Friday, May 11, 2012

May 10th & 11th - Outfits #9 & 10 - Springy Floral and Casual Friday Strips (and Some Shopping)

Miss me? I went shopping after work last night with Mom - our annual outing where I buy her a birthday outfit and then we go for dinner. We had a great time and found her a lovely jacket (Talbots) and top (from The Bay) and some hoop earrings (Reitman's), then we went to a brewpub down on the harbour for a fabulous dinner. After a pint of wheat beer, a special coffee, and then having some wine with L when I got home, I was worn out, so today here's yesterday and today's outfits.

But one more thing: Happy Birthday, Mom! 
I won't say how old she is (she'd kill me), but she was very young when she had me. 

This outfit features another "fresh" item for the May capsule: the first wear of my Desigual t-shirt dress. I've worn this a few times since I bought in the winter, and I've been looking forward to wearing it in the warmer weather. I last wore it here.

I layered a turquoise cami (not in the capsule) under it for less cleavage.
My green cardi makes another appearance (last seen here), as do my awesomely awesome Fluevogs (last seen here, 2nd outfit).

I get a lot of comments on these when I wear them.
I did my turquoise leather wrist-wrap as well.

Dress (Desigual), cami (Esprit), cardigan (Kersh, consignment), shoes (Guide Prepares, Fluevog), wrist-wrap (Shi Studios).

Today, I did two "fresh" items that are getting their first wear:
This wool/angora striped sweater was worn last here (2nd outfit). I love the feel of it - it's very soft and nicely warm and I like the t-shirt style of it...but I don't think it's that flattering on me overall. Too boxy.

Although it's early, this may not make the cut when I assess this month's capsule items. It was only $3.25, so I won't be too heartbroken to see it go. Maybe I'll just wear it around the house.
My denim pencil skirt makes its first appearance in May. I last wore it here (which, oddly is the same link as the sweater, although I didn't wear them together). I love these cowboy boots - they are just the right height on my leg. I last wore a week ago, here.

The stuff:
Lots of leather!

Sweater (Guess Jeans USA, thrifted), skirt (Smart Set, thrifted), boots (Two Roads, consignment), belt/buckle (Shi Studio), airplane cuff (Catalyst Reaction Leather), gears cuff (SkinzNHydez), skinny wrap (Club Monaco), earrings (Plum).

I did pick up a couple of things for myself while Mom and I were shopping. These awesome turquoise denim capris are from Reitman's:
They look killer on - I can't wait to wear them (in July's capsule!). They were $40 and they also had them in a dark red.

I also checked out the sales at Club Monaco. They have some deep discounts on their accessories right now. I found this awesome rhinestone snake bracelet:
It was $9, regular $49.50 (*gasp*).

I fell in love with this crazy metallic scarf:
It is huge and links together with a little metal button.

What I paid:
That's a good price...

Because this is the regular price:
Yow! That's just insane. Who would pay $98.50 for that?

In other news: I got my 10K medal! I got a silver.
Um...yes, I am under my desk. It was a strange morning.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow! You got right under your desk this time! Awesome-sauce.

    I love the Desigual dress with the Fluevogs. And the striped t-shirt is nice but not colourful enough for you. You're too awesome for that shirt. =)

    1. I had to - I was too lame last time! Agreed on the sweater - it'll either be downgraded to housewear or donated.

  2. Congrats on medaling....
    The print on the dress is VERY cool - as are the turquoise capris.
    Get under the desk while you can. (I'm pretty sure if I DID get down there, I'd have a hard time getting out!)

  3. Yes, I missed you! I look forward to seeing your outfit posts, but yesterday's outfit was worth the wait! I LOVE the Desigual dress and hope to get a Desigual piece myself one of these days... I visited their store in Las Vegas and was definitely smitten!

    I agree with Megan that you look best in colorful pieces. They look nice with your red hair and fair skin (I have fair skin, too, and adore color!).

    Yesterday's outfit was a 10 for sure! Have a wonderful weekend. Give Vizzini some pets and love for me! Hope he's adjusting to being an only cat. My Coco took close to 2 months to adjust, but has been thriving in the past few weeks. We likely will get a new friend for her this summer, but we aren't ready yet. It hasn't yet been 3 months since we lost our dear Puka (at far too young an age just like your Inigo).

    I got a chuckle from the under the desk post... I have too many wires and stuff to fit under my desk - LOL.

    1. Vizzini is doing well, thanks, Debbie, and I'm really happy to hear that Coco is adjusting to losing Puka. They're such resilient creatures, aren't they? The 11th was one month since Inigo died, and it's been a rough week.

    2. There are lots of ups and downs when dealing with grief. I thought I was doing better, but have found myself getting teary-eyed quite a bit over the past week. I think it's because it's getting close to Puka's birthday. He would have been 12 on 5/23. I really miss him... I know you understand.

      I think it's easier for cats to deal with grief because they are so in the moment. Coco seems happy, but I know she would like to have a new friend to play with. She is ready before we are ready, though...

      Hugs to you and Vizzini. Glad to hear he is doing well!

  4. The first outfit is so colorful and springy! I am quickly falling in love with those Fluevogs!

    The second look has a cute urban cowgirl look, but you're right the shirt seems to suffer from what I call "shortie shirt syndrome." I have a few like that but I generally just try to be careful with the proportions.

    You scored some great finds! That necklace is lovely - I love snakes. Also I am cracking up at your under-desk photo. I'm totally tempted to take one myself. Congrats on the medal win!

    1. Ack, thanks for catching my error - the snake thing is actually a bracelet!

  5. That is such a super dress! Wow, you got some fantastic deals! A huge congrats on the silver medal!! I'm totally up for some more thrifting, I have nothing for this warmer weather we're supposed to be getting (yea!!). Have a fabulous weekend!!

  6. What a pretty dress. And Happy Birthday to your mother!

  7. I definitely would not spend 98.00 for that. But I do love the green sweater on you! Sounds like you had a good time with your mom. How are you going to top all that for Mother's Day? ;)

    1. I don't do much for Mother's Day, actually. My brother usually takes her out with the grandkids.

  8. Congrats on the silver medal! The under the desk photo made me laugh :)

    Hope your mum had a very happy birthday :) I actually like the striped tee it looks really nice :)

  9. Desigual isn't usually my thing, but I love the colour and summery appeal of that dress! And don't you find that once you get into the mindset of only keeping clothing that you love / works for you, it gets so much easier to get rid of it!?!

    1. Cara, it's really been eye-opening! I'm finding myself wondering why I kept some of these things in the first place. I thought I was pretty good at weeding out, but apparently not!

  10. I'm always amazed by your creativity and the beauty of your life. I love how you talk about your Mom and engage with her in so many fun and interesting activities. And I covet the blue Fluevogs!

  11. Yum! to the Desigual dress and colorful Flue's. And you had a great shopping trip too, I see - the snake bracelet is so, so cool. Happy Birthday to your Mom, who raised a great kid : >

  12. Happy Birthday to your Mum. I am also a Taurus-is she a typical one?

    Love the bright blue and green in your first outfit.

  13. Congrats on the medal! And the bargains on the accessories. I love the dress and I think this is the first time I've seen it.

  14. Love both the outfits!! Those aqua shoes....sigh. I am still in love with them!

  15. I'm late to the partay but cannot resist commenting anyway: LOVE the Desigual dress, kelly green cardi, and turquoise Fluvogs ensemble! It is seriously, seriously wonderful on you. As always, I learn the art of dressing when I visit your blog :)

    Also, sorry about the one month anniversary of your loss. I think about you all the time and hope you are feeling at least a little bit better as time passes. Pet love is the least complicated, it seems, so its loss seems purer and deeper somehow than any other.

  16. Both outfits are super, but you know I'm loving the one that squeezes Fluevog and Desigual into a single ensemble. YUM.


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