Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 8th - Outfit #7 - Snag Monster!

I'm so happy not to see that yellow shirt at the top of the blog anymore. Yes, I'll probably wear it at least one more time in this capsule (no swapping out just because I don't like something), but phew! I'm glad it's going to be going. Funny how that is - I guess this challenge is working!

I liked today's outfit much better. 
I felt all sparkly and lady-like (said like Eliza Doolittle - I'm a lie-dee, hee hee).

I first wore this sweater here (scroll down) back in July), and it's a really nice sweater. Why have I not worn it more?? Oh wait, I did here, in October.
The skirt is an 80s vintage Alfred Sung that I bought on consignment back in 2009. Last wore it here.

I like the glass button detail up the back of the sweater.
The skirt is a stiff metallic lace, and the edges are raw. They tend to ravel a bit, and they snagged the heck out of my nylons, especially the backs of the knees, which now have little puffs of snaggedness nested back there. Arg. These microfishnets aren't cheap.

The shoes are awesome - easily one of the most comfortable pairs of 3+ inch heels I own. I last wore them here.

Added to the snagtastic excitement was this stretchy rhinestone bracelet:
It belonged to my mom, so it's probably vintage 50s. The earrings were also hers, and I remember buying them for her for Christmas at Birks one year in the 70s with Dad. L bought me the necklace for Christmas a few years ago.

Everything I wore today, except for my rings, was second-hand. Cool.

Sweater (Plum, thrifted), skirt (Alfred Sung, vintage 80s, consignment), shoes (Hilary Radley, consignment), necklace (vintage 50s, gift from L), bracelet (Mom's, vintage 50s), earrings (Mom's, vintage 70s).


  1. It's a shame that the skirt is a snag-monster as it is a beaut!

  2. Sheila, your post brought back great memories of my beloved college days in the early 80s. I had a vintage rhinestone bracelet exactly like yours, but swapped it for a set of jet beads. Eh, I was an idiot. That skirt is so lovely with the great color, lace, and shine. Note to self: Buy microfishnets :)

  3. Ah! Super cool skirt. Sorry to hear it eats tights. Yikes. It does look fabulous though. It also sounds like you're really scrutinizing your closet and learning what really works for you and what needs to go.

    Hooray for vintage jewelry. I love how some of your sets are a mix of family handmedowns and more recently purchased pieces, but whether a mixed bag of sources, decades, and styles you always have the best jewelry.

  4. I know you weren't intentionally dressing for Everybody Everywhere, but you are somewhat naval - the skirt just reminds me of mermaids!

  5. That is an awesome skirt!!! And the buttons on the back of the top are the perfect detail! I love your boldness of style and the way you wear rhinestones in the daytime!

  6. Love that skirt, so unique! It is a shame it is so mean to tights, as it's stunning!

  7. You look great! Love that dusty blue on you.

  8. This is so soft and sparkly; I love it!

  9. Love the skirt! It totally stinks that it snags on your tights! And you are right,the shoes ARE awesome! Love that everything you wore was secondhand too, that's really neat!

  10. Love the outfit!! I love the dusty blue on you and how you blinged it out with the Rhinestone jewels

  11. I don't know why but this outfit makes me think of royalty... like something a princess would wear - i love it.

  12. The jumper is great! Do you find you can sit back ok though, with all the buttons? I had a lovely tshirt with similar buttons that I has to pass on to a friend, as I kept jabbing myself in the back with the buttons! :-)

    1. SS, the buttons are quite flat, so I don't even feel them. I also wore a full vintage slip under this outfit, so the sweater had that extra layer.


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