Saturday, June 30, 2012

Jun 30th - Outfit #31 - Last Day of Neutrals

I made it! Neutrals Month is over! I can't say I'm not glad to see it finish, but it's been a good experience overall. I'll elaborate more on the Lessons Learned in my monthly wrap-up (tomorrow or Monday). 

For now, this is what I wore to go to my WW meeting and to brunch with L afterwards.
Managed to squeeze a second wear out of this grey jacket (last worn here), and another wear of my Smoking Lily skirt (last worn here). My gladiator kitten heels (last worn here) have gotten a real workout this month!

Buh-bye, neutrals!
The pink cami is not part of the capsule. I'm wearing my Audrey Hepburn Scrabble tile pendant (picture here).

My bag:
Added my new-to-me black and white scarf to the bag
I don't really have too many bags, so the ones I do have get a lot of use. My criteria: enough pockets for keys, mp3 player, lipgloss, and room for a pair of shoes.

Jacket (Leshop, consignment), cami (Jackpot), skirt (Smoking Lily, thrifted), shoes (Enzo Angiolini, consignment), scarf (Karin, thrifted), bag (consignment).

Last night when we got home from dinner, there was a package waiting for me!
Wow, Megan Mae (of MMD), you are such a sweetheart! A lovely letter, this gorgeous chocolate brown leather belt (originally from Lynne at Practical Paralegalism), 3 buttonflowers, a citrus-themed pouch with two pairs of shiny silver earrings wrapped in some parchment tissue. I am honoured - thank you for this lovely surprise!'s a preview of July's capsule:
Colour! It's not in order, as I've been pulling things into outfits for my first couple of weeks already. My colour theme is orange and turquoise, with some yellow, navy and black, with grey as the neutral.

I went with 7 pairs of shoes this month.
I had to get the 80s stained-glass shoes in!

Edit: In tallying my July choices, I noticed that I have only 29 items (you can count 22 hangers/items in the picture above, plus 7 pairs of shoes), so I have added...another pair of shoes! I couldn't do a month without a pair of Fluevogs (heavens!), so these ones have been added.

I'm excited to start wearing these items. Colour! Bring it on!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Jun 29th - Outfit #30 - Day Off and Shopping

I am having a lovely day off! The weather has turned sunny and hot with a light breeze (there is always a breeze when you live on the ocean), and I thoroughly enjoyed my shopping expedition today.

I dressed for trying things on: pullover top, skirt, full slip (vintage) underneath for smoothing, slip-on shoes, one-hook belt and minimal accessories.
This is my cream sweater (last seen here), my seersucker floofy skirt (last worn here) and my cream sandals, just worn here last night to the Janelle Monae concert.

Holy smokes, that girl can sing and perform! It was amazing! L will be doing a review of the concert, along with her album, so check back at his blog for the full deal some time this weekend. Anyway, I highly recommend going to see her if you get the chance.

I felt so girly swooshing around in my skirt.
But you can never tell here - the weather can change on a dime - so I wore a light jacket over top, my denim one. Of course I had to wear my yellow flower!
Added my Aldo fruit purse and my jaunty yellow silk scarf, and I was off to two of my favourite second-hand stores in Victoria.

Jacket (Ann Taylor Loft), sweater (Trina Turk, consignment), skirt (Y, thrifted), shoes (Artisan by Clarke's, consignment), belt (Landes, thrifted), flower (Roberta's Hats), bag and earrings (Aldo), scarf (vintage, thrifted), ring (Wendy Brandes).

Five of the items in my ensemble are thrifted or consignment! I get a lot of people asking me (hi to all my Victoria readers!) where I shop that I find such cool stuff second-hand. Well, today I am going to introduce you to two of my very favourites.

Disclosure: I link because I love. I don't get any kind of kick-back or discount or free stuff from either of these stores. I get no preferential treatment, other than the awesome service that I always get. I love to support local businesses, bricks-and-mortar stores, the people who live in my town. Both of these store's managers agreed to let me take pictures. Thank you!

First up: The Victoria Hospice Thrift Boutique (Hospice link; Boutique link).
Yes, this is a thrift store! It has a skylight, a big bay window, and it's open and spacious - awesome natural light.

Boutique items are individually priced, and all the rest are grouped by type for price. All non-boutique scarves are $3.50, for example. I have bought dozens of things here in the past 4+ years that I've shopped here, including the skirt I'm wearing today. I think the most I ever paid for something here was my Danier leather shirt for $40 (worn here in the February capsule).

The clothing is grouped on racks by colour, as well as a plus size rack, and they have very high turnover here. I only saw two or three repeat items from last time I was here, a month ago.
It's entirely run by volunteers, and 100% of the profits to to the Hospice. I love that my money goes to a good cause!

Check out the change rooms!
These are the nicest change rooms in any thrift store in town. They have good sturdy rails for hanging things, a stool, a little garbage can, and a box of Kleenex with a sign asking you to remove your lipstick before trying things on.

All of the clothing here is in amazing condition - no crap, no tears or stains. I am never worried about the cleanliness of it. I have found some lovely vintage here, as well as a few great accessories/jewelry pieces.

Check out the shoe wall:
I found two great pairs here today.

Thank you to the lovely women who were working today, including Lisa, the manager (centre) who very kindly let me take pictures.
You all look radiant in your beautiful summer tops, ladies!

The other store I visited today was The Velvet Crease (Facebook page):
It's a small store, but is again well-organized by colour, as well as tagging by size. I disregard the size when shopping, but it's handy if you don't have time to go through everything.

Prices are a little higher here, but the quality is also very high. They are very fussy about the condition of clothing brought in, and it shows in the merchandise. I have consigned items here. The shoes I'm wearing today are from here.

I've bought a lot of my Smoking Lily here, some lovely dresses and they also have interesting jewelry.
I've been shopping here since before I lost weight, so about 6 years.

The fitting rooms are also awesome.
A three-way mirror in my fitting room! Wow! I love the little stool and that there are 3 sturdy hanging areas for sorting my try-ons.

Thank you to The Velvet Crease for letting me photograph your store!

I had brunch after my shopping, then got my eyebrows waxed (hi, Carol and the awesome tattooed chicks!).

Check out this gorgeous overblown garden of poppies and bachelor's buttons I saw on the way home:
Everything's so green and lush right now! I love summer.

Okay, now we're at the shopping haul part. First are the items I got at the Hospice Boutique.

80s vintage hat:
 It's emerald green. I love how it looks on.
 It was half price for $7.00.

I also spotted this amazing wallet:
The bright emerald green wasn't photographing well in the den, so I took a picture on the deck table.

It's real eelskin, and is in good condition.
I'd be likely to use it as a mini clutch. It was $6.50.

I rarely find vintage shoes in my size (9.5-10), but check these babies out.
Vizzini helped
Classic 80s!

They have a nice low vamp (the area that scoops down near the toes); many 80s shoes have a high vamp and look too chunky to my eye.
I love the stained-glass look of the snakeskin (again real, they always did real in the 80s), and that scooped heel. [edited to fix the leather from eelskin to snakeskin - thank you, "Someone"]

They appear to have been sold at the Army & Navy. The brand is Gabrielli.
They were $16.00.

They don't appear to have ever been worn:
Not a mark on the sole.

I also found these wonderful slipper-style shoes.
They have a shiny square pattern on them, and the tassels move when you walk.
They have a little bit of wear, but for $8.50 I am not complaining. The brand is Annie.

I tried on about 12 pieces of clothing, but only one came home with me:
They are Urban Haggar. I've unrolled one leg to show the convertible style. The buttons are all metal, and the khaki material is quite thick, with a silky feel. The seams down the thigh are amazingly slimming! These were $7.50. I can't believe they weren't marked as boutique items (and neither could the volunteer who rang them  in!).

I found a replacement for the cheaper quality Aldo belt I've cut a million belt holes into.
Caramel suede with a shiny gold buckle. Love! It was $3.50.

This belt was also $3.50:
The blocks are all leather, and the silver beaded trim is sewn on. I bet both of these belts are 80s vintage.

My neutrals-only capsule month (one more day!) has influenced me for the good, I think. I am definitely paying more attention to neutrals when I shop. I love this graphic black and white silk square scarf:
It was $6.00. The brand is Karin.

I also found this lovely turquoise, taupe and navy silk square scarf for $3.50.
Those colours are so inspiring! This would really perk up a neutral dress. No signature.

Not too shabby - a good haul!

At The Velvet Crease, as expected, I found a few excellent quality items, including this 100% cashmere Daniel Bishop sweater.
Eee! Look at the rhinestone buttons! It's very pin-up. I have another Daniel Bishop cashmere top, that I also bought at this store, this purple sleeveless one.

My capsule challenge is making me realize that I have a few holes; one is that I needed a light white/cream cardigan.
This one was $22.00 - no label, so I don't know the brand.

I fell in love with this glorious peach scarf with hot pink and red roses. It's a long rectangle.
Of course, it is silk. It was $14.00.

It's nice to see a good name. Lauren by Ralph Lauren is typically good quality.
I like seeing the hand-stitched rolled edge too.

I was totally hitting the 80s jackpot today. Look at this incredible stained glass rectangular silk scarf.
The fringed edge is a neat detail. It was $20.00.

Again, I like to see that mark of quality.
I know Adrienne Vittadini is a high-end brand.

Well, that's it - I had a smaller haul from The Velvet Crease, but I'm pretty happy with what I found. What do you think? What's your favourite item?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jun 28th - Outfits #28 and #29 - It's My Friday and A Concert

I'm PMS-y right now, so everything feels puffy. I went for comfort today.
My lovely wrap top (last worn here) with a cream cami under it, my Club Monaco wrinkly maxi (last seen here) and my black wedges (last seen here).

I also have my zipper rose pinned at the waist (picture here).
And I'm wearing the pearl pendant Mom got me.

I love this skirt - and I highly recommend that if you buy a light-coloured maxi skirt that you get one you can wash! It rained on the way home and this soaked up the grey water off the sidewalks. Yuck-buckets!

Top (Talbot's, thrifted), skirt (Club Monaco), shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction, consignment), necklace pendant (gift from Mom), earrings (vintage), rose (Victoria & Albert Museum gift shop).

Tonight, L and I are going to see Janelle Monae. I had to change due to aforesaid skirt issues.
I see my leopard dress (last worn here), the same cami and my creamy-gold sandals (last worn here).

What I don't see? My keys on the stair by my hand. Arg, I locked myself out. My kindly neighbour let me in when I buzzed her. Thank you!

I also have a nice stretchy belt on. I'm often uncomfortable sitting in a chair for a long time, and get twitchy, so I like loose clothes.
My feet are going to get wet when we walk down, but it's a warm rain and I don't mind. I've got tomorrow off, plus this is a long weekend in Canada! Canada Day is on Sunday, so Monday is a holiday. It's kind of like the 4th of July with barbecues and parties and fireworks. Fun!

Dress (Majora, thrifted), belt (Plum), shoes (Clark's Artisan, consignment).

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jun 27th - Outfit #27 - Everybody's a Rock Star Sometimes (Even in a Disco Suit)

Ever since I knew I would do a neutrals month in this challenge, I knew I wanted to do this jacket and these pants together.
Disco suit! My homage is, of course, to the great classic disco suit worn by John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever." I'm not nearly as good of a dancer.

This jacket is ready for the dry-cleaners. It's got all kinds of little marks on it, and I confess, I have sweated in it.

I last wore the jacket here, and the sail pants here. The black top is a Mossimo one I've had for about a year  and is not a cami (but let's pretend it is), but I never took the jacket off and it just reads as black under the main focus of this outfit: the scarf.
It's my Club Monaco metallic mesh scarf (purchased here, scroll down, for $19). It was surprisingly heavy, and I ended up adjusting it all day (it's doubled around my neck). I liked it, though.

The shoes are my gladiator kitten heels (last worn here). I have given these quite a beating this month, but I'm happy knowing that they still have plenty enough life in them to last to for another summer.

Today, I was a rock star at organizing a going-away cake for 50+ people for last-minute delivery.

Are you a rock star? I bet you are. Check out Trystan's awesome post here, and leave her a comment or do your own link-back post. I think we all need a little reminding sometimes about all things we do like a rock star.

Aside from being a rock star organizer, I am a rock star at scheduling and planning! I am also a rock star at painting miniatures - check out my fellow rock star husband's blog post about the amazing vampire church (click on the photos for a good look) that we painted and assembled together over the past 3 years (I built and painted the church and painted a bunch of the vampires). I am also a rock star at making grilled tuna and cheese sandwiches (always burnt, the way they should be, ha ha)!

Stop! Disco Pose!
Fact: In PE class in 1974, we learned to do The Hustle. Yes, I'm old.

I did my black cross-body bag today.
Got my silver Uggs on for walking.

Jacket (Club Monaco, consignment), top (Mossimo, consignment), pants (Noa Noa), shoes (Enzo Angiolini, consignment), scarf/wrist wrap (Club Monaco), earrings (gift from Mom), bag (Oscar & Libby's).

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jun 26th - Outfit #26 - Black and Pink (and Kitty)

I wanted to wear this black dress one more time, just on its own, to show off the lovely shape of it.
I did pink accents with the Smoking Lily obi and my pink legs (more on those later). I last wore the dress here.

I'm doing all silver filigree jewelry: earrings, my St. Paul's bracelet, and one of my grandma J's vintage 1950s brooches (I've worn this triad before, picture here).
My plain black pumps finish it off (last worn here).

It was chilly this morning, so I wore my white leather jacket.
I love my fake Tod's bag (detail pictures here). I paid all of $4.00 for that! My silk scarf was moved to my neck for warmth.

I got these lacy pale pink tights at Aldo a few months ago. I liked how they looked - not too sunburned!
Jacket (Le Chateau, consignment), dress (Esprit), obi (Smoking Lily), shoes (Guess), tights (Aldo), earrings (Plum?), bracelet (St. Paul's cathedral gift shop), pin (Grandma J, vintage 1950s, Pastelli), scarf (vintage), bag (fake Tod's, thrifted).

Officer Vizzini sits out on the deck in the mornings and keeps an eye on the neighbourhood.
He watched me approach.

Then he craned around, looking at the crows and starlings in the oak trees that surround our condo.
Our deck has a glass overhang roof, so he gets sky view as well.

Vizzini likes to walk along the window ledge.
He's quite fearless.

But he has a goal...
Vizzini bangs his tail on the window to try to get the other kitty's attention.
The back of our building has our neighbour's balcony.

And someone's out there snoozing in the sun!
Aw, a nice fluffy cat!