Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 9th - Outfit #8 - Brown, Orange, Nickel and Dime

So you'd never know that my theme for May's capsule was blues and greens from this outfit:
This contains one "fresh" item that hasn't been worn up till now: this lovely cowl-neck orange top. I got it for $22.98 on consignment back in February, and I'm totally in love with it.

The rest of the outfit is stuff I've worn already, like this jacket (last seen here).
Vizzini is not that big - it's just perspective. He likes to watch me get ready in the mornings.
This is the second wear of the suede skirt (last seen here), and the shoes as well (last worn here).
But back to the blouse! It's sleeveless, so lovely worn on its own. The colour is really vibrant, and it's polyester - and lined!

Check out the back:
My little bun gets a cuddle before I go to work. He huffs when I pick him up, but he likes it.
There's a nice industrial zipper detail at the back. The best thing, though, is that the top is washable. I just can't handle anything else.

A close-up:
It's Michael by Michael Kors.

Zipper detail:
I think I'm going to get a lot of wear out of this.

The stuff:
A cool belt that Mom got me in London several years ago. I still love big dangly earrings.

Jacket (Pelican Cove, consignment), blouse (Michael by Michael Kors, consignment), skirt (Danier Leather, consignment), belt (gift from Mom), earrings (Plum), shoes (Hale Bob).

I went for a power walk when I got home from work today. Check out what I found on the sidewalk:
The coin on the left is a Canadian nickel/5 cent piece from 1920, and the one on the right is a dime/10 cent piece. The nickel has King George V and the dime has King George VI (Queen Elizabeth's dad, he was the king in "The King's Speech").

The backs:
I've been an amateur numismatist since I was a kid. I have a big box of coins and paper money from all over the world. Most of it is "found," meaning I got it from circulation instead of purchased from a store, although a bunch of it is from my Mom & Dad's travels over the years. I have some pretty interesting stuff, including a buffalo nickel (US) and some German WWII coins with swastikas on them.

This nickel is the oldest in my collection now - the previous oldest one is a bigger sized nickel (same size as the US coin and all current Canadian coins) from 1929 (also George V). My oldest dime is from 1939.

I also collected stamps for many years when I was a kid - I actually entered exhibitions and won trophies! Do you or did you ever collect coins or stamps?


  1. The other day on the bus I overheard someone talking about old coins, and about how the metal in them is actually worth more than their face value. Seemed logical enough to me, so it'd be interesting see what you could get for those ones!! (not that you'd actually sell them - I get the whole collection thing :P)

    1. Not much, Cara! Although both of these are high-content silver, they're not sterling.

  2. wow, lucky find on those coins! I just love the orange blouse, it really suits you!

  3. That orange blouse is gorgeous. The draping is just lovely. And so is Inigo! I was so happy to visit my kittens today. They go home in two weeks! (So sad!)

    I collect coins very passively. I have a ton of out-of-the-country money as well as some old US money. Do you have a US wheat penny? They're actually pretty common as far as collecting goes, but they've always been my favorite of my coins. In fact, I've got four rolls of them plus some loose ones. I like setting my Canadian coins up to Jon's British ones and my lone Australian one! You could hardly tell them apart without looking closely.

    1. I think you mean Vizinni? I know, force of habit. Ah, I miss my old bub. :(

      Yes, I have several wheat pennies from the US (I grab US coins whenever I see them). My special coin is the Canadian bird penny which was issued the year I was born (1967). I think the Aussie and UK coins are slightly different sizes than ours.

  4. Very lovely outfit Sheila! Your blog is wonderful btw.


  5. Love that orange top - perfect colour and I love the cowl front! :)

    Lucky find on the pennies too! I had a small collection of pennies - was trying to get one from every year starting at the year I was born, but lost it somewhere in one of our moves. Would have been a cool thing to have :)

    1. Mica, pennies are 1 cent pieces - these are a nickel (5 cent) and a dime (10 cent). You can still collect your pennies - you'd be amazed at what's in circulation.

  6. You look lovely in that blouse-great cut and color for you.

  7. Oh, the two King George coins are so cool. I love found treasures like these. Your orange blouse is indeed a great piece and looks wonderful on you. Hello sweetie-boy Vizzini!

  8. The shirt and the color look great on you! Hubs is the coin collector in the family, his favorite is an eight reale silver cob from the shipwrecked Consolacion. If you read up on the ship you'd know why I think it's bad juju, (shiver). Lol I make him keep it on his side of the room.

  9. More orange! I love the orange! I really love your belt - super funky and fun! And I love that Vizzini watches you get ready in the morning.

    Great finds on the old coins!

  10. Cool coins!!
    I totally LOVE that blouse!! The color is awesome on you!!! And orange works with blue and green!!

  11. OMG, that orange top is amazing. A quality item that looks so luxe.

    I collected coins as a kid and still have boxes of them. I have foreign coins, too, such as from your country; they are interesting for their difference.

    1. Hey, they don't make pennies in Canada anymore - so hang onto those!

  12. I'm not so much a collector, but I have a collection of coins from over the years, mostly from Canada and India. I sill have rupees floating around in my purse from the trip last year. A washable designer blouse is an amazing find!

  13. That MK top is beautiful. I like his clothes but usually pass them up at the store as they are too expensive. You know I dont buy high cost.
    How cool you came across those coins.. Once I was helping my grandparents clean out a closet and I remember that we found a wood box, my grandfather told me to throw it away. I started messing with it and it turned out to have "secret" compartment. I found an 18 something huge coin from Spain ! and to think it almost went in the trash.
    I collect. I collect stamps, have coins and bills too.
    Now my "specialty" is Panama Canal related stuff. I am weird.

    1. Lorena, yes, me neither! I don't know what regular price this blouse would have been, but the price I paid is more my speed.

      I'm so glad you saved that box! How cool. You're not weird at all! ;)

  14. The blouse is lovely! It's a great colour for you and the cowl it a great detail as is the exposed zipper.

    My grandfather was the President of the Ontario Numismatist society when I was a kid so we were always playing with weird and wonderful coins.

  15. Whoa, I'll bet the coins are worth some money. And if I owned that lovely blouse, it would get a lot of wear.

  16. My fave blouse (of yours) evah. Would make swiping it number one on my list if ever left alone in your closet for five seconds :P


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