Sunday, March 3, 2019

Weekend Wrap-Up: Two Bouts of Second-Hand Retail Therapy

 Happy weekend, my friends! It's been a very nice quiet one for me, and I've taken full advantage of it by reading, watching TV and playing board games (and napping). Amidst all that relaxing business, I also hit a few second-hand stores, and found some wondrous treasures.

Here's Saturday's outfit - L and I went for brunch at Artisan Cafe again, then went our separate ways to shop downtown.
 I didn't realize until I uploaded my photos that I completely missed taking a stair picture. No stairs for you! These cold medications are strong, I tell ya!

  • Coat - Desigual by Christian Lacroix, consignment; last seen here (3rd outfit) in September 2018 for a long-weekend gathering
  • Sweater - Lacoste, vintage, thrifted; last worn here (3rd outfit) in March 2018 for a weekend shopping trip
  • Skirt - John Laing for N. Peal, vintage, vintage fair; first worn here in November 2018 with a giraffe sweater
  • Shoes - Seychelles; last seen here in January with plaid, ruffles and velvet

I only slipped off the coat briefly while I ate breakfast - it's still very chilly out. I was pushing the envelope with this outfit. No extra camisole or slip layers (they are often fussy when trying clothes on).
 I'm done with this Lacoste sweater - it's starting to discolour. I have other cream sweaters!

I adore this lovely coat.
I know the back strap is twisted - I fixed it on the walk to town

It had popped a button back in September 2018 and it needed a quick stitching back on, but I'm lazy about these things and waited until I had four button-less coats before I did anything about it, just a couple of days ago.

Showing off the two styles of pockets. In through the top, on the left...
 ...and in through the side, on the right.

Bundled up for the cold.
 I liked the mix of oranges and red to pop off this fun coat.

  • Fur head-wrap - thrifted
  • Leather gloves - thrifted

The stuff:
 Sparkly shoes! Good for walking.

Simple bling:
 Small jewelry that doesn't catch on clothes when you're trying things on.

  • Earrings - thrifted

I haven't spent a good couple of hours in the big WIN store for a while, and I was pleased to see that the stock had been turned over for spring, with lots of stuff on sale.
 I fell for these little silver and black tassel earrings for $2.95.

The necklace is a bronze-y gold on a silver-tone chain.
 I love the bold shape! I recognize the little four-leaf clover symbol - this is by Lucky Brand. Only $4.95 - what a score!

I found a lovely cross-body bag.
 It's a boring shape, but very practical for me.

It's by Roots and the front of it is leather.
 One pocket with a magnet closure; one with a zip.

The top zip opens up to the main body of the bag (emblazoned with "Roots" everywhere). There is also a full-size pocket on the back of the bag.
 For Roots, $9.95 is a very good deal. This is a fairly old style (probably 90s), but it would have been over $100 new.

I couldn't resist a quick browse through the vintage section, and came away with two fun items that will never see the light of day.
 This gorgeous teal nightgown is very much for the boudoir!

It fits like a dream, and for only $7.95 it will be a comfy addition to my hot weather wear-around-the-house clothes.
 Why lounge in sweatpants when you can swan about in a sexy nightgown?

Or some days, you just want to be covered head to toe, right?
 I have the house-dress for that too!

I fell for the pattern of this gorgeous gown.
 It's all one big pattern, no repeats. It has pockets too! There is almost no wear on this - I think it sat in a drawer for decades.

Such an interesting mix of colours.
 I love the bold flowers on it.
 Of course, it's 100% polyester. Keep me away from open flame!

It zips up the front (that's a very old zipper), then has a loop and pearlized button at the collared neck.
 I am now "Styled by Mr. Robert", darlings. All the Klassy ladies are!

Only $18.95!
 I've already worn this twice - it washed beautifully, so why not be draped in flowers while I'm at home?

I spent some time going through the racks. I hear polka dots are a thing - again!
 I liked how this pretty blouse looked on. I might pull those waist ties out so that I can tuck it in.

It's by "as f as y" which I could find nothing about online.
 And for only $6.95, I'm good with giving this a couple of wears. It'll be fun!

It's very well made, and very soft.
 It's made of 100% something. I think possibly silk.

This lime green striped shirt had a mark on the shoulder (you can see it on the right) but it came out when I washed it.
 I was drawn to the bright springy look of this, and the way the stripes are lined up.

Chevrons down the back.
 The fabric is a nice twill weave, 100% cotton.

It's by Pink Tartan, made in Canada.
 And since there's a punch on that tag, it was half price, at $12.50. Score, especially since this one (similar, here) is $295! I think mine is an earlier incarnation of that current design, as mine doesn't have the front pocket, but has flipped back cuffs.

I don't have a lot of denim in my wardrobe but this simple top really appealed to me.
 I like the frayed edges - it's not as cropped as it looks, either.

It was only $6.99.
 It's by Cecil...

 Cecil McBee is a Japanese chain store, sort of like Forever 21. Cool, learned something new today!

Doesn't every gal need a 10-grommet vest in her closet?
 This one is a wool mix, and has slits up the sides so that the vest isn't too visually heavy.

It's by Paraphrase.
 And it was $19.95. I spotted a white version of this on the interwebz, and it had a big ribbon lacing up the front. Nah, that seems excessive.

These slouchy grey/khaki trousers appealed to me.
 We'll see how I do with styling them - this is a challenge to me!

They are by Lady Dutch (a brand I recognize from the Hudson's Bay), and were $6.95.
 I don't mind paying that for something I'm not entirely sure of.

I bought this skirt because I love the pattern
 It's also that same tricky blue as my Karl Lagerfeld blazer. Ha!

Now I have a matching piece to wear with it!
 This style of skirt was very big in the early 00s.

It's by Moschino, and was only $6.95.
 Good enough for a couple of wears.

I've looked at this skirt a couple of times and today I said "yes!"
 It's a lovely tiered design of embroidered velvet panels, all crocheted together.

Very intricate work.
 Ir's also fully-lined.

And at half price - $8.99! - I was fine with giving it a home with me.
 Even if I only wear it a few times, it's worth it.

I also finally bit and put this skirt in my cart.
 It's just beautiful, and it has pockets too!

Look at that amazing watercolour pattern:
 Great colours for my wardrobe.

It's woven of wool and silk, and is fully-lined.
 It's from J. Crew's Spring 2014, so it's 5 years old.

I didn't buy it before because it's a freaking size 0! I can't do it up all the way, but I'll wear long tops to cover the waistband.
 I wasn't going to leave it there for only $12.50! You would have bought it too, right?

I am a sucker for a black-and-white neutral dress.
 This is a lovely dress on, very thick and beautifully fitted.

It's by Banana Republic, and it was new with tags.
 $29.95 seemed steep to me.

Until I saw the $195.00 original price.
 I know it probably got marked down a bunch eventually, but it feels good to be getting more than 80% off the original price.

It's from the Spring 2016 collection (sent to stores in November 2015).
 It will be a nice dress for shopping or an easy day in the office.

Vizzini was cranky that we were out all day.
"No, I wasn't. I was sleeping in my house when you rudely interrupted me."

I can't resist stirring up the Beast. Look at that fierce roar!
"Must you dramatize? I'm yawning, Woman!"

The Beast emerges, stretching, from his lair!
"I am a lion among cats!"

Vizzini is a strong brute!

L and I had a quiet evening on Saturday, and I was up early to get groceries and do my second bout of retail therapy afterwards.
 Nothing special, just some of my favourite blues.

This is my entry for Patti's "Visible Monday" over at Not Dead Yet Style! Go!

  • Sweater - J. Crew, thrifted; last worn here (2nd outfit) for lunch in January with silver pants
  • Skirt - J. Crew, thrifted; last seen here in October 2018 with double capes
  • Boots - BCBG Max Azria; last worn here (3rd outfit) in February with a wacky weekend outfit
  • Coat (below) - Danier Leather, thrifted; last seen here in January

As you can see, it was another bright sunny day.
 Doped up on cold meds, I headed to town.

I am fond of blue sweaters.
 I'm also very fond of this short tie-silk skirt.

All bundled up for the cold.
L is doing laundry. He's a blur!

I could have used warmer outerwear! Brrr!

  • Scarf - faux Louis (Lewis!) Vuitton, thrifted
  • Gloves - vintage, thrifted

The stuff:
 I like these boots, but they aren't lasting very well. Mental note: find new black over-the-knee boots.

  • Earrings - Lazy Susan's

I popped into Rich Rags after grocery shopping (hooray for delivery), and found two items for half price.
 This is a black ribbed cocoon dress.

It's by Club Monaco, and it's 88% wool, with nylon and elastane to keep both the colour and the shape.
 It is snuggly goodness, and was only $25.00.

Most of the time, the name Forever 21 will drive me away from an item. However, I was really impressed with the detail on these brocade slides.
 The pattern is mirrored! Also, dig those gold chains!

They are quite nice, and were a bargain at $12.50.
 I bought a slightly smaller size than what I would normally wear - an 8.5 - due to the type of shoe. I want a slide to fit fairly snug on my foot. I'm excited to play with these!

From there, I strolled up to the WIN Boutique for a peek.
 I was enchanted with this soft flannel jacket, with its asymmetrical red zip, offset collar, and pointy hemline (the sleeves also have pointy ends).

It's black, red, grey, green and white.
 Not the nice seaming details on the back.

It's a Topshop piece, and was $21.95.
 I guess they didn't realize that UK size 12 is not the same as Canadian size 12 - it's more like a size 8 here.

I took a risk on this olive green wrap maxi-dress.
 It looks like nothing on the hanger.

I know the brand, Revamped - it's from Sirens/Urban Planet, those horrendous plasticky-smelling mall stores.
 New with tags (original price $39.99), and only $19.95. Why not?

I liked how it looked on. See, it's very drapey...
"You were saying?" 

Vizzini! He was cruising around, trying to get me to feed him early.
"What's under here?"

It's fully washable, and after I gave it a quick steam, it looked even better.
 I think this will be a fun summer piece. It's very flowy!

I really loved these platform sandals.
 That teal makes me so happy!

They are by Desigual.
 The inside sole is leather, with printed fabric and pleather straps.

So pretty!
 These will be lovely in summer.

Barely any wear!
 And only $24.95! They were probably 3 times that originally.

Lastly, I bought a new salt shaker.
 There were four of these, but I only needed one.

It was just $1.95.
 I needed a new salt shaker because "someone" broke my lovely vintage salt bird (this one).

I wonder who did that?
"It was L, I'd bet my life on it!"

I'm pretty sure it wasn't, since we both heard the crash.
"Oh. Well, it might have been me."

Such a naughty kitty.
"Hey, it's part of my charm."

I hope everyone had a quiet and peaceful weekend!


  1. What a busy weekend and so many finds! I love the red floral house coat! It looks like it could be worn out of the house but perhaps the pictures deceive me. X

    1. It was actually pretty quiet, but the shopping makes it seem like I did a lot! No, no, the house-coat stays indoors. It looks like a housecoat in real life!

  2. I love browsing secondhand shops (charity shops in the UK) - you get so many bargains at a fraction of the original price - and many items have hardly been worn. You have done well with your finds!

    1. I know, isn't second-hand the best? I love all the amazing stuff you can find!

  3. I'm glad you got to relax and have some retail therapy over the weekend Sheila! I am loving both the floral skirts you got - I have some a-line skirts I'm going to wear this week as I realised that I haven't worn them in a while! I tend to pick pencil skirts as a default work skirt, haha! I can't wait to see how you wear your skirts and everything else you got :)

    1. Nothing like a little shopping to lift one's spirits, eh, Mica? I love a nice a-line skirt. Hope you enjoy the parade of new things!

  4. Love your coat with the red and orange details, it totally rocks! and you look fabulous!.
    Glad that you're feeling better after some relax and retail therapy! What a bunch of amazing pieces you got!, loving everything, those skirts!, dresses!! the flannel jacket!!, those slippers and the fabulous desigual sandals!! wouuu!
    And love your skirt and purple jacket ensemble, looking fab once more!
    wish you feel better and stronger asap!!!

    1. Thank you, my dear! I'm excited to wear it all, and so appreciate your good vibes!

  5. Ah so many lovable finds! The JCrew skirt - love that print! And the chevron striped shirt is forever chic. I have to call out the Desigual coat too - one of my favorite pieces (that I don't own, heh). Beautiful shopping, beautiful cat (I also take pics with the "lion roar", aka big yawn). xox


    1. Thank you, Patti! I love that skirt too, although it'll be put away for another month before I pull it out. I know you love the Desigual coats! They are so gorgeous.

      I so rarely catch Vizzini yawning!

  6. Looking fab, Sheila!
    Glad you're feeling better and haven't lost the will to shop - that's serious when that happens.
    Love the Modernist pendant, the vintage nightie and 1970s housecoat. I'm the same as you, vintage glam all the way, no tracksuit bottoms in this house - ever!!!
    Love Vizinni's mini lion pose! xxx

    1. Thank you, Vix! Yes, you can wonder about me when I stop shopping altogether! I knew you would love the vintage stuff. I haven't ever worn leggings or track pants at home.

      Rar! What a big boy he is!

  7. So glad you are on the mend. What a HAUL this weekend, I cannot wait to see all these lovely pieces in person.

  8. So good to hear you're on the mend, Sheila! Had to smile at Vix's comment. Indeed, it would have been pretty serious if you'd lost the will to shop ... My favourite is your first outfit.That lovely Desigual coat is looking particularly perky great with the pops of red from your skirt and orange from your scarf. And didn't you do well? What a haul. That vintage nightgown is beyond fabulous and I love that 1970's housecoat. What a print! it does remind me of the robe I'm wearing while typing this, which is purple and has buttons instead of a zip, but it's got exactly the same vibe. Not styled by Mr. Robert, alas! xxx

    1. Thanks, Ann! Ha, if I can shop, I am feeling better. Thank you - I definitely splurged on these trips. I'm wearing my housecoat now!

  9. Hope you're feeling better now.

    What wonderful finds! Where to start? My favourites are the two lovely skirts and the green maxi which looks fabulous on you! I also loved the Desigual shoes - didn't know they did shoes! I also loved your vintage house coat and nightdress - very glamorous!

    Vizzini is just hilarious! Or is that you???

    Loved your Desigual coat and that lovely short skirt; what a shame about those boots.

    Hope you have a fab week.

    1. Thank you, Vronni, getting there. I had so much fun finding all the unusual things.

      Vizzini just tells me what to type. ;-P

      I know, I need to keep my eyes peeled for another pair of black boots! Aw.

      Happy week to you!

  10. This entire post is like viewing the best features of a vintage fair . I did miss the first photo of you on the stairs. I looked at the block and said something is off here. I adore that gorgeous coat and that red skirt is a very good design by very expensive designer. I am glad that you took some time to get two episodes of retail therapy.
    The blue ensemble with the metallic boots is also quite up my alley.
    I wish I could somehow teleport myself to your shopping destinations and enjoy this whole process with you.

    1. Aw, thank you, Elle! You really write the sweetest comments! Ha, I still can't believe I missed that stair picture!

      My retail therapy is good for my brain, and I had a fun time. If you ever come out here, I would take you shopping.

  11. Wait... did I go to the wrong place? She looks like Sheila but... there's no stair-picture! How can this be Sheila's blog if there's no stair-picture?!

    1. Hee, you silly thing. There was a day that I never did stair pictures!

  12. I'm sorry about your bird salt shaker. I have a pair just like that! With three kitties of my own, there are occasional breakages at our house, too. I always enjoy reading your blog!

    1. Me too - rotten cat! Thanks so much for reading, Susan!

  13. I recently bought myself some 1990's cat salt and pepper shakers - sorry to hear about the broken bird! Sylvester has been very good and hasn't broken anything yet.

    So I am secondhand shopping vicariously through you as I have managed to go for two months without a trip to the thrift stores. You found some lovely pieces that I would happily take off your hands if you get tired of them - the teal nightgown is soooo pretty, the grommet vest is very funky, and I love the red, black and grey flannel jacket and the two skirts.

    1. Aw, those sound cute. I used to have cow ones from the 80s (Vizzini again).

      Wow, that's some restraint there! Thanks!

  14. Ooooo, it's all about those patterns for me Sheila! The housecoat is divine and would make me want to give up work all together so that I could waft about at home all day long. And the slides - well I have some grey/pale blue ones of these and can't wait to get them out of storage as I too love them. And those Desigual sandals - how utterly fab are they? I didn't know they did footwear. Great shopping x

    1. I love a good pattern, Anna, and I know you do as well. I got some great items - it'll be fun to play with them.

  15. I am sorry to say that YOU ARE wearing that spectacular house dress with pocket out of the house ! This was my favourite item from your haul. Well, in close tie with the Desigual sandals. YOU my friend are my thrift soul mate.

    1. No, the zipper isn't very good - I would feel too much like it's a bathrobe.

      Ha! One day we have to thrift together, Lorena!!


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