Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 31st - Outfit #28 - Retro Cowgirl and June Capsule Preview

Well, this is it! Last day of May, last day of my May wardrobe capsule. I've enjoyed this month, and I'm looking forward to recapping it this weekend. 

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Here's today's outfit:
I had to get another wear of this vintage blouse in, as I only wore it once (here). Until I wore it today, I was positive that I was going to pass it along, but now I'm reconsidering. It fits great, I love the retro look of it (duh, it's actually vintage, probably from the late 50s/early 60s)), and I have a tough time finding cool patterned shirts. Hmmm....going to have to do some thinking.

I also wanted to wear this great suede skirt one more time. I wore it more at the beginning of the month (last time here), but I really like the cut of it.
And one more wear of my cowboy boots (last seen here). These have broken in nicely over the past few months since I bought them - they weren't tight to begin with, but they've just hit that comfy place now. I'm sad not to wear them again until 2013!

Added my Grandma J's vintage leaf necklace, this fun suede belt and a jade ring of Mom's from the 70s - everything in this outfit, except for my big gold hoop earrings and the belt is second hand.

Blouse (no label, vintage, thrifted), skirt (Danier Leather, consignment), boots (Two Roads, consignment), belt (Aldo Accessories), necklace (Lisner, Grandma J, vintage early 60s), ring (Mom's, vintage 70s). we go: a preview of my June capsule 30-item wardrobe:
Yup, it's all neutrals! Cream, white, mushroom, taupe, black, brown, and grey. Lots of pattern and texture, but no colour.

Here are the shoes:
Not a speck of colour there either, not counting the red lining in those black pumps. This is going to be a huge challenge for colour-loving me, to see if I can a) keep my sunshine-y demeanor going without colour to help me out and b) to incorporate colour in other ways, via accessories and eep! toenail polish (it's been a while since I did my toes).

I was thinking about this capsule today at work, as I looked at the rain pour down, and thought that I had put only open-toed shoes/sandals in this capsule. Phew, I am relieved that there are some closed-toe shoes in there!

So...what do you think? An all-neutral capsule? For a whole month? Can it be done??


  1. All neutrals? *Gasp!* I couldn't do it, and my tastes aren't half as colorful as yours. But you deserve cosmic brownie points of some kind for challenging yourself. Onward!

  2. I definitely think you'll be able to survive! You've got a lot of good prints in there, add camis, accessories, and nails and you'll be good.

    (Hope this comment goes through, having power flickers due to thunderstorms!)

  3. Can't wait to see how you mix and match up this capsule Sheila! And thanks for your sweet comments the last couple of days! xx

  4. This is interesting. I'm just now starting to really catch on to what you're accomplishing here. It's a really cool idea and inspiring. Is your closet huge?? I'm thinking I'd need a couple of closets to really get organized.
    Don't get rid of that shirt. It's so you!

  5. I think it sounds like a fun challenge, and you chose some cute shoes.

  6. If anyone can do a neutral capsule, you can! Your pairings are always inspired and your colour-via-accessories, polish, will stand out even more against this new palette. I do love that super-wide belt.

  7. Oooh, no colour! I'll be interested to see how you get on with this - it's so different for you! :-)

  8. Ooh! All neutrals! I am sure you can do it Sheila! :-)

  9. Oh it will be a very interesting challenge this month for you! I think you will do great though - you've got some patterns in there for interest, and pop colour accessories will work really will with a neutral outfit too :) Looking forward to seeing your resulting outfits!

  10. No wonder you were excited- wonderful challenge I'm sure you are up for...can't wait!

  11. I love that vintage blouse, so I can see why it's a hard decision to keep it or not, I say keep it!

    Looking forward to June - neutrals! I have so many neutrals, I'm sure I could do an entire month too. And I always love your shoes, looks like some fun choices coming up here for June!

  12. It will be very interesting to see how you mix and match these neutrals. Lots of opportunity for pattern mixing.

    I predict a very colourful "wild card" day. =)

  13. Sheila, seeing as you are one of the reasons I decided to be bold with colour, you can take the lovely neutrals and I will wear the brightest outfits I can put together for this month! Is it a deal? x

  14. holy cow, i almost had a stroke there thinking you'd broken into my closet ;) !!!

    "Can it be done??" well, i have to say i've done it myself...if that answers the question affirmatively or not i leave to you to decide :)

    from a purely selfish perspective i am drooling to watch this next month of yours, tho i have to say i have been reallllly digging May with it's myriad of 'enhanced' skirts. You're looking seriously fantastic and i see no reason why that will not continue!

    Have a wonderful weekend and rub that furry guy for me, steph

  15. I vote keep the adorable shirt!!
    Wow--can't wait to see how you style neutrals!!! Looks like an awesome capsule for june!

  16. Sheila: I really enjoyed the May capsule, but am anxious to see you pull together the neutral capsule. Reading your postings of combining clothes has been good for me, as of June 11, I will be travelling to Victoria for five days a week for five weeks. I have taken a few hints from your clothing list, so wish me luck, not just on the clothing, but on the treatments. I also got three little tattoos yesterday - for positioning my body during the treatments. Guess you know what I am up to. Peg - UI

  17. If anyone can do it, YOU can! I especially like that last outfit you show here. Guess the colors are just so spectacular on you. And YES. You ought to keep that blouse! Just sayin'...


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