Sunday, May 13, 2012

May 12th - Outfit #11 - Casual Weekend and Some Shopping

We didn't have enough people for Ultimate yesterday, but I went to my WW meeting anyway.
This was comfortable for my meeting, lunch afterwards, and a wee bit of shopping downtown in the afternoon. This is my Smoking Lily dress, last seen here, and my jean jacket (not part of the capsule) has been in my wardrobe since I went to NYC in the spring of 2007. I last wore it here.

I was really glad I'd covered up a bit - the weather has been HOT this weekend!
My little zebra kitten heels (last seen here) were perfect for all the walking I did - I probably walked about 6 kilometers/3.5 miles, including walking home. My bigass flower helped tie in the browns of the shoes and the bag.

I did simple accessories: my black leather cuff, my octopus necklace and plain white gold hoops.
Of course, I am wearing my Wendy Brandes ring - I wear it nearly every day!

Dress (Smoking Lily "Emma" dress), jacket (Ann Taylor Loft), shoes (Hale Bob), cuff (Guess, thrifted), necklace (Ravens Rest Studio).

I had a nice relaxing afternoon shopping. I've been feeling a little down lately; just stress over work and Inigo's death. I'm working through it, but I find that the peace I get from browsing the racks in consignment/thrift stores helps calm me.

I found these awesome kitten heel gladiator sandals for 1/2 price in a consignment store.
They are leather and are by Enzo Angiolini (I also have these shoes in the same brand). They were $19.

I found a short satin slip in a thrift store for $6.
Most of my slips are at or below the knee. This one is well above the knee so will be great for all those annoying skirts that are clingy.

I am in love with seersucker fabric lately, so I had to have this swooshy skirt.
It's by "Y" and was $16.00

I had a major flashback when Wendy B posted about 90s-wear the other day. Do you remember those beautiful washed silk blouses?
This one is a stunning deep red and it doesn't show any wear (nor sign of having had shoulder pads during its lifetime). It's by Elite International and was only $5. Score! And it's washable!

Today, I walked to the grocery store, bought my groceries (I have them delivered), then continued on my walk down through residential neighbourhoods and along the water. I stopped in at one of my favourite consignment shops for a browse.

I always feel kind of weird in my walking gear (long-sleeved tee, board shorts, runners) when I'm out shopping, but they know me at this store so I don't get followed around like I'm a crazy style-less person. Heh.

I found this awesome spring denim double-breasted coat on their clearance rack for $9.50:
It's by Armour Jeans, one of the lines that Le Chateau carries.

I also found this amazing fitted yellow strapless dress:
It was $18.98 and is by Jacob. I can't wait to wear it this summer!

This incredible pale pink and orange satin shirt/jacket made my heart flutter.
It was also $18.98, and is by La Fee.

I'm finding myself now shopping specifically for the months' colour themes that I have planned - and although it doesn't seem like it by the volume of purchases, it is actually restricting my shopping quite a bit. I'm quite mindful of not being tempted just because of the price, but thinking hard about how I'm going to wear each piece.

I don't usually buy low-end items from junky-quality stores second-hand, but this XXI cardigan was really cute on and fills a hole in my wardrobe nicely.
 It was $15.98, and is a poly/wool/angora blend (only a very small percentage of angora - I checked. Angora drives me crazy).

This blouse was so lovely and light:
I really like the soft colours in it. It's Esprit and was $15.98.

Hope you had a fun weekend!


  1. I adore that green dress...such a pretty color, and you look amazing in it!

  2. I have been LOVING all your outfits this month so far! This post and the last were absolutely my favorites. There's something simple and elegant and yet spunky about the outfits you'd put together. And even if you are down (which makes me sad, too), you certainly look beautiful. xo

    1. Thanks, Christie! I have been reading the book you sent - it's great, thank you.

  3. Great dress! And super cool shopping finds. I find my retail therapy more effective than actual therapy (and I know, I've been). I am crazy in love with those silver sandals. So adorable! Also the seersucker skirt is so adorable. I'm going to be stalking your remixes of that because someone mentioned my striped All saints skirt looked like seersucker - and by golly they were right!

    Interesting about getting groceries delivered. I've heard about stores doing that in the UK. It sounds so odd to me. I wouldn't even know what to order. I get most of my food/meals ideas from browsing the grocery the same way I shop for clothes!

    1. The seersucker skirt will be in the June capsule, so you'll see it remixed a few times.

      I do that too, in the grocery store - and I put my stuff in the basket, and go right through the checkout with all of it...but then I say it's for delivery, and I note my address and leave after I pay. You have to shop before 2pm and be home from 6pm onwards to answer the door. It's free! I know at least one grocery chain on the Island does orders online and delivers them too.

  4. You had amazing luck this weekend! Please keep that great mojo going for next weekend. And a big hug to you in the meantime my friend. xx

  5. Lovely new purchases! I find shopping clams me too - even if it's just online browsing! I hope you feel better after your relaxing weekend :)

    That green smoking lily dress is beautiful.

  6. Love the green SL dress It's such a great colour for you. SL dresses really don't need much accessorizing since their screen prints are so bold and interesting.

    Great thrifting finds! My favourite is the seersucker skirt. Such a great design.

  7. Wow did you score!! love everything you got and can't wait to see it styled!

  8. All people decide to shopping in the weekends because they have only time in weekend and they like to shop some casual wearing.

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  9. Love your new finds! The seersucker skirt might be my favorite, I really like it! And I love those new gladiator sandals! They are fantastic!

  10. Sheila: Love the entire outfit. WOW! You are a great/lucky thrift shopper. I am definitely going to have to get out to at least one thrift/consignment shop with you when I start my visits to Victoria in the next few weeks! LOL - not for the visits I will be making to the cancer clinic, but the fact that I think you might even have the time to show me where to shop!
    Have a great day - I think you have enough 'cool' outfits for our so-far warm May. Remember, Sheila, June can sometimes be cool and windy on the Island - at least it is here UI. Peg - UI
    PS You are right about the flower tying the bag and shoes together with the outfit.

    1. Peg, drop me an email and let me know when you're around - for sure, we can find some time for a wee shop while you're here. If you're at the Julibee cancer clinic, I live quite close.

      Oh, I know - I have lots of cardigans and blazers and spring jackets just in case.

  11. That green dress is beautiful... it has such a nice shape. Or ... wait maybe you give the dress that nice shape :)

  12. You look amazing! The dress is such a lovely green and the flower is just kickass. I love all the new purchases too :-)

  13. The flower on your jean jacket is the perfect accessory with your hair. I find that shopping for 'finds' can be like a meditation, and it looks like your browsing was successful. The silver sandals are amazing.

  14. I, too, love this ensemble. The smoking lily dress is smoking on its own (that green - my favourite colour - is perfect against your creamy skin :), of course, but you gave it even more awesomeness with your signature flare.


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