Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 16th - Wild Card and May 17th - Outfit #15 - She-Hulk

Last night, I went with my Mom to see my two oldest nieces dance at an all-ages recital at the university auditorium. It was pretty long, starting with 3-year-olds doing "Teddy's Bears' Picnic" to 50+ year-old women doing ballet - it's all about the love of dance. I don't dance, aside from getting my bad self down to some party tunes, but I love to watch it.

My nieces were so awesome; they each were in multiple numbers. Zoe's so graceful - 12 going on 17, that one is - she'll be even more lovely as she gets older. Hannah's very athletic and strong - she does whatever she sets her mind to. I admire them both and I was so proud of them last night. I had to dress up and use my one Wild Card outfit for this special occasion.
It was a bit cleavage-y but I do like to put the girls out there once in a while, ha!

I love this dress. I got in London two years ago, in May 2010 (here, scroll down past Camden Market and the Tower of London). I last wore it here. I'm wearing the $5.50 thrifted elastic/leather/eelskin belt that I wore for one of my steampunk outfits (here, first outfit).

I'm also doing my blue cropped cardigan (Sal at Already Pretty was just talking about those as a layering piece for summer - how's that for timing!).
I last wore it here. And that's a yellow Aldo leather purse that I got a couple of years ago on consignment. I'm also wearing a vintage silver bracelet (the infamous "pee bracelet").

Without the cardi so you can see the nice cut of the dress:
No special bra needed - yay!

I had to wear really cool shoes - I knew the girls would notice.
I did at 60 second pedicure. Thank goodness for quick-drying nail polish!

I've had these shoes for nearly a year. I last wore them here.

Dress (Lirub), belt (vintage 80s, thrifted), cardigan (Jessica, consignment), shoes (Locale), purse (Aldo, consignment).

Today marks the debut of the last "fresh" item in the May capsule: this chartreuse velvet jacket:
I bought it on consignment back in Feb 2010 for $30. It's a local company, I think. I last wore it here, back in March 2011! Yikes!

I'm not sure why it took me so long to wear it, since I really liked this outfit and got several compliments on how nice all the colours looked. Dang it, I need to wear this more - I like it!

This is my green t-shirty top underneath (last worn here), and the purple cotton pencil skirt that I grouched about here.
And the Kermit shoes are back! I last wore them here.

I felt a little bit like the Incredible Hulk in my allover green with purple bottom - rar, She-Hulk! Hee hee!

The stuff:
I like to mix vintage jewelry with modern. The belt belonged to my Mom, is from the 60s - I'm sad to say that I removed chain swags and tassels from it in the 80s (although I did wear it in all its glory at least once with bigass harem pants in 1985).

The cicada earrings always freak a few people out (heh).

Jacket (Alison Wonderland, consignment), top (Limited, consignment), skirt (Jacob), shoes (Poetic License), belt (vintage 60s, Mom's), earrings (Erica Wiener).

Today is my Friday, as I took tomorrow off! Woo! It's Victoria Day long weekend, as Megan explains very well here (and go see how much better my Smoking Lily skirt looks on her!). Happy long weekend!


  1. These two outfits blew me away! I always love the print of the dress. It's unique, bright and fresh. I can not believe that amazing belt was $5.50. Wicked good deal. The dance show sounds really cool. I really miss going to my high school's plays. They were always so good.

    My jaw dropped at the second look! Omg, the colors! I have definitely picked out my two favs from this collection already. That chartreuse jacket makes my heart sing. I don't know if I live in a town with another acid/neon/chartreuse lover, but the green sections of my thrift store are always cleaned out of the good stuff.

  2. Love the colourful outfit you wore to see your nieces! :) that dress is beautiful and I really love the shoes.

  3. Wow! Two seriously fabulous outfits - Those red shoes are so wonderful as is that dress. Such a unique print. The chartreuse and blue combination is really extraordinary. The jacket almost looks like raw silk - too cool!

  4. Ahh, those red shoes - I think I dream about them. I love the print on your "London" dress, it kind of looks like Betty Page-as-saint (which would be cool). Love the teal toes too.

  5. Your dress is all kinds of awesome! So pretty and fun! I love watching dance too - especially the really little kids who can be absolutely hilarious.

    Love seeing the Kermit shoes again too! :)

  6. Those red shoes are amazing, and they are just perfect for that dress! I also really love the colors together in your second outfit. The Kermit shoes were just right.

  7. Love,love the dress!!!!!!!! My god its so gorgeous!! :)

  8. Both outfits are beautiful - certainly with that dress you could never --ever-- go wrong.

  9. Ah--I remember dance recitals well--my Julie danced from age 3 to 21!!! The dress and shoes--FABULOUS!!!
    Your "hulk" outfit is stunning!! You really are the queen of color!!

  10. You do color in the most impressive way - always a surprise that leaps off my screen. I am always inspired by your shoes!

  11. I'm laughing at the thought of the three-year-olds...must have been so cute.

  12. Wow, these are a couple of knockout outfits Sheila. I'm loving the color mixes and how you got all the little details just right.


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