Sunday, November 25, 2018

Bigass Long Weekend Wrap-Up: Swirls of Colour; Chill Daze; Dressy Dinner; Patchwork Sweater Two Ways; Vero Shopping

Hello, my friends! I am back, and am feeling thoroughly relaxed and rested after my four-day weekend. And what have I been up to? So glad you asked! Grab a cup of tea, and settle in. 
Wednesday seems so long ago! I did a mix of colours to brighten things up - it was a bit of a dreary day.

  • Cardigan - Joseph A, consignment; last see here in October with lemon-lime
  • Top - Topsy Turvy USA, thrifted; purchased here for $3.50
  • Skirt - Dries Van Noten, thrifted; last seen here in April with the teddy sweater
  • Shoes - Poetic Licence; last seen here in May with floral and cashmere
  • Coat (below) - Vassali, consignment; last worn here a week ago

Since this is the first wearing of this new-to-me mesh/nylon top, here's what it looks like without the cardi.
I like to wear tops that tuck into this "pirate" skirt.

You can get a good look at this lovely black skirt's construction.
I love unusual pieces like this - it's why I don't have plain black skirts. Why have plain, when you can have a ruched, sashed, bubble-hemmed Dries Van Noten black skirt?

With the cardi.
Covered up for warmth and swooshiness.

A lot of chartreuse.
Such a good colour.

Hands in pockets.
It's my Friday!

Outerwear - oh yes, we shall do all the colours!
I love picking out the colours in one garment for my accessory colours.

  • Hat - vintage, thrifted
  • Leather gloves - consignment
  • Fur scarf - thrifted

The stuff:
I am still fond of these shoes after all these years - I've had them since January 2012, first seen here. How do you not love fuzzy-dotted Kermit shoes?

Gold bling:
I get a kick out of wearing vintage Givenchy. 

  • Necklace - Givenchy, vintage 80s, vintage fair
  • Earrings - thrifted
  • Amethyst ring - Frances Jewellers, c. 1965?, Dad's
  • Crystal ring - Uffizi Gallery gift shop, Florence, Italy

We had our football pool week 11 redraft on Wed night, followed by beers at the pub, and then followed on US Thanksgiving Day Thursday with a full day of football watching. 
Peace out, yo! This is what I wore around the house for a couple of days: my Panthers t-shirt, layered over a Smoking Lily top, my faux leopard jeans, "I'm a Delicate F**king Flower" socks, and my snuggly sheepskin slippers. No make-up, and air-dried hair, and my old (more comfy) glasses.

We had a house full of people on Thursday for football-watching, and I served chili and buns. Vizzini lurked around near us.
"Why are all these people here? Why are you home?"

It took him a day to get used to us being around.
"This mousie shall feel my wrath!"

Such a funny boy.

On Friday, L and I avoided any and all Black Friday activities. Instead, we stayed in, listened to music and read books all day. It was lovely! More days like that.

I had a dinner date on Friday night with my old boss, Tammy - we worked together at Fairweather (a now-defunct women's Canadian mall store) back in 1999-2000. Of course, I had to dress up!
This is my entry for "Visible Monday" over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style. I even refreshed my hair colour for this!

  • Dress - Phoebe Couture, thrifted; purchased here for $18.75
  • Boots - Libby Smith Bellevue, Fluevog; last worn here in November 2017 with purple and patterns
  • Leather coat (below) - Burberry, consignment; last seen here (2nd outfit) in September in a fabulous shopping outfit

I so rarely do these "cheater" garments, where they look like separate pieces, but are actually a single piece.
I would have preferred just the skirt, and pairing my own top, but there is also something nice and lazy-feeling about just putting on one garment and looking like you did more. I can see the allure.

Slouchy with hands in pockets.
I had planned on taking a cab to the restaurant to meet Tammy, but after waiting for 30 minutes, I canceled it and caught a bus/walked, and made it to town only 15 minutes late.

I look stressed. Where is the cab??
I loved this outfit overall, and since no one really saw me in it, I'll be wearing it or a variation of it again soon.

Tammy and I had an awesome time catching up.
It was a fairly mild night, so I didn't need more than this fabulous leather coat. First wearing of this new-to-me vintage suede purse.

  • Leather gloves - Danier Leather
  • Purse - vintage, purchased here for $5.00

The stuff:
I don't wear these boots too often, but I still love them - I got them here in March 2011, on our anniversary trip to Vancouver - that was our first time in the flagship Fluevog store! Wow, they are nearly 8 years old. They've held up well.

Bronzy bling:
Due to the dress' plain black top, it's perfect for adding a bold necklace or statement earrings.

  • Necklace - Nygard, consignment
  • Amethyst bracelet - vintage 1930s?, Gram S's
  • Earrings - Reiss, vintage 60s, vintage fair
  • Amber ring - C. 1996
  • Amethyst ring - Frances Jewelers, c. 1965, Dad's

Vizzini helped me wait for the cab.
"I think I see it!"

No, bud, that's a leaf on the glass.

He was very agitated.
"Nothing escapes my vigilance!"

It was a bit windy, and the leaves get him very excited.

We drew the curtains to calm him down.

On Saturday, L and I did our usual brunch thing at Floyd's.
I felt like being colourful again. Plus it was sunny!

  • Sweater - Artisan de Luxe, consignment; first worn here in October with cream again
  • Skirt - Mackage, thrfted; last seen here in August with autumn leaves
  • Boots - 1883 Lucchesse, consignment; last worn here (3rd outfit) in October for a weekend shop
  • Leather jacket (below) - Danier Leather; last seen here in October

I like to lean against the wall.
Gimme more coffee.

After brunch, I did a small thrift shop and picked up a few things for Winesday on Saturday night.
I enjoyed this sweater so much the last time, I wanted to wear it again right away.

The skirt is a favourite.
Mackage leather skirts are very expensive new - I treasure this one.

Outerwear - bundled up since I don't trust the weather.
Yellow and burgundy/purple go well together. Who knew?

  • Gloves - Parkhurst

The stuff:
Walking and shopping boots! I love these so much.

Silver bling:
Natural materials: leather, wood, silver, steel.

  • Cuff - Rimanchik
  • Earrings - thrifted, Powell River
  • Ring - vintage fair

I went to the WIN Boutique and found a few things.
Black velvet gloves for $4.95.

These have Thinsulate - they are by Cejon.
Wow, I got a deal - Macy's sells these for over $50!

I was sucked in by these cool shoes.
I adore the giant "flatform", the black suede, the brick orange leather, the criss-cross ankle, the tan edging.

They are by Fly London, and are called the "Punch Penn".
I think they have been worn maybe once. There is a slight bit of wear on them.

None on the sole, though.
These were $42.95, which is a little pricey, but I know Fly London shoes start at $200 and up.

I'm excited to wear them!

I just fell for this silver sweater.
It's just a cheap acrylic sweater, but it's all brushed with silver. It looks like chainmail.

The brand is Jay Jays, which is apparently an Australian company.
Their site is full of summer stuff right now (it being summer in Australia), but I'm sure this would have been more than $6.95 new.

I see they put their seasons on their tags.
This sweater is from April 2012.

From my shopping expedition, I came home and changed for Winesday. Wait - it's the same sweater! Let's wear it a different way!
I knew Ali's house would be cold, so I layered up.

  • Sweater - Artisan de Luxe, consignment; last seen that morning
  • Skirt - Wei Peng, thrifted; last worn here (5th outfit) at the end of December 2017
  • Boots - Vog Together, Fluevog, consignment; last seen here in August with inappropriate green
  • Leather trenchcoat (below) - last seen here earlier this month

We ate and drank, and laughed.
I changed into my slippers (klassy!), and this down-filled sleeping bag of a skirt kept me snuggly warm all evening.

Hands in pockets!
They'd be better on the side, but I'm not complaining about having pockets.

Outerwear - having been burned by the cab the night before, I walked to town and caught the bus, just as the Santa Claus parade was wrapping up. What a chaotic nightmare!
"Going out again? I do not approve."

I was much relieved to be on the bus and headed out of town.
I can handle any weather!

  • Scarf - gift from Mom
  • Gloves - Parkhurst

The stuff:
These boots are so comfy. I love the stitching.

Gold-toned bling:
I changed all of my accessories (except for the ring).

  • Belt - Leather World
  • Buckle - TopShop, thrifted - first wearing - purchased here for $7.95
  • Bracelet - thrifted
  • Earrings - thrifted
  • Ring - vintage fair

Today, Vero and I went shopping together at My Sister's Closet - she's never been there!
"Not impressed that you're leaving...again."

Vizzini, you have all day with L. You won't even miss me!

I dressed for trying stuff on.
Easy pieces that I feel good in.

  • Top - Gap, thrifted; last worn here (4th outfit) in March for a weekend brunch
  • Skirt - Nygard; last seen here in August with blue and white
  • Shoes - Aerosoles, consignment; last worn here (5th outfit) for a weekend shopping trip earlier this month
  • Leather blazer - Danier Leather, thrifted; last worn here last weekend

I only remembered to put lipstick on for the stair picture, ha!
A mix of blue sparkle, grey embroidery and black sparkle.

All pieces I enjoy.
I liked the shoes much better in this outfit than the last one I wore with them.

Blazered up, although Vero drove us both ways.
It was raining by the time we left! Aw!

The stuff:
 I bought these shoes last time that I was at My Sister's Closet. I love their sparkle.

Simple bling:
 For not catching on clothing.

  • Earrings - Glee
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes

Vero did really well - she got a huge bag of gorgeous items, and was thrilled with everything she found. Yay! I may have found a few things for myself...
 ...including this red tank top. Woo, a tank top, stop the presses!

But it's a viscose top, and is by Club Monaco, so I knew the quality would be A+.
 It was half price (pink tags!) for $6.50, so that's a great deal.

I also bought this black turtleneck top.
 Not my usual kind of purchase, but it's very long (good for tucking in), and it's very thin (good for layering).

And it's sparkly!
 By Jacob, and was $15.98. It's made of lyocell, which I was not familiar with (info here). All the sites I looked at said it was expensive fabric, so I'm happy with my deal.

I fell hard for this amazing cross-body draw-string suede bucket bag.
 It's a deep emerald green suede, with cat-bait tassels. The brown trim is all leather. It's gorgeously made, with heavy-duty studs and grommets. Every bit of it is leather/suede, and the inside is all lined.

It was a pink tag, so half price at $16.50. The only marking in it is this stamped gold vertical bar shape with wings.
 And it's made in the USA, so I imagine it wasn't a cheap bag! Anyone recognize the logo?

Well, I'm off to enjoy my last evening before (ugh) back to work! I hope you had fun reading!


  1. Oh I smiled at your Jayjays knit! :) Think high street teen store, maybe forever 21 is the equivalent in the US? Not that familiar with Canadian stores. AThey do beach / skater / trendy pieces. Any of the pieces I've had from there have been donated because I got bored / grew out of them, I only had one piece fall apart, so hopefully you can get lots of wear from that knit!
    Loved all of your outfits too - I really like that dress pretending to be two pieces, it is so nice on you and you accessorised it beautifully!

    1. I thought of you! I knew you would know the name - thank you for the info!

  2. A day of reading and music- how ideal!
    Shiela, I love your green skirt, it's gorgeous.
    Jay Jays is a retail store in Australia, and the silver top probably cost $30-60 back in 2012, I imagine. X

    1. I know, it was so wonderful - I wish I had more of those. Thanks so much for the info on Jay Jays!

  3. WOWW, glad that you enjoyed your long weekend! having some time to read wearing my pyjamas would be so delightful!
    Firstly, I love your 'pirate skirt' and the swooshiness of a long cardigan, the color combo and the fab shoes! kermit shoes fabulousness!
    Love your dinner date outfit, the stunning dress and the lovely accessorizing!
    And love your colorful sweater both ways, even if the first outfit is my favorite, with the lovely yellow jacket and the assymetrical skirt!. Love your new purchases and also your 'comfy&cool' shopping outfit!, you look fab!

    1. It was amazing - so relaxing. Thank you so much for all of your kind words about my outfits, Monica!

  4. Great post dear!You have a beautiful blog.
    I follow you can you follow me back?

    1. Thank you. No, I don't follow people unless I get to know them. You also seem to leave the exact same comments on everyone's blog - not exactly a personal approach. Enjoy blogging.

  5. oh yes, you CAN handle any weather, with all your fab outerwear and accessories! Loving the black skirts with personality, and the chartreuse pieces are so pretty on you. I kiss you on the head, Vizzini!! xox

    1. Hell yes, I can! thanks so much, Patti! Vizzini likes head kisses.

  6. I'm glad you were able to get four days off. That's what we need to relax. I love your second outfit (Friday, w/F boots). So inventive.

    1. Thank you - you spotted my favourite outfit! I need more four-day weekends.

  7. Ugh, I'm feeling your pain, Sheila. Going back to work after four days off is no laughing matter. Love Wednesday's colourful outfit as well as the cheater dress, which you cleverly matched with those two-tone boots and new handbag. But my favourite is Saturday's outfit. The cosy jumper and cream leather skirt are a match made in heaven. And it's even better topped with the yellow jacket. You're quite right: yellow and burgundy/purple do go together. Must keep that in mind! Have a good start of the week, Sheila! xxx

    1. Nope, not fun at all! Thank you so much - I had fun putting all those together.

  8. Happy long weekend! I've just finished work until february niow (not trying to rub it in or nothing!!)
    I should start taking notes so I can remember what to comment on when I get to the end of your post. Friday's trippy top, those spat-type boots, the quilted skirt and the bejeweeled frock with pockets are all pretty damned fabulous.
    Love the new Fly shoes and the green tasseled bag of wonder and of course Vizzini and his antics! xxx

    1. So jealous, Vix! Ha, no worries, Bigass posts are just that! Thanks so much!

  9. I had a four day weekend too as I took Friday and Monday off. It's so hard to get up at 6:30 am after sleeping in for a few days! I love that sweater, and the two skirts you paired it with. The quilted skirt looks so cozy! Great scores on the Fly shoes and the suede bag.

    1. I wish I could sleep in - I'm up at 6am every day. Thanks so much, Shelley!

  10. WOW two bags in just a few weeks is a big change for you... and both suede !
    The logo on the bag looks like the winged wheel that means progress on our national emblem..

    1. Yes, now let's see if I actually USE them. That's cool, but I'm pretty sure that's not what the logo is. :) I recognize it - I feel like I've seen it before.

  11. I so love your weekend round-ups but can never remember all the pieces I want to comment on. But firstly I really do like the dress that pretends to be separates. The gold skirt part is gorgeous with both embellishments and pockets, yay! And the new platform shoes are introduced here - another yay for them and also the coat that matched them! I enjoyed the shopping spree too, thank you, but most of all I still am in awe of your gold leather jacket. Scrub all of my pleading in the past and just keep me in mind if you ever (impossible I know) fall out of love with this xxxxx

    1. I'll be wearing it again soon! I love it too much just to wear it in a dark restaurant for 3 hours. I hope that jacket lasts with me forever - sorry, honey!

    2. Of course you'll be wearing that forever. I'll just have to settle seeing it and loving it from afar! xxx

  12. So many great items and looks. Your kitty is super cool btw :)


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