Saturday, September 28, 2019

Bigass Weekend Wrap-Up: Pattern-Mixing, Urbanite Shenanigans, Bright Brunch, Winesday Kimono

Hello, my friends! In the interest of me not being up till 10pm on Sunday, blogging my closet swap-over AND my full weekend of fun activities, I'm doing all my outfits separately, then I'll do a post for the closet process. 

So this is the outfit post. Here's Friday!
Another pair of pants that keeps me honest. These rose gold leather pull-on trousers have no forgiveness, and it's a relief that they fit again.

I liked how the jacket looked done up for the stair pose, so extra bonus picture.
More neutrals, but I'm anything but neutral here, ha ha!

  • Jacket - Part Two suiting; last seen here with matching pants in July
  • Blouse - Karl Lagerfeld, thrifted; last worn here (2nd outfit) in September 2018 with these same pants!
  • Leather pants - Free People, Portland; last seen here in May with heavy metal
  • Shoes - Matisse; last worn here in May when I first wore the full suit suit

Interesting things about this outfit: 3 out of 4 items are actual retail buys, and every piece has been worn with at least one of the items in this outfit before, even though they've never been worn in this combination.
The pants drive the outfit - because of the elastic at the back of the waist, I run the risk of exposing the ol' crack-a-lack if I bend over, so I have to wear a long/untucked top that covers that.

Friday was fridge clean-out day, where I toss all unlabeled and expired food items from all four office fridges. It's my least favourite part of my job, and I do it every month.
Lots of bending over and lugging around a heavy bag of old condiments and gross leftovers. Gah, people.

But I did it in style! Lots of patterns, texture and shine!
I had oodles of compliments on it, and my colleague Bryce and I fooled his young daughter, telling her that my metallic leather pants come from space cows. Fun with clothes!

It's funny to me to see this boxy style of jacket come around again in fashion.
I should really open the pockets on the jacket.

My concession to the slightly chilly mornings was this lovely silk/wool/cashmere pashmina.
 It was a gift from Mom, from Italy, I think.

  • Scarf - gift from Mom

The stuff:
Comfy shoes. I've worn these a lot!

Silver and gold bling:
If I'm mixing patterns, I'm mixing my metals too.

  • Gold earrings - 5th anniversary gift from L
  • Silver/gold cuff - JPL, vintage fair
  • Steel bracelet - POLY, thrifted
  • Steel/mixed ring - POLY, vintage expo
  • Silver/crystal ring - Uffizi Gallery gift shop, Florence

We had a quick dinner after work, then got ready for Urbanite at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. The theme was "Stimuli", engaging your senses. Urbanite is a 3-hour party at the Art Gallery, with a DJ, interactive exhibits, a craft table, a bar with specialty cocktails, beer and wine. It's a blast - L and I have been going for close to 20 years, since it first started.
 Yeah, I just raided my closet and went for pattern, texture and shine.

  • Dress - Kimchi Blue; last worn here (2nd outfit) in May 2018 for a not so wee Afternoon Tea
  • Harness - Audra Jean via Megan Mae, last worn here in October 2016 when I was Imperator Furiosa for Hallowe'en
  • Shoes - Chie Mihara; last seen here in September with matching stripes
  • Silk topper (below) - Nancymac, consignment; first worn here in July with yellow and browns

I like to get a little weird for Urbanite. When else am I going to get the opportunity to get my freak on? 

 This dress is black mesh, printed with small pink, brown, green and cream flowers. It has a big ruffle on one shoulder, and hip ruffles. It's very sheer, and is only lined to the top of my thigh. Scandalous!

I am wearing a copper leather harness by Mark of Audra Jean. Their Etsy page is defunct, but there's an article here from Audi's now-dormant blog from 2011, that mentions Megan Mae's "Genevieve Bronze Underbust Harness." That's this harness - I bought it off Megan Mae (blog also no longer functional).
 I mostly wear it for Hallowe'en or steampunk events. I liked how it toughened up this girly dress.

There are two front slits in the dress, which lets it billow out behind me.
 I deployed the billowing with great effect as I strolled through the Gallery with Yvonne. We had 6 of our favourite friends there as well, and a good time was had by all.

If I'm going to wear my steampunk harness, I have to wear my steampunk arm gauntlet and carry my steampunk purse!
 Bizarrely, another woman at the event had one of these purses in different colours! I've never ever seen another "in the wild".

It was too chilly to not have a topper, but few of my coats fit over that studded gauntlet.
 This silk "butterfly" topper would have to do.

I felt even more diva-ish.
 And here we are all ready to go.
It was a fun outfit to wear, and I was by no means the most dressy or whackadoo person there - Karen wore a boa with lights in it! 

The stuff: 
I would have done steampunk boots (these ones) except they are still in fall/winter storage. Sandals would have to do. At least I could walk to and from the Gallery in these.

Steampunk bling:
My arm bracer is by Skinz-n-Hydez (Etsy here), purchased at the one and only steampunk convention, back in 2012 (enjoy our awesome fun here). 

  • Purse - FiveLeft, local
  • Bracer - Skinz-n-Hydez
  • Earrings - thrifted
  • Ring - thrifted
  • Amber ring - c.1996

I busted out my vintage pink crimping iron from 1986 (here) and pouffed my hair out. I fluffed it out bigger and bigger over the night - it was so fun, and I really loved it with my grey hair. 
I also played with my eyeshadow - I did a band of copper across my eyes, and nose, right to the edge of my hairline. I'm a wild woman!

L also got his freak on.
That's my man! Classic top hat, purple floral shirt, velvet purple scarf, "band leader" jacket, zipper jeans (Balmain), and a funk pair of Fluevogs.

"Look like you're having fun," I commanded.
"What is this?"
All of this bustle meant that our smart kitty figured out something was up.
"You'd better give me my treats before you go out!"

We did not; he got them when we got home at 11:30pm. He yowled quite a lot.

Aw, I love this picture.
It was an awesome evening!

Today/Saturday, we were up early to have brunch at Pluto's and run a few errands.
 What can I wear one more time? All of it!

  • Coat - Paparazzi, thrifted, Vancouver; last worn here in April with circles and squares
  • Sweater - Kersh decorated by Pena, thrifted; last seen here in August with green lace (and the same shoes)
  • Cords - Banana Republic, thrifted; last worn here in August with double optics
  • Shoes - Prepare Guide, Fluevog; last seen here with the jelly-deer sweater in August

Without the jacket, although I only took it off for brunch itself.
 The sweater is navy blue with a sparkle in it.

Our waitress at Pluto's was confounded by our dressiness.
 We get that a lot. "We just dress like this."

Coated - this wonderful (although frustratingly pocketless!) coat is black denim and is fully embroidered.
 I had to shove my hands in my pants pockets.

That's an outrage - why would you not put pockets on a coat?
 Done up for walking.
 You can see the beautiful embroidery, how it is symmetrical.

Utterly gorgeous. It's like wearing a work of art. It weighs a ton.

The stuff:
 One more wearing of these wonderful shoes.

Turquoise bling:
 Turquoise is a summery colour for me, so nearly all of it gets packed away for the cool seasons.

  • Fur pin - Catawumpus
  • Earrings - Mango's
  • Turquoise/silver ring - local
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

Tonight is Winesday and I want to be comfortable and not dressed up.
 I shall just lean against the building in the sun for a while. I'm ready to chill with my gals!

  • Kimono - thrifted, Portland; purchased and worn here for $29.00 earlier this month
  • Long-sleeved tee - not tracked (house clothes)
  • Sweater - Bleu & Gray, thrifted; last worn here (4th outfit) in August with the brolly skirt
  • Jeans - Gap, thrifted; last seen here in December 2018 with shiny stuff
  • Boots - Arnold Churgin, thrifted; last seen here (3rd outfit) for some shopping in August

Nothing too complicated.
I expect to do a fair bit of lounging about.
 Eating cheese and chocolate with my friends, enjoying wine.
 Catching up with each other's lives.
And recharging my batteries...and I'll do it in my socks!

And with that - Yvonne just called and the cab is on the way! I'll be back (maybe) tomorrow with the big closet swap-over! I hope you're all having a marvelous weekend!


  1. Sheila a classy women looking hot in leather!

  2. I love the steampunk touches with the floral dress, and your awesome makeup! I like seeing how much fun you have when dressing for events. I've been invited to an event next month and I was originally going to shop my own wardrobe and do something subtle for the theme, but decided when else do I get the chance to go all out? haha! I opshopped a few possible accessories as I was having no luck with sequin tops, but my mum came through with an awesome $2 sequin tank so I'm going to wear that!

    1. Thanks, Mica! it's so much more fun when we get all dressed up. Subtle is rarely a word used to describe me! Your sequin tank sounds amazing! I can't wait to see it.

  3. Wonderful outfits, all of them. I really like the gold pants with the leopard blouse and the printed jacket. More patterns, more fun. Lovely accessories and shoes as well.
    I love the steampunk look too! That dress is so beautiful and the arm accessory is amazing.
    The outfit with jeans and kimono is very nice as well.
    Have a lovely Sunday!

    1. Thanks so much, Ivana! It's a range of outfits, that's for sure! I hope you had a great weekend!

  4. You have panache. More than anyone else I know. And I admire that greatly.

  5. You two are just the best! I love both your Urbanite outfits, that gauntlet makes me a bit weak at the knees and your crimped hair makes me miss my 1980s Babyliss crimper so much!! Your eyeshadow is incredible.
    Your Space Cow trousers have given me an earworm - Return of the Space Cowboy by Jamiroqui - arghhh! xxx

    1. Aw, thank you, Vix! We do love to get dressed up, and we feel way less self-conscious about it in our old(er) age than we used to.

      Sorry about the earworm!

  6. I almost did a double take when I saw your post pop up on a Saturday. And oh my, have you been busy. All that AND your swap-over! Your Urbanite outfits, yours and L's, are both fabulous. How amazing are that harness, gauntlet and your crimped hair! Saturday's outfit is an end of season triump which includes some of my favourite things. I'm loving what you wore for Winesday too, especially those pops of orange, and that gorgeous kimono. My weekend was quite tame in comparison. xxx

    1. I know, rare for me, Ann - and tonight's post will have the closet swap-over in it, as I was just too exhausted after doing it all day Sunday.

      Thank you so much, my dear! It was a busy weekend, with a full range of occasion-appropriate outfits!

  7. Jeans???.........
    Okay.... I used to have similar iron for the hair. It made my hair even bigger and I loved it! I used it in my punk time! When I wanted to look like Siouxie!

    1. Yes, but you'll note that it's been 10 months since I last wore them, Nancy!

      I love that you also crimped your hair! I love how my hair looks when I do it.

  8. You and L are so incredibly cool in your Urbanite outfits!! Love the gauntlet, the harness, the crimped hair and just everything! What a beautiful dress too. What an awesome embroidered coat! Our cats know treat time is 8:00 every night. If I'm more than 10 minutes late they start making all kinds of noise. Happy Sunday to you!

    1. Oh, thank you so much, Cheryene! It was a fun event.

      Ha, the kitties always know! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  9. Ooo, the black jacket looks perfect done up with the leopard shirt.
    Urbanite sounds like so much fun, and you of course look like the ultimate steam punk QUEEN! Have a lovely catch-up with your friends. X

    1. Thanks, Jess! I liked all the patterns in that outfit.

      Urbanite is a hoot! Aw, thank you!

  10. Love your outfit for Urbanite, as well as the Paparazzi jacket - wow! Lise

  11. I'm not envying you the closet swap over! I'm trying to hang on in there for a couple of more weeks but we're due a cold spell this week...

    I loved your Friday outfit of clashing patterns and textures and bling - lovely.

    Both you and L look very funky in your Urbanite gear.

    I loved the yellow cords and the beautifully embroidered black coat - my absolute favourite; but no pockets? Wtf? The blue shoes were just perfect.

    Winesday outfit was cool; I do like a kimono!

    Good luck with the swap over.

    1. It's such a huge task, Vronni! I'll be blogging about it tonight.

      Thank you so much - some fun outfits! - but yes, I can't believe no pockets (it has FAKE POCKETS, which is outrageous). I'll miss the turquoise shoes until next spring.

      Thanks, hon!

  12. Meghan said You have made me smile again and again. You are definitely THE SHOW STOPPER in your lovely dress. You are such an Angel. Thank you again for your AWESOME fashion show.

    1. Thank you so much, Meghan! Aw, that is so sweet of you, and you are very welcome.

  13. It's all about those rose gold leather trousers for me. Oh how I love bling and oh how I love leather, therefore these are such a dream! It's surely been months since I visited (shame on me) cos now you're not colouring your hair? You look fabulous dahling xxx

    1. I love them too! Regarding my hair, I stopped doing the pastel purple, as it wasn't lasting very I kind of just let it stay white and gray! I'm not quite sure how I feel about it, but it's nice not to have to think about doing my roots!

  14. Love your Space Cow trousers and all the mixed prints and textures and fab shoes!!. And totally love your steampunk outfit, what a work of art!, I admire your fabulousness to accessorize and add the perfect makeup and hairstyle!. Both of you rock, actually.
    And obviously I'm loving your embroidered coat and those fab colors!. And I always love your shoes insanely! ;DDD

    1. Thank you, Monica! I had a lot of fun with my outfits that weekend! I so appreciate your lovely comment.

  15. Urbanite sounds like such a fun evening, and I so enjoy seeing what you and L come up with to wear. Brilliant outfits, as always. Of course the rest of the outfits in this post are delish; I'm particularly fond of those gold space cow pants. I need to get my silver ones out before it gets too cold to wear them.

    1. It's a blast - I love getting dressed up. Thanks so much - get those silver pants out!

  16. I love your Steampunk pieces! They incorporated so well into your attire. So awesome that L played along as well. I love the sense of whimsy that is a characteristic of many of your outfits.


    1. Thanks so much for visiting, Michelle! Oh, I am whimsical as heck, lol. I love being a little silly with clothes!


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