  11. Totally fabulous outfit! The trousers are amazing but you need to hem them...she says who has two maxi dresses hanging on hangers in her bedroom for weeks now to remind her to hem them. I hate sewing! I loved the kimono open as well as belted.

    How wonderful to have a secret room! And what a lot of stuff you have to go. I'm so glad you gave all the items another chance I'm guessing quite a few will become permanent.

    Your neighbourhood is very interesting and what a brilliant idea to decorate the electricity boxes. I think we call them junction boxes. We should do that here.

    Take care

    1. I laughed out loud at your comment about hemming. I will try to sew them! I also hate doing little chore-y things like that (I loathe button-sewing, and tend to save them up).

      Isn't the secret room cool? We love having it. We shall see - when I get rid of things, it's often because I'm tired of them or they just don't spark that excitement.

      I love my 'hood - and I agree, I like seeing old pictures of Victoria on the boxes.

  12. Your look is so fun. I love it. Your red trousers are my favorite. Have a great weekend.

  13. Love that kimono outfit! I love that style of top but sometimes I struggle with how to wear it- it's great with the amazing red pants and the obi though. I got a super nice thick silk Haori when I went to Japan last year but I don't wear it nearly enough.
    I enjoyed the tour of your library and neighborhood! I've also been doing a lot of clearing out and trying to decide what to donate/keep. Luckily I can just throw things in the basement. LOVE your secret bookcase door! When we finally get our own house, that's definitely on my list of "wants."

    1. Thanks, Ashley - these kinds of pieces can be tricky to style. A thinner belt would still make the kimono look bulky, for example. I hope this can inspire you to wear your Haori!

      Glad you enjoyed it - I am glad I don't have a basement, or it would be full of clutter, I'm sure! Thanks, it was VERY expensive to have it built, but totally worth it for us.

  14. Wow! The secret door is so awesome!! Love the library and all the cool stuff. It's so cool that you guys painted all those Dungeons and Dragons miniatures. Cool D&D mug! Smaug looks happy to be wearing all your race-walking medals. I love the satin joggers and the Kenzie brocade skirt is gorgeous.The Sorel sandal-boots are super-cool too. I love seeing your amazingly beautiful neighborhood and the deer and otters. Your red pants, obi belt and Kimono outfit is awesome! I like to sew with my machine, but I hate hand-sewing. I made a tank top 2 weeks ago that needs a ribbon sewn onto the upper right arm area to tie into a bow. It will probably only need like 3 or 4 stitches, but I just can't motivate myself to thread the needle and do it. I swear I'll do it this weekend...haha! Happy weekend to you, L and Vizzini!!

    1. Thanks, Cheryene! Painting minis was our main hobby until blogging took over. I'm happy to have some of those things back in my closet - it's always worth another look at some of them.

      We're lucky to live in such a lovely place. Thanks! I really grooved on this outfit. Hand-sewing is the worst! I'd be putting off that little chore too!

      Happy weekend!

  15. I can't believe you've kept that secret room a secret! It's like something out of a book, I want one! I adore the green walls.
    The red trousers and kimono top are fantastic on you, I hate hemming trousers and don't blame you for putting the dreaded task off. I've been known to use a stapler!
    The best thing about lockdown is that, due to the lack of retail opportunities, we're sharing so much more of our personal stuff, the things we already own, our personal spaces and how we live our lives.
    The area you live in is gorgeous, I'd happily live in that cute house. The deer are adorable (but Vizzini is the best!)
    I think I'm responsible for your Yorkshire Tea, I photographed our groceries earlier in the week, you're an honoury Brit now as you can appreciate a decent cuppa! xxx

    1. Well, I did a big post about it - I just forgot it was so many years ago, and that it would be "new" to a lot of my newer friends! It's the coolest thing ever. L and I went through a phase of coloured walls, heh.

      I have stapled hems too! I know, it's been really awesome, getting to know each other a bit better as we share more of our real lives. It's a beautiful place here. Ah, I knew it was you, but couldn't find the picture! Woo! Thanks, Vix!

  16. OMG!!! A secret room behind a secret door? This is the stuff of my fantasies. Absolutely the coolest thing. I'll be rhapsodizing about it to everyone now.

    I love your "shopping" from the get-rid-of piles. Almost like real shopping and equally entertaining for me. And you look fabulous. The outfit hits all the right buttons.

    1. Have I never told you about this?? I thought I had...anyway, yes, it's the coolest thing ever!

      Thanks, Mel! It did feel like "real" shopping a bit! Thank you! I loved this outfit.

  17. You have a secret room?

    You Have A Secret Room???

    YOU HAVE A SECRET ROOM?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I knew I loved you but you have just gone up 10000% in my esteem! I am amazed, awed and delighted!!!! One of my lifetime ambitions is to go inside a secret room or find a secret passage so if I ever head to your part of the world- I AM COMING ROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So very very cool!!!!!!!!!!

    I liked the idea of you shopping from your piles to go. On a side note, the Nanette Lepore is gorgeous so feel free to send it my way next time you feel like getting rid of it!

    Well done on the Yorkshire tea!! Kudos to you! I've been drinking Loose leaf tea for the last few months and today, we went over to see my Mum (at a distance of course- so hard when you want to run and hug your Mum but you can't!) and she gave us a Bergamot plant so I added some leaves to my tea later when we got home.
    I love your kimono outfit and red trousers combo! It reminds me of an outfit worn by one of my favourite Classic Doctor Who characters, Romana!
    Nod to Mr Vizzini there!!x

    1. I do! And now you know. :) I'm glad you like it!

      Ha, I will make a mental note that you love this dress. If/when I decide to get rid of it, I'll ship it to you, I promise.

      It's nice tea, very traditional tea, like what my grandmother used to serve. I usually have some loose-leaf tea in the house - I get most of my tea from local Silk Road Tea (, which is loose and comes in lovely re-fillable tins (you would love it).

      Aw, that's so nice that you got see your Mum! Thanks so much for the comparison to Romana! I'm flattered! Thanks for the wonderful big comment, Kezzie! Hugs to you.

  18. LOVE your kimono outfit and your obi (I’ve never heard of that word before?) belt suits it perfectly!

    Your secret door is magnificent! It reminds me of the one that hid Anne Frank’s family during the WW2.

    Thanks for taking us on your mental health walk. How lucky you are to live near a beach – so beautiful. X

    1. Thank you, Jess! Huh, I thought "obi" was a pretty standard term for wrap belts? I've been using it for decades.

      Isn't it cool? I don't think we would last long there as a secret hiding place, but fun to think of that.

      We are very lucky here - we're nearly surrounded by water!

  19. I had another comment written here but got distracted by Greetje's comment, so I'll try writing it again...sigh.

    The haori/wide leg pants outfit is definitely a Shelley outfit; the pants really are amazing. I can't believe you have a secret room!!! I am soooooo green with envy. All my stuff that is set aside to be donated is in a corner of my living room where it is on view all the time, and drives me nuts. I love the little Book Nook you created as well. You live in such a beautiful area; if I had that kind of scenery to look at I would go out for a walk every day. The colourful house is my idea of the perfect home for one person and a cat (or two).

    1. Thanks so much, Shelley! I know, it's the coolest thing ever! I love our secret room (which is now not so secret, ha ha). I do try to get out every day if I can, just to get some air. I know, that's how I see that house too - but it's on a major road with buses and tons of traffic, unfortunately.

  20. woww, I love that we both wore red trousers, but yours are really the most fabulous ones!, pockets, high waisted and magnificent fit and Color, they tickle all the boxes!.
    And they look so fab with the kimono, they make a great ensemble. And you rock it, looking so elegant and cool and edgy!
    Love to have a look at your home and your libraries which look really well stocked!, that's my kind of thing!. And you're so clever going to shop to your own giveaway pile (I do it all the time too! ;DD), those pieces deserve another opportunity for sure!
    It's lovely to see your neighbourhood and the beautiful houses, the seaside and the amazing landscapes. Totally my kind of walk!
    And I've laughed when read the comment by Vix on stapling hems, as I've done it too!, ;DDD

    1. I just love them, Monica - I can't wait to wear them again. Thank you so much - this is a favourite outfit for sure.

      Aw, thanks - the nice thing about this stay-at-home is that we're all sharing our homes a little more, revealing a bit more about ourselves. Glad you enjoyed the library and my walk - it's so pretty here.

      Oh, me too!

  21. I'm not sure which I love the most - the kimono or those snazzy red trousers. I love your styling of this ensemble and think you look so elegant.
    Your secret room is wonderful and just what I need to hide my stash of things that are waiting to be moved on. It's great that you retrieved so many lovely items to give them another whirl. The brocade skirt in particular takes my fancy!
    Thanks for sharing your mental health walk. Those otters looked adorable x

    1. Thanks, Anna! I love this outfit, and wish I'd gotten to wear it out and about.

      We love our library. The brocade skirt is really small and hard to walk in, but it's so amazing, I can't give it up.

      Otters! I hardly ever see them. Thanks so much for stopping by, Anna!

  22. Oh wow the kimono was an amazing find but even more amazing is the fact that those pants are Zara !
    I admit I may have gone back for maybe one item from the give away pile, not that many - but actually went shopping : )
    I liked taking that walk with you I adore that little house with the tiny and fabulous garden!
    We have not been able to move, as you can imagine. So I go by the house once a week to harvest some spinach, lemons and soon peppers.

    1. I know! I saw the exact same ones when I went shopping more recently too. They are really lovely quality - they must be "early" Zara! I have been shopping a couple of times now, and have felt fine about it.

      Isn't that a lovely little house? Oh, gosh, Lorena, I'm so sorry, that sounds horrible. Take care, honey.


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