Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Feb 8th - Outfit #7 - Black Slash Leather

I have been dying to wear this shirt since I bought it:
Yes, it's a black leather shirt - more pictures below, and we'll get to that shortly.

Outfit number 7! I had fun with the plaid tights - they have just a touch of red on them. The Cydwoq shoes make another appearance, and this is the first wear of the silvery-grey velvet skirt (last seen here), the red sweater (here) and this absolutely amazing black leather shirt.
I spotted this when I was thrifting with Lorinda a couple of weekends ago. It was in the little hospice thrift store that I like on a rack with a bunch of other leather jackets.

Most leather jackets you see in thrift stores are straight out of the 80s: big round shoulders, cropped waist, puffy sleeves (I tried on a red jacket like that, much to my and Lorinda's amusement). This shirt has to have been made within the last 2-10 years at the very most.

When I put this jacket on, I knew:
Lorinda knew, and all the ladies in there shopping knew. It was one of those things that made me suck in my breath. I had to have it.

Okay some details. The entire shirt (and it is a shirt, not a jacket - only the sleeves are lined) is slashed.
All those darts and seams? The leather is cut down the centre, but backed by another piece of leather, so that there's no gaping. Every seam is done like this.

The front has slashes all along the hem, on the waist seams and at the tops of the shoulders.

The back is slashed across the shoulders, across the shoulder blades and at the waist.
The bottom hem is slashed. It's hard to see properly, but there's a bit of a peplum - the section below the horizontal slash at the waist is sort of a flap, like two slits on either side.

The sleeves are slashed three times around the cuffs:
Also at the elbows and under the arms.
Isn't that insanely, crazily cool? As I wore it all day, it started to shape to my body. That's one of the things I really like about good leather; it becomes a very personal item. And it's how I can tell that this shirt has never been worn.

I would have bought this at nearly any price point:
It was $40, which is probably the most expensive thrift item I have ever purchased, but I know this must have sold for far more than that! I'm sure my local Danier Leather mall store doesn't carry cool stuff like this.

Anyway, I'm in love with this shirt, and it's going to get a lot of wear in February!

The stuff:
I have been keeping my accessories more simple lately, and letting my loud clothes do the talking, heh heh.

Shirt (Danier Leather, thrifted), sweater (Reitman's, thrifted), skirt (Club Monaco), shoes (Cydwoq), necklace (gift from Tina).

In case you've wondered where Vizzini's gotten to in the mornings when I do my pictures, he's decided to leave me alone after he has his morning meal and have a snooze on the scratching post.
Hee, he likes to sleep up there. It's right at my eye level. Inigo is hanging out on top of the bookcase, but had been cuddling on my lap earlier while I ate my oatmeal.


  1. Oh wow! That is an incredible shirt. It looks like it's supremely soft and will break in wonderfully. Major score.

    Also hooray for sleepy kitties. So cute.

  2. So excited to see you wearing the leather shirt. I really was made for you!!

  3. Oh this shirt is VERY VERY cool! And it feels so soft and supple :)

  4. Amazing shirt. I thrift a lot of leather, and you are so right about what most of it is like, but what you've got there is just perfect.

  5. OMG. I LOVE THAT SHIRT. You have got to be the luckiest shopper EVER. I can't ever find cute things and gave up on thrifting years ago.

  6. Wow, what a fantastic find! You look white-hot in that black leather shirt. Go Sheila!! And kitties: as you were. : >

  7. This is one of my favorite outfits of is great!! I love every piece!

  8. Great outfit. I like the mix of leather with the satin of the skirt. And those Cydwoq shoes are so lovely.

  9. I had never heard of a leather shirt. Sure, leather skirt but never shirt... so its odd for me. However I absolutely love all the details, cuts and folds this top has - and I agree with you: leather is so personal that it just goes on like a second skin and shapes itself to its owner.

  10. Your whole outfit is stunning but WOW on the leather shirt!!! It reads like a jacket and all of the slashing adds such an architectural element to it!! What an awesome find and it will be such a versatile piece for you. I can envision it with that asymetrical skirt you wore in the last couple weeks!
    Love the leopard print cat perch--your furbabies are stylish, too!!

  11. You look seriously, seriously, SERIOULY wicked in this ensemble. All those slashes in the leather make that buttery top a full-on figure highlighter. Also, love that you're wearing leather and velvet and sparkles.

    The fur treasures are, as usual, awesome, too.

  12. Echoing Jude, *you* look smoking hot! What a great find that shirt was!

  13. You go girl!!!...Sheila, you are working that leather shirt...That outfit is simply gorgeous...What a steal for a quality leather shirt!!!...$40...Incredible...

  14. Hot damn, that is a fantastic shirt! You do score the best stuff at your thrifts.

  15. The leather shirt is a true find. I have a buckskin shirt, but it lacks all this cool, cool detail. The velvet skirt is pretty too.


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