Sunday, December 30, 2018

Bigass Holiday Weekend Wrap-Up: A Rock Star is Born; Floyd's Farewell; Shopping Sunday

This is it, my friends: the last post of 2018! I will be back on New Year's Day with our party outfits, and a run-down of how I did on my reading resolution this year. 

Kicking it off with my last "Visible Monday" outfit of the year. This is what I wore to go see "A Star is Born" with five of my besties on Friday night. 
 Yes, I had to wear the silver pants right away!

Shout out and thanks to Patti over at Not Dead Yet Style for all the years of "Visible Monday"s - go check out all the fabulous participants here! Patti may be sweet and demure (this week), but I am full on rock and roll, baby!

Another shout-out to Ms. Wendy Brandes for doing a video about her love of ruffled things, and featuring a jacket I sent to her - enjoy it here!

  • Sweater - Club Monaco, consignment; first worn here (2nd outfit) in November with mustard
  • Pants - H&M, consignment; purchased here a couple of days ago for $12.00
  • Boots - Minnetonka, thrifted; purchased here for $37.25
  • Coat (below) - Danier Leather; last worn here last week

As you can see, I felt pretty badass in this outfit.
"Yes, your ass is bad. Feed me."

Vizzini was lurking around just before I left, angling for an early feeding.

I know it's hard to tear your eyes away from the silver pants (which were super-comfy for chilling out in a big recliner in the theatre), but I'm wearing my monkey-arm sweater again.
"I approve of the fur and the fringe. Both look delicious."

The tops of the sleeves are faux fur - very soft and warm. I also have a black camisole under it for extra warmth.
 The pants were really so fun - I ran into a friend in Dots who tried to rent them from me for a New Year's party. Um, no.

More badassery.
"Coming in for the fringe."

The fringe on the boots is loud; it thwaps as you walk.

Outerwear - bundled up. It was a very rainy night.
I also carried an umbrella. 

  • Fur scarf - thrifted
  • Gloved - Cejon, thrifted

The stuff: 
 These boots were awesome to wear - I walked home in them.

Heart bling:
 Love for my gals. We went out for drinks and food after the movie, which we all liked. It's been a good week for drawing closer to my loved ones.

  • Earrings - vintage fair

Speaking of loved ones, Vizzini's been getting lots of attention.
"Look at my noble profile."  

He's been getting regular brushes and play-time, and plenty of naps.
"You forgot to mention the cuddling."

And much cuddling. 

Before the movie I had some extra time, so I browsed around in Dots. I really loved this jacket, so it came home with me.  
 It's a rain-coat, covered with pansies.

Good pockets.
 Nice big buttons too.

The hood is not too big, and the wide cut is gathered in the back for shape.
 The back hem hangs lower, and has a draw-string.

It's by Avoca "Nest", and the label says "A piece from the small but interesting world of Avoca."
 Everything was an extra 20% off, so this was $39.99.
 It's coated cotton and lined with a light cotton knit - it will be lovely for my weekend jaunts to the grocery store in spring.

On Saturday, we were up early to meet Chris and Nick at Floyd's for lunch.
 It was pouring rain out, so I dressed accordingly for walking to and from town in the deluge.

  • Sweater - Contemporaine, thrifted; last seen here (3rd outfit) for brunch (same necklace!) in November
  • Dress - Dolce & Gabbana, vintage, thrifted; last worn here (4th and 5th outfits) in April, for brunch and a baby shower
  • Boots - Ash; last seen here (2nd outfit) in October for a shopping expedition
  • Coat (below) - Forever 21, thrifted; last worn here in early December

Rainy view of the Castle.
 No more leaves on the trees. It's definitely winter.

I know the boots are not quite appropriate for this look, but I prefer to keep my feet dry.
 The dress is a lovely stretch boucle wool body-con piece. It's snuggly warm.

I layered the red wool sweater under it - just a simple look.
 We'll just punk it up a bit for fun.

Horrendous rear shot.
 Proof that I only take one picture, ha! I promise you, my butt does not look that bad in this dress. 

Outerwear - I saw an identical coat in a boutique on Oak Bay Avenue for $368.00 on Friday. Would you believe I thrifted mine for $14.00?
 Of course, I had to add my accoutrements to stay dry and warm.

Fully accoutered!
 I've figured out that I can clip my hair up gently and hide it under this toque and it stays nice when I shake it out upon arrival at wherever I'm going. Go, me!

  • Fur toque/scarf - Danier Leather
  • Gloves - Cejon, thrifted

The stuff;
 Such badass boots. Not a single leak, both ways in the rain.

Spiky bling:
Favourite things.

  • Necklace - Robert Larin, vintage 70s, gift from L
  • Earrings - Glee
  • Leather cuff - Guess, thrifted
  • Studded cuff - vintage 90s

Floyd's Diner is closing its downtown location after 15 years. L and I have been going there the entire time - we know the owner, Petr, and his daughter, Chloe, and the staff is like family (they've been giving us friends and family discounts for years).
 Small write-up here, and I'm hoping that they re-open downtown soon!

You'll forgive my indulgence (and my blurry, hasty pictures). This place was a touchstone for us, every Saturday for 15 years.
 Most of the decor features old rock and rollers.

Speaking of old rock and rollers, there's mine (yellow shirt), fetching us some Splenda and brown sugar for our coffee.
 Years ago, a picture of L was featured in a Reader's Digest article about Floyd's. Fame!

My guys (and me in the mirror, pinkie finger up!).
 Nick and Chris, and L giving me some helpful tips.

We let the waitress take our picture.

Two of our favourite staff, Joel and Josh.
 Aw, guys, I will miss you!

L and Corey, the general manager.
 Many chats about music between those two.

Aw, all of us.
 *sniff sniff*

Floyd's is famous for their Mahoney, where you get what the kitchen chooses to make for you, and you can flip a coin for it. If you win, it's free; if you lose, you pay double. Or you can choose to pay the flat rate (around $15).
 Chris' Mahoney is two slash-top omelets, with a bed of potatoes in the middle, covered in hollandaise, and enchilada sauce.

I don't do the Mahoney, but this is my favourite regular brunch: Huevos Incredibalos, no potatoes, soft-poached eggs, and a side of soup (potato, bacon, cheddar).
 SO. GOOD. I will miss this.

L's Mahoney was rice, beef, and pico de gallo, with garlic bread.
 Not terribly exciting but he liked it.

I was up early today/Sunday, to do my weekly grocery shop and then to meet up with some of my gals for the last shop of the year at My Sister's Closet.
 It was sunny! Yay! I snuck in a wearing of this new-to-me spring-weight dress.

  • Top - Topsy Turvy USA, thrifted; first worn here in November with greens
  • Dress - Geek Boutique, thrifted; purchased here for $19.95
  • Shoes - Miista; last seen here in December with green vintage
  • Jacket (below) - Danier Leather, thrifted; last worn here

I really love the cut of this dress.
 Insanely flattering! There are slits on either side for walking and striding about.

And easy for trying stuff on. Now that I've worn it once, it's going into the spring/summer pile as well - it was a little grabby with my tights.
 Cat and I started shopping first, then Caro showed up. Yvonne and Randall dropped by later to say hi.

It may have been sunny, but it was definitely chilly out!
 I wish I'd worn a warmer coat, and a hat!

  • Pashmina - Portolano, thrifted
  • Leather gloves - consignment

The stuff:
 Comfy shoes! Of course, I know if I wear lace-up shoes, I will end up trying on shoes, just because it is such a pain to take them off and on again. It's like a law.

  • Earrings - don't remember

I found these amazing Coach mules for $18.50. All green and yellow tags were half price, so what a steal!
 These are suede, with nice shiny hardware and contrast stitching.

I have an event soon that I think these might be perfect for.
 But I like the challenge of this "new" style in my closet. We shall see!

Made in Italy.
 They are gorgeously soft.
 This style is called the Cleo. I think it is from the early 00s.

Leather-wrapped soles and heels.
 These have had a bit of wear, but not a ton. They would have been over $200 new.

I wasn't sure about this dress, but it fits great, and it was also half price, at $21.50. Another $200+ item originally!
 It's a classic fit and flare cut, great pouf to the skirt, and it has pockets! That yellow chiffon hem is a very bright yellow in person - it will be amazing with my yellow shoes.

 It's by Eliza J (I also have this dress by this label - Happy New Year 2015!). It's been packed away for the springs/summer season (only 3 months to go...urgh...).

I was strangely attracted to this sheer lined "sweatshirt".
 The lighter grey is sheer black over a white t-shirt fabric lining.

You can see that the flowers on it are more solid and shiny.
 This is by Kut from the Kloth and was half price at $12.50.

Tops by this brand retail for $68-88.00 at Nordie's (Nordstrom's).
 I am intrigued by the possibilities!

Sometimes I think the weird clothes are left on half-price just for me.
 This khaki and black striped sweater features a blob of leopard fabric with a random string of sequins. Sure!

See? Who else is going to wear this?
 And yes, that might be a hood!

Also lined with leopard fabric.
 So fun!

But of course, you must see me in it!
"Finally, you're home! Feed me!"
 Rar! I am a scary leopard lady!

The brand is Tuzzi, which I've seen at Dots. This was the cheapest thing I bought, at $11.50 (also half-price).
I am excited to style this!

I went gaga for this velvet jacket.
 Thank you, Cat, for pointing it out!

Look at these buttons!
 It's a cotton velvet, with a touch of stretch.

It's by Pink Tartan and was made in Canada (so older Pink Tartan). There is a cheaper-looking version on the Home Shopping Network page for over $400.
 Not a regular size 2, more like a small. This was $38.98, and would have been between $300-500 new. Score!

And now, signing off for 2018. Thank you for reading along, and following my stylish life.
"Happy New Year to all my fans. You complete me."

May the New Year bring you peace and joy.


  1. I thought those silver trousers would look good on you - and I am not mistaken - they look amazing!

    1. Thanks so much, Rebecca! I can't wait to wear them again!

  2. I love the quirky stripey green top - I would wear it too! Gosh, Vizzini is looking so handsome in the last pic :) Happy New Year to you! Thanks for your entertaining blog - love it. Lise

    1. Thank you, Lise! Isn't it a fun thing? Vizzini is giving me lovey eyes there.

  3. What a weekend! Floyds looks like such a cool hang out joint. What a relief that they're relocating rather than closing altogether.
    Loving those silver trousers and the striped green top, it look so good with your camo pants!
    Big New Year love to you, L and Vizzini. xxx

    1. I hope they find a space - the staff wasn't too optimistic. Thanks, Vix! Happy new year to you!

  4. Happy new year Sheila! :) Love that last pic, Vizini is so handsome! :)

    So happy to see the silver pants on you! You wear them so well! :)

  5. Vizzini - the handsomest boy! Love your silver pants and fringed boots - you do indeed rock (everything)! Thanks so much for the shout-out; it's been great fun to know you all these years. Wishing you and L and V all the good things for 2019, xox.


    1. Thanks so much, Patti (Viz sends his thanks too). Happy New Year to you and Sandi, and your furry kitties!

  6. You're looking totally badass in those silver trousers, Sheila! And you've been such a shopping queen during the holidays! Love that pansy raincoat, and I'm swooning over that green velvet jacket. Sorry to hear Floyd's Diner is closing down your regular haunt. It's been a pleasure to follow your blog this year - and reading Vizzini's cat captions, obviously! Wishing you a fabulous 2019! xxx

    1. Thank you so much, Ann! I've had fun exercising my shopping muscle, ha ha! I know, I am sad about Floyd's - end of an era.

      Happy 2019 to you!

  7. You look terrific! Love those silver pants!

  8. Oh, no! So sorry to hear about Floyd's. That's an institution one would love to visit often. So sad it's closing. From your description, it sounds like there's another location: is that far from you? Regardless, you'll miss the convenience and friendly faces. My memory of the place is etched in stone and it's nice to see the pictures.

    Love the silver pants. Very rock-n-roller. You've got a badass side to you that's appealing! Happy New Year, my friend.

    1. I know, we have known about it for a few months. The new location would be just as close, if they get it. Otherwise, it's off to the Ruby for us! I'm so glad you were able to go there with us!

      Thank you! I aim to be more badass every day! Happy New Year, sweetheart!

  9. How sad that Floyd's is closing! Are you going to have to find a new brunch joint? LOVE that green velvet jacket. I just bought a new bed that is green velvet - just a bit lighter that the jacket. I'm on a bit of a green kick right now.

    1. Yeah, we'll go to the Ruby until we see what happens with Floyd's - it's also really good.

      Yay for green, and thank you so much for commenting, Charlotte!

  10. The silver trousers are fab on you! Loved all your outfits and your buys especially thet velvet jacket - it's green!

    Such a shame Floyd's is closing = another bit of your past gone...

    May 2019 bring peace and joy to you, too!

    1. It's very green, thanks, Vronni! I know, but change happens. I am not sad, as we had 15 great years of food and good times there.

      Thank you - same to you!

  11. Happy New Year! Can't wait to see the your 2019 finds-I rush every Monday morning to see what fun things you acquired from your weekend shopping adventures! Love your style!

    1. Thanks, Charlott! Ha, I hope I did not disappoint! Happy new year to you!

  12. Dear Sheila, Thank you for brightening my days with your humor, travelogues, and colorful, classy style. Your posts often provide the antidote to a day of work, and your style is a catalyst to be creative. . May you amd L head into a year of wellness, laughter, love and delight! Hugs, Laurie and crew :)

    1. Thank you so much, Laurie! Meeting you was one of my top moments of 2018, for sure! Much love to you and your family!

  13. Terrific finds and outfits as always, but I have to comment on the Avoca raincoat. It is amazing -- those pansies are the Antique Shades, which were a new hybrid about 20 years ago. I know this because my sister got married then, and she wore a dress in a very similar print. She was married in the courtyard at our church, and I grew pansies in pots for the wedding -- I was able to match the colours of her dress. Thanks for the lovely memory evoked by your gorgeous raincoat! I love your blog so much!

    1. Thank you, Cynthia - I love that little tidbit about the pansies! They are my favourite flowers (well, one of them). Happy 2019 to you!

  14. Love that Avoca raincoat. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Quirky clothes - you’re so lucky to find them.

  15. Love the raincoat and that striped, hooded sweater is pretty cool too. I always look forward to all your awesome outfits and seeing what Vizzini is up to.
    Happy New Year and brightest blessings to you, L and Vizzini!!

    1. Thank you, Cheryene, and thank you for your comment! Happy New Year to you!

  16. Thanks so much for reading, danae! I really appreciate it.

  17. HNY my dear Sheila rockstar ! You look like a rock star in those silver pants. They look amazing.
    I loved the Pink Tartan green blazer, what a great find.

    1. Happy New Year, Lorena! I love that velvet jacket too - can't wait to wear it!

  18. So much goodness here it is hard to know where to begin. First, I am so glad you started this post with those fabulous metallic jeans. I also love those loud fringed boots, they look comfy. I so enjoyed “a star is born.”
    What a perfect raincoat with pretty pansies. Enough color to take your mind off the gray skies
    I love the string of candids that document your family and you celebrating. It gives me a nice feel for how you enjoyed the evening .
    Love The navy and yellow striped dress.
    Happy happy new year !!

    1. I just had to wear those pieces right away! Not sure what you mean about my family in the evening - if you mean Floyd's that was at lunch. :)

      Happy New Year to you!

  19. Velvet jacket. Yes. Oh yes. I have some lycra pants in shiny pearl white and another pair in metallic silver, both from the early '80s - you inspire me to wear them!! Yours look spectacular. Too bad about Floyd's Diner. Let's hope another cool place moves in there.

    1. Yup, that was SUCH a find. I can't wait to wear the silver pants again. We have other cool's just that was OUR cool diner.

  20. I laughed when I saw those silver pants - I have the exact same pair, purchased directly from H&M last year from the 70% off rack (I paid $10 for them). They are very comfy, are they not (lots of stretch). I took them to New York with me in the fall.

    That's very sad about Floyd's. I know what it's like to lose your favourite diner.

    I wish I could find a spaghetti strap black stretchy dress to wear as a layering piece like you do. Will have to keep looking. The velvet jacket is a great score - I found a short-sleeved, satin-look jacket with big pearl buttons from Pink Tartan at a thrift store over the holidays. Haven't figured out an outfit for it yet.

    Excellent shot of the handsome furry boy!

    1. Yes, they are SUPER comfy! You're right, they would be great travel pants.

      Pink Tartan has some beautiful pieces.

      Happy New Year to you and Sylvester!


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