Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 4th & 5th - Outfits #4 and 5 - Casual Cowgirl and Weekend Stripes

Happy Weekend! I hope everyone's having a great time. 

I have had a very busy weekend so far. On Friday night, I hosted a "Swap & Sip" at my office. I work for an IT consulting business; out of 150 people in my office, there are only 35 women. Most of them don't know each other that well, so what better than a clothing swap, some wine and nibblies for all the women to get acquainted?

I did casual, but wore clothes for trying things on.
This is another new Smoking Lily dress, that I bought in February at the sale at the downtown store. The dress is called the "Garden State" and originally sold for $108 - I paid $30 for mine! Score!

The shirt is my denim button-down, last worn here, back in March 2011! I also wore it here in August 2010, and here in June 2010. I must have bought it some time around then - I picked up on a consignment clearance rack for less than $10, I recall.
The dress is a thick, sort of fuzzy jersey, not quite t-shirt, not quite sweater. Very soft and again, like pajamas!

The cowboy boots were purchased back in December for $32.99 on consignment. I last wore them here in January. And yeah, I'm wearing striped socks with them instead of tights, heh.

Here's the pattern screened on the bottom side hem:

The stuff:
My feather charm. The belt was one of the items we thrifted for our steampunk costumes - it's leather and the silver pieces are really heavy. It was $1.00 in the children's section (I don't think it's a kids' belt, though).

Dress (Garden State, Smoking Lily), shirt (Mexx, consignment), belt (thrifted), boots (Two Roads, consignment).

I took two bags of stuff to the Swap & Sip (which was a great success, thanks for asking). I got 3 items back. I'm pretty fussy - I'm not going to take anything unless I really like it.

I got this coral Alfani top:
It'll be a nice layering piece - good colour. I also snagged that lovely silver and stone necklace in all my favourite colours: red, cobalt and turquoise.

But the real score were these Airwalk sneakers:
Aren't they awesome? And they've never been worn - they were still in the box! Good thing I'm the only size 9 1/2 in my office! 

On Saturday, I got up early to go work Reception at the early WW meeting:
As I would be joining the Ultimate crowd right after work, I have my sports bra on, and I'm wearing loose layers that I can change out of at the field.

This is my emerald green striped Banana Republic sweater. It's a cashmere blend - got it for $11 out thrifting  in April 2011 (only worn once, here, scroll down).
It's a top that doesn't photograph well - I love the fit and the feel and the stripes are so vivid.

That's my thrifted Desigual skirt, last seen here. This is only the second wear for it as well. See? All these great things in my closet and I never wear them! This is one of the reasons I'm doing this year-long challenge:  what do I love enough to fit into a 30-item capsule?

Second wear of my Prepare Guides (last time here). Yes, a repeat item already - I adore these shoes. Holy smokes, they are the most comfortable shoes ever!
I wore my white leather jacket as outerwear - it was actually a little bit sunny out this weekend!

Jacket (Le Chateau, consignment), sweater (Banana Republic, thrifted), skirt (Desigual, thrifted), shoes (Prepare Guides, Fluevog).

After Ulty, we went for lunch (more showing off of the shoes, hee), then I had a nap, and then Winesday was at my house. Woo, a very late night! Much fun was had by all.

I got a kick out of the label on one of the bottles of wine:
Too bad they spelled "Sheila" wrong! Arg! I hate that!


  1. Love your outfits and that belt is really cool!
    What fun that you had the clothing swap. You must work with some stylish ladies.

  2. Hm, that first outfit has me wondering if my denim shirt is long enough to knot...I like it. So, you organized this office clothing swap? Then you deserve those great shoes!

  3. What a great idea.... a Swap and Sip I had never heard of the concept!
    You got some nice things and even though I am not a sneaker fan, those are awesome!

  4. I love that Smoking Lily dress - one of my fave colors, and so pretty with your hair.

    I think a swap party is such a good idea - but have no idea how they work. Do people take turns, or use tickets? Or is it just an honor system kind of thing?

    1. Lynne, we spent the first hour having food and wine and just browsing and checking out what had been contributed for clothing. I sorted everything into categories (tops, skirts, etc.). Then it was a free-for-all and we started trying things on. People could take as much as they wanted. I still had 10 bags of stuff left at the end!

  5. I have a very similar SL dress. It's brownish-grey jersey with the same screen print but it has pockets. Yes, I know - you're totally surprised. =)

    The turquoise Guides are so fabulous and that belt is a great piece.

  6. Smoking lily pajama dress and Desigual skirt! Two very awesome things in one post. Great scores at the swap. The sneakers are a-freaking-dorable.

    Hee! Too cute about the wine bottle. The label writers were probably just a little too tipsy. ;)

  7. Sounds like a great weekend! LOVE the new shoes!!!

  8. Love both your outfits! The skirt in the second one is a real standout piece :) adore the layering in your first one too.

    I like that you organised a "swap and sip" at your work, sounds like a great way to get to know everyone and for everyone to get to know each other! Also, I like the name "swap and sip" ;)

  9. I've just been catching up on all your posts. I looove that impish one of you under the desk! And your shoes...! The idea of a swap was perfect although I've never been to one. And you certainly are the queen of snagging Smoking Lily. Wow. They make fantastic clothes - and you wear them brilliantly!

  10. I just discovered your blog via the Fashionable Bureaucrat, let me just say you had me at that under the desk picture, lol :) Love your style and your 30 on 30 challenge, looking forward to see your upcoming outfits :)


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