Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 29th - Outfit #26 - Blue and Floofy

I find myself rather cranky today, so I'm going to keep it short.
Blue sweater - great colour, not huge on the fit (makes me look very booby), but it's good enough to keep (for now). Last worn here.

Desigual skirt with additional blue floofy underskirt business going on.
There, you can see it better. The uneven hem of this skirt (last worn here) lends itself well to layering.

The blue suede shoes were last worn just a couple of days ago, here.

This is the first time I've worn this silk Smoking Lily obi "backwards," with the grey facing out instead of the purple. This is what it usually looks like.

My accessories are my little snake bracelet, simple silver hoops, a tile charm on a chain and Wendy B's lapis lazuli ring.

Sweater (Plum, thrifted), skirt (Desigual, thrifted), underskirt (Noa Noa), shoes (Feet First), obi (Smoking Lily, consignment).


  1. Love the blue suede shoes Sheila. I'd be wearing those everyday!

  2. I am a great respecter of crankiness. Had one of those days myself this past Sunday...I won't give you the details. You look good nevertheless.

  3. Aww I think you look great. Not much can beat a Desigual, Wendy B and snake jewelry combo. Well, maybe adding some Smoking Lily - oh wait, you did! Heehee. ;) Love it. Hope you're feeling more up tomorrow.

  4. Cranky or not, you looked fantastic. Another one of my favorite skirts. This weather has been odd and conducive to cranky carb-eating...stay strong my friend! A new capsule in only a couple more days!!

  5. Nice colors. The belt looks good. I even learned a new word -- booby!

  6. Oh dear, you do sound grumpy today ;-). I hope tomorrow is a better day - wear something yellow to cheer yourself up :-)

    I've not commented much this month - but I'm loving this months capsule - this dress and the smoking lily dress are my favourites - and the kermit shoes!

  7. And obviously when I say "this dress" I mean "yesterday's dress" - that's what comes of posting replies before 7 am ;-)

  8. Ah hope the cranky feeling goes away soon! You look fab in this outfit, sorry it's been a day to make you cranky!

  9. Hope whatever caused crankiness is over and done with. Outfit is super fun looking. Love the added underskirt.

  10. It's good that you can smile through the cranky. You'd never know you were in a less than happy mood when looking at those photos.

    Cobalt blue shoes are awesome! And I love the Noa Noa skirt under your Desigual skirt. It gives it a softer look.

  11. I love the word floofy. It makes me think of Phoebe from Friends, but I love it. And I love this skirt. I'm sorry you didn't have a good day, I hope today is better!

  12. xoxo

    Some days are grumpy days. Thanks for posting anyway, because my day is always less grumpy when there's new Sheila to read!

  13. I wouldn't know by your wonderful smile you werre cranky!!
    Love the outfit--you atre certainly getting the mileage out of those blue shoes this month!


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