Monday, May 21, 2012

May 20th - Outfit #19 - Long Weekend Part 2 - Shopping Stuff

Yesterday, the lovely Lorinda and I met up for lunch and some thrift shopping again (last time was here). We had a good time, but my luck was off - or I've gotten very fussy about my shopping picks! Not sure, but it was still a good time. Thanks, Lorinda!
I wanted to be comfy, so it was just a simple outfit: the green top (last seen here, 2nd outfit), the denim skirt (last worn here) and the cowboy boots for walking (last seen here, 2nd outfit).

The outfit without my yellow leather jacket:
You can see the nice cut of the top there.

But I like the bright yellow. This is what I had on most of the day.
I have some very dangly earrings on, and my Shi Studio belt/buckle.

Jacket (Danier Leather), top (Limited, consignment), skirt (Smart Set, consignment), boots (Two Roads, consignment), belt/buckle (Shi Studio), earrings (LA Express, 90s). 

Here's my single purchase:
It's a handmade skirt (no lining, simple stitching, although awesome box pleats), but I love the waffle fabric and the cool paint splatter pattern. Henceforth, it shall be known as my "paint splatter skirt." It has red, brown, lime green and yellow, with bits of pink and even a bit of pale blue. It was $13.50.

Someone else found it interesting too:
Such a curious kitten.

Ah, last day off! But at least this will be a short week!

I'm so bad - I totally forgot to link up to "Visible Monday" over at Patti's "Not Dead Yet Style"! Be sure to check out all the visible ladies!


  1. Hope you've had a good holiday. I go through spells of being pretty picky in the thrifts myself, but I am as curious to see you in the skirt as the cat is. What month will you wear it?

  2. Such a cute photo of your cat. I love those boots and this color combination on you! It definitely grabbed me from your thumbnail in my blog roll.

  3. Perfect outfit for being out and about. I always adore that yellow jacket. It'll sure infuse your day with color.

    Love the painter's skirt! Such a fun print. Heehee Inigo thinks so too!

  4. Er Vizzini! Oops. Complete brain fart there. Sorry, Sheila.

  5. Ah Vizzini is so cute :)

    Good purchase - even if you did only find one thing it's really pretty :) I really like the yellow jacket with this outfit too, perfect :)

  6. Skirt was a great find. Only 1, but what a fantastic piece

  7. I wish my cat was as interested in fashion. She just likes laying on top of my clothes.

  8. I have the same thrifting experiences - some days are diamonds, some days are stones. But this skirt is a diamond I think, can't wait to see it. Hi Vizzini, you curious cat!

  9. LOL kitty! My Pippin would be doing that too.

    LOVE your yellow jacket! What a happy and fun color!! Looking forward to seeing your new skirt in a future capsule!

  10. I covet your yellow leather jacket! Sometimes it makes me happy when I only find on item when I'm out and about. Your skirt is truly a find.

  11. Normally, I hate yellow on me. But the way you mixed it, I even think I could wear it! Great combo. Visit me in Shabby Apple!

  12. Sheila: That is a great skirt, and I can see that you can 'work' the beautiful colours with your tops, jewellery, shoes and bags. Like you, I sometimes have days when there is nothing calling my name. Aren't pleated skirts in for summer?

    After I asked that little question, I realized that you do not follow trends, but you tend to set trends.

    Peg - UI

  13. i love these colors together! that jacket is pretty amazing!

  14. Maybe you're being a little more choosy with your clothing as a result of your challenge! I've noticed I've become a lot more picky about my thrifting.


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