Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 30th - Outfit #27 - One More to Go!

Thank you all for your words of support while I was cranky. I am happy to report that Madame Crankypants has left the building. It helped to wear some really bright colour today.
This is my lovely blue top, last seen here, with a yellow cami under it (cami not in the capsule). I've put it with my green tweed mystery skirt, last seen here.

I reviewed my handy-dandy capsule wardrobe spreadsheet last night to make sure I have gotten enough wear out of all of the items in May's capsule. How much is enough? I don't know - enough!
One more wear for these awesome shoes (last worn here). Everything I'm wearing today is staying in my closet.

Top (Oxmo), cami (InWear), skirt (no label, thrifted), shoes (Hilary Radley, consignment), earrings/necklace (Lavishy).

I spent some time last night finalizing my June capsule. I admit it: I am insanely excited to change capsules, because I am doing something totally different next month. It will be a huge challenge for me! And you know, I do like a challenge.

I'm off on Friday and Monday, giving myself a long weekend around L's birthday. I'll be spending all day Friday out and about, wandering around town with him and our friends, and Saturday is his big birthday bash. I sense a Wild Card outfit!

I'll be posting a preview of my June shoes and clothing items tomorrow night with my last May outfit. Stay tuned later this weekend for the first June outfit(s) and for the re-cap of May's capsule.


  1. Aww I will miss the May capsule, it has been such a great one. Like that gorgeous blue top! However I'm looking forward to your change up and what new picks you'll have for the next month.

    Happy early birthday to L, and may you guys have a blast at his party.

  2. I covet that blue top desperately. I can't wait to see what challenges one of my fave style bloggers!

  3. I like the skirt, and it goes nicely with the cobalt top.

  4. The cobalyt with the hint of yellow peeking out is fab! I cannot wait to see your June capsule :-)

  5. I am looking forward to your new capsule and your "wildcard" outfit for the weekend! And congratulations on posting during a crankypants phase - I'm usually unable to write anything worthy of sharing in such a state!

  6. I really like the blue top paired with that green skirt :) Glad you are feeling better today and less cranky! :)

  7. I love your recap posts so much and I'm gonna steal that skirt from you (or send one of my BC colleagues to steal it for me).

    I really love the colour of those shoes. They're not neutral and not green - just a nice soft colour.

  8. Happy Birthday to your Hubby!!
    Lovely outfit!! I can't WAIT to see what you have planned for next month!

  9. Wow this is a lovely combo! I love that shade of blue and it just looks so lovely with the skirt! I agree with Ally, the skirt looks like artwork. Excited to see your June capsule! And happy birthday to L - hope you have a fun long weekend together!!

  10. That combination of mustard, green, and cobalt is just dynamite!

  11. You always wear the most spectacular shoes. And love the blue on you. Looking forward to the Wild Card outfit as you celebrate L's BD!

  12. Loveable outfit but, for me, the top steals the show.

    I love how you keep track of your outfits and shall declare June - August my tracking months to vet out less used summer pieces

  13. 3rd time trying to leave comment via cell phone. ::Insert modern technology grumble::

    Love the outfut, especially the blouse. Completely stealable.

    I love how you keep track of what you wear. I'm going to do this during the summer months to vet out less used items


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