Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 24th - Outfit #22 - Yellow and Mellow

As I near the end of another month, I feel like I need to make sure that every piece gets worn at least once; I check my trusty spreadsheet to see how pieces are doing, and I review everything on its hanger in the closet. I rehang stuff I've just worn on the right of the bar, so that it gradually works back to the left - that allows me see what hasn't been worn in a while. I select things out of the centre too. 

Today, it was the vest and the shirt that got pulled out and matched up.
This is the second wearing of this shirt (last seen here), and while I liked this outfit better than the last one as far as comfort went, I'll still be giving up this piece at month-end.

This is the third wearing of the vest (last seen here). I'm keeping it - I love a good sweater vest.
I'm completely in love with this skirt; this is its fourth wear (last time here, 2nd outfit). I've only worn the shoes 3 times now (last worn here), but I'll be wearing them again at least once more.

I'm so happy to be bare-legged again - it's always a weird transition period between "my leg colour is part of my outfit" to nude hosiery to bare legs. I do hate shaving more frequently though!

Shirt (Ralph Lauren, thrifted), vest (Le Chateau, swap from Ruth), skirt (Talbot's, consignment), shoes (Feet First).


  1. I'll be sad to see that shirt go, the colors are perfectly summery. However you've given it a good spin. I'm still trying to wrap my head around planning outfits without layers. It's just too hot to consider more than one thin layer. Sometimes I envy you guys up north. (But I don't envy your winter!)

  2. My goodness woman you are way too organized! Does glow-in-the-dark white count as an outfit color?? (Gotta get that self tanner slathered on!)

  3. I love your sweater-vest too, and like Mega, I want more layering-time down here : > Your blue shoes look like superstars, I hope to see them more. Happy Friday!

  4. I like this, especially that fact that you have several different colors here and they're all working together nicely. Like Megan, I'm sad to see that shirt go as I think it looks lovely on you, but you have definitely given it a fair go!

  5. Cute! (And I like your idea about re-hanging worn clothes so as to remember which you have/haven't worn....I need to come up with a similar system!)

  6. Thayt skirt is definitely a keep!!! I'd love to see how you style it in an autumn capsule!

  7. The colour combination is super and it IS a great sweater vest. Blue suede shoes are awesome!

  8. I love the way you organise your capsules to make sure you're getting lots of wear out of everything :)

    I should try do a similar system with my closet, I seem to rotate my favourite pieces frequently and barely wear half of what I own!


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