Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 16th - Outfit #14 - Old and Orange

Today was a nice quiet day. My outfit wasn't loud or bright, but I liked it.
For some reason, I had it in my head that I'd worn all the "fresh" items in the capsule for May. Not so! I still have 2 left. The fact that I haven't worn one of them until now (and one is still in the closet) makes me wonder why I have them at all.

This blouse is making its first appearance. I bought it a couple of years ago off a clearance rack at a thrift shop for $2.00. I first wore it here in May 2010 (with my Manolos!), and also here (Nov 2010), and here (Feb 2011). It's vintage, probably the late 50s/early 60s.
I last wore the sweater vest, the orange tweed skirt, and the shoes here - it's basically a repeat outfit with a different blouse and accessories! That feels me - as a fashion blogger, I think we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to always be creating new outfits instead of repeating old favourites with minor variations. Do you guys feel like that sometimes?

I busted out more vintage for the jewelry:
The bracelet was "liberated" from Mom's jewelry box in the mid-80s, and I bought the earrings at an antiques fair about 8 or 9 years ago.

I wore my new-to-me denim pea coat today, as it's cooled down a bit in the mornings:
Vizzini looking like his usual psychotic self - would you believe he's being very lovey there?
Wearing my silver Uggs for walking.

Blouse (no label, vintage 50s/60s), vest (Le Chateau, swap from Ruth), skirt (Talbot's, consignment), shoes (Hale Bob), earrings (vintage 50s/60s), bracelet (Mom's, vintage 50s/60s), coat (Armor Jeans, consignment).


  1. Love the orange skirt and the shoes! Nice to see Vizzini, too. He looks very handsome. Perhaps he will start to ham it up for the camera like Inigo used to do. My Coco has adopted some of Puka's movements and habits since he passed, so maybe Vizzini will do the same with Inigo. I wish I could get Coco to sit on my lap while I'm watching TV like Puka used to do, though...

    The denim pea coat was a great find! You do very well when thrifting, I must say. When I next visit Victoria (which I hope will be soon!), I will have to check out the thrift stores, as they seem to be better than what we have here (San Diego).

    I like your sitting on the stairs pose. I am going to start blogging and posting outfit photos (among other types of articles), so I need to work on my posing... You've got your poses down :-)

    1. Debbie, isn't that nice when they do that? I hope Vizzini will become more lovey over time. We're working hard to socialize him.

      Thanks! Let me know next time you're up in Victoria and we'll do lunch and I'll take you to a couple of my favourite thrift shops. :)

      I just get the pose I like and keep doing it, ha!

  2. There is so much pressure to make 100% awesomely remixed outfits. Phew - so glad I stopped posting daily. It's hard to be creative when there is that pressure to deliver. So jealous of people who can continuously remix!

  3. I absolutely got through the "omg what haven't I worn" stage, but when I shop less I feel like I experience that more. I'm trying to deal with it because when I really sit down I have things that haven't been worn but are really great clothes.

    I love the subtle pattern mixing you've done with those shoes. They've gotten a lot of great wear.

    Also giggling at Vizzini. Sammy will do that to me. He'll be acting adorable, but I pull out the camera and he makes an angry face where his eyes are slightly squinted. He's the loving-est cat I've ever had, but unlike Spike, he doesn't like his picture taken.

    1. Exactly, and that's what I'm discovering with this challenge: I'm getting more wear out of the things I really love, and rediscovering pieces that work well.

      That's Vizzini's usual look, I'm afraid! I'm working on making lovey-eyes with him, but he always has that psycho stare.

  4. I love the way Vizzini's tail has you hooked just a tiny bit. And those are some big round eyes!

    Of course I just love that rust color on you!

  5. Vizzini looks like the camera scared him when the timer went off! He is very cute though :)

    That skirt is such a nice colour, and I really like it with this shirt. I don't see anything wrong with wearing an outfit similar to one you've worn before! I have a lot of dresses in my wardrobe and it's usually too hot to consider layering them. If I don't wear them again with different accessories it would be a big waste of money! Blog or no blog, if I'm comfortable and I like the outfit, I'll wear it or a very similar version again :)

  6. Yes, I recognize that cat-face, like "don't steal my soul with your strange machine, oh, never mind, I'm adorable."

    Your outfit is cool with great vintage appeal, love the jewels. And oh yes, I have felt the pressure to look "different" in my outfit posts, when actually I look pretty similar, day to day : >

  7. im curious if any of your coworkers have caught on to your monthly wardrobe capsules. i think youre doing an amazing job of working with just a few pieces each month, creating entirely new outfits!

    1. Most of my coworkers (even the guys) know I do a fashion blog - many are regular readers! They like to check out what colour theme I'm doing each month and seeing me remix the items.

  8. I do like trying to re-mix as much as I can, but I'm also not stressing too much if I repeat an outfit - maybe not a week after I wore an exact outfit, but if some time goes by I am ok with it. Maybe someone missed it the first time around, you never know!

    I love the vintage jewelry you have! And hello Vizzini!!

  9. Your vintage jewelry is fit for a queen - that you are :)
    I adore your bracelet.

  10. I like the outfits for the last two days. You make me want to wear more colour, Sheila. We have a store in Cumberland that carries Smoking Lily. I looked in the window and next time I will go in and shop. I have to rely on others to drive me at the moment.
    I have been looking for a slim vest like the one you are wearing. Just might have to find a pattern and knit one!
    Peg - UI - where it is also sunny but cool. I like the new jacket!!

  11. You totally rock the sweater vest. It's very flattering on you. Love the blouse too.

    *pats* for Vizzini.

  12. Gorgeous outfit!!! It's really set off by the stunning black and white furry accessory!!


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