Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7th - Outfit #6 - Uncomfortable Colour

I was unhappy with today's outfit.
Much as I love this shirt (the yellow! the stripes! the yellow!), it is not staying in my wardrobe after this month. I can't button it over my boobs! When I bought it back in early 2011, I mostly wore it underneath other stuff, and I'd forgotten how snug it was.

Fortunately, I was able to get away with it by doing a bright blue cami underneath (not part of the capsule).
And this skirt...also not going to be staying in my wardrobe (last worn here). I bought it new when I saw it on sale in Jacob. I adore the rich dark purple, and I was hankering for coloured pencil skirts. But it's not lined, and it's cotton, so it grabbed onto my fishnets and drove me insane all day.

The one thing that I am keeping out of this outfit are these fabulous blue suede shoes.
I've had them for a couple of years, and last wore them here in October. Picked them up at Feet First on sale for $49.99 and they've lasted well.

Well, although I was uncomfortable in my clothes today, at least I was visible! Check out Visible Monday at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style!

Shirt (Ralph Lauren, thrifted), cami (InWear), skirt (Jacob), shoes (Feet First), necklace (Lavishy).


  1. I know the feeling..,., you cannot wait to get home and take it off !
    Well, at least you looked nice and you are totally aware of why you are letting it go.

  2. I was so surprised by your lead sentence - totally not expecting that! I really look forward to your posts and beautiful mixing and re-mixing. Like Megan Mae, you introduce me to designers I'm not familiar with.

    Having said that, sometimes I think my long-sleeved front-button shirts turn on me overnight. I'll remember them as terrifically polished the last time I wore them, and then put them on, and they're...tired...or smaller. So I understand retiring the shirt, despite the lovely colors.

    But I hate to see the lovely pencil skirt go; I'd love to find one that color. Possibly due to the influence of my dictatorial and former debutante grandmother, I have an insane number of half slips in various lengths and colors, to fix my unlined skirts and/or jersey dresses. They make "things" (okay, my muffin look and feel much better :)

  3. I made the mistake of wearing a navy pencil last week that kept hiking up as I tried to cross campus so I totally understand about the skirt. The blue pumps are keepers!

  4. If I feel that an article of clothing or outfit just isn't right I have to take it off immediately. Not so easy to do when we're away from the house. ;) I really like the yellow on you. After you get rid of this blouse, you'll need to go out and replace it with something else yellow!

  5. I love the colours in these pieces, its a shame they aren't right for you. But better to let them go and make room for new pieces that are :)

    I'm guessing you won't get much wear from these for the rest of the capsule? Or are you able to swap them out for something similar?

  6. mmmm, blue suede shoes! : > I don't like it when any of my clothing grabs my other clothing either : >

  7. Today, as I'm reading your post, I am not quite happy about my outfit either. That's what happens when I just imagine it but didn't have time to really try it beforehand.

    I like the shoes and like the skirt. Perhaps you could leave it for the summer months?

  8. I love that shirt - a button shirt over a cami is one of my favorite looks. And I really like the colors of this one! Yellow looks fantastic on you!

  9. The outfit is really cute!! but I am with you on sometimes stuff just doesn't work I had that yesterday--my top kept riding up weird and my sandals would twist a bit when I walked so my toes hit the ground. Considering I have less then $5 invested in both they are in the donate pile!

  10. Well, at least this challenge is helping you weed out the things that you don't love!

  11. That blouse is quite slimming even if you can't button it all the way up but I can understand why you'll be parting ways with it after this month.

    Love those shoes. That blue is perfection.

  12. Oh I know that awful feeling of the blouse that's too snug across the boobs and the skirt that wont stay down. When you get rid of them, someone will snatch them up and give them a good home.
    Every time I see you I want to do a 30x30! You're a master at it!

  13. Oooh---love how the necklace makes all those colors pop! Gorgeous detail photo at the end. :-)


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