Thursday, October 25, 2018

Velvet, Leopard and Teal (and Dragons)

Ah, with only Friday left, it feels like the weekend is here at last. I'm ready for it! 
Classin' up the joint in my very ladylike outfit today.

  • Velvet blazer - Talbots, thrifted; purchased here for $4.25
  • Tee - Banana Republic, consignment; first worn here in September with rust and plaid
  • Skirt - Lord & Taylor; last seen here with the matching top here in October 2017
  • Shoes - Channi B; last worn here in a matchy copper and teal outfit in March
  • Sleeveless coat (below) - Only, thrifted; last seen here a week ago

Before we get into the outfit chitchat, a big "Thank you!" to dear Patti of Not Dead Yet Style for featuring me in her "Vintage Inspiration" post here.

I built this outfit around this new-to-me thrifted silk-blend velvet blazer. I like my clothes to have interesting textures, and when I heard that the cool kids are wearing velvet blazers and suiting is trending, well, you know I'm going to hop on that bandwagon. Thrifting it for only $4.25 also means that I can play with the trend and not spend a lot of money.
 I've had oodles of velvet blazers over the years, but this has to be one of the nicest. It's so soft.

I seem to have accumulated half a dozen brown skirts, but it's been a while since I had a brown blazer. I buttoned it up to show you how it looks (good fit), but I wore it unbuttoned all day, as above.
 I used to have the matching cropped, boxy top to this leopard skirt (and I wore them together), but I let the top go (it was itchy and I didn't love the fit), and kept the skirt.

It's a fuzzy texture, like mohair - it is a wool blend. It's soothing to pat soft textures when the day's stresses start to poke at me, kind of like patting Vizzini only with less biting.
 A pencil skirt that makes your bum look good is always a keeper.

Here's just the tee and skirt. I like teal and brown together, plus it matches my glasses - matchy!
 I always make sure I'm presentable in a jacket-less format, in case of sudden heat fluctuations.

Outerwear - this sleeveless coat is wonderful for layering over blazers, especially velvet ones. Have you ever tried to get a coat on over a velvet jacket? It's a struggle: the velvet clings to everything.
 Cashmere scarf and gloves - not needed after work, even though it was spitting rain.

  • Scarf - gift from Mom
  • Leather gloves - Danier Leather

The stuff:
 These are one of my "all day" pairs of shoes - there's extra (squishy) platform under the toes, so that's only a 1.5" heel. I'm practically in running shoes!

Dragon bling:
There we are - this dragon necklace and earrings are the oldest things I'm wearing, probably from the 1930s? Edit: Likely from the 1950s, purchased as a souvenir from Siam/Thailand. Thanks to Vix for the info!

  • Necklace/bracelet - vintage 1950s. gift from L
  • Feather ring - Fossil, thrifted
  • Spinner ring - Twang & Pearl
  • Mismatched gold hoop earrings - both gifts from L

My friends, I will be back on Sunday with my wrap-up. Thank you - as always - for visiting my little corner of the blogosphere. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. So elegant, yet fun! I love velvet, I had a deep teal blue velvet jacket many years ago, wore it to death. I love the texture of the outfit. Beautiful!

    1. I have a teal velvet jacket too - you'll see it at some point, probably with these shoes! Thanks, Dar!

  2. I like the teal and brown together too! That's such a nice blazer. I was at a wedding last week and one of the guests had a velvet blazer over his pants. I felt like asking him if he wore it a lot or if it's too warm here to get much wear from it. I didn't know him so chickened out of it though, ha! I feel I wouldn't wear one if I got one due to the heat there.

    1. Ooh, that sounds lovely. L has a couple of velvet blazers (3 or 4) that he wears in the cooler months here. I think you would find them too hot for your climate, Mica.

  3. Velvet is such a timeless classic isn't it Sheila? I remember this cute skirt and have to agree that the rear view is pretty pert my dear! I love your solution to wear over the jacket - a sleeveless option is just the way to go!

    Wishing you a super weekend!
    Anna x

    1. It really is, Anna! I never thought a sleeveless coat would be this useful, but it's perfect in the fall. Thank you - happy weekend to you!

  4. I do like teal with brown and that your glasses match the shoes, little details that make me happy!
    I know the velco effect of velvet under something else, it's very strange.
    Love the dragon choker and bracelet - I'd say they were 1950s rather than 1930s and possibly souvenir pieces from Siam (Thailand).
    Have a fab weekend. xxx

    1. Matchy till the end, Vix! I so appreciate your expert eye on my pieces - I've updated my info. Thank you!

  5. I love that these colors match your glasses!, fabulousness!, and I love that you're wearing your leopard skirt as a neutral, and how lovely it looks!
    Fab shoes, fab bijouterie (woww, dragons! 30's!!) and fab idea to wear your velvet with a sleeveless coat. Velvet clings to everything, you're right!

  6. Gorgeous skirt, the print looks fabulous with the teal.
    I have this thing in my head that if items are coordinates, i have to wear them together.. i know, its so archaic and limiting... i have yet so much to learn from you.

    1. Thanks, Lorena! I know, I struggle with that too - it's hard to break up a set, isn't it? We're all constantly learning...

  7. Your bum really looks good in a pencil skirt, Sheila. Sadly, mine doesn't, but never mind ;-) A velvet blazer and a fuzzy skirt: soft textures like that can really be soothing, and exactly what one needs on certain days. Like patting Vizzini, only with less biting, that really made me smile. So true with Phoebe too, especially as she's been behaving like a right madam these days. Love, love, love those shoes, and I'm swooning over the dragon necklace and bracelet! Have a great weekend xxx

    1. Aw, maybe you just haven't found the right skirt, Ann. I love soft textures - I do find them very soothing. Thank you!

  8. I absolutely love your shoes! Brown and teal is one of my favourite colour combos!!!
    I'm like Anne above- my bum looks aaaaaaaaaaaaawful in a pencil skirt!!!
    I love Velvet jackets- my first one was bought in Camden Market aged 15- I love that jacket!!

    1. Thanks, Kezzie! They have a real vintage-y vibe, don't they? I adore anything velvet - I'm always happy to add a new piece to the wardrobe.

  9. My favorite fabrication is silk velvet, so yummy and soft, yours is lovely in chocolate brown. The leopard skirt is beautiful; the high quality self evident . Pretty teal is a fun unexpected color.
    Kudos, another gorgeous outfit and a Friday night to celebrate!
    Loved the vintage feature on Patti’s site, too,

  10. Stellar outfit today! A+++++++++! I'm loving everything about it, and it looks wonderful on you. Bravo!

  11. That's a great combination. Love it! I don't like soft fabrics! I know it's stupid. But give me some leather and so and I'm happy!

  12. You're right, its a very ladylike outfit but you can do ladylike! I love the outfit and I love the teal and brown together. The jacket fits you beautifully as does the skirt; I do like a pencil skirt. The shoes are fab and look as comfortable as you described.

    Your dragon bling is wonderful and unusual.

    Hope you have a great week.

    1. Thank you, Vronni! I love these colours together. Happy week to you!

  13. Velvet blazers are always fab! How do you manage to publish a blog post every day? You're superwoman! :)

    1. Agreed, Jess! I've got a routine now - I've been doing this a long time!


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