Sunday, February 12, 2012

Feb 11th - Wild Card Outfit - Festivus Party!

As I noted in my original rules for the 30 For 30 For 12 Challenge, I'm allowed one "Wild Card" outfit per month, for special events (or maybe if I'm just dying to wear something else!?). Last night was our "F**k Valentine's, it's Festivus" party, and I really wanted to wear this new-to-me dress that I got a few weeks ago:
Isn't the print wild? I love the painty floral look of it. The cut is also extremely flattering to the midsection!

I also wanted to wear my lovely Tierre Joline hat again:
I ended up taking my shoes off after a couple hours, and the hat as well (it was making my head hot).

The dress was $34 on consignment.
Not bad for Lauren by Ralph Lauren.

I liked this detail about it:
No bra strap slippage! Awesome!

Dress (Lauren by Ralph Lauren, consignment), hat (Tierre Joline), shoes (Me Too), bangle (thrifted), earrings/ring (Lavishy).


  1. That dress is beautiful and fits like it was made for you... i must comment on the hat. It is just spectacular!! I must wear something like this!

  2. Super fun and sassy! I love your hat, and the dress fits you like a glove. Love that detail on the strap. I need to sew a couple of those in sometime. it's a good idea.

    Your celebration sounds like a bunch of fun. I'd take Festivus over studying and research papers any day! Hope you had a wonderful not-Valentine's Day!

  3. Superb dress. The wild print matches your personality and the design is perfect.

  4. Love that dress - amazing bargain and it looks so good on you! Hope the party was fun :)

  5. That dress looks spectacular on you!! The fit, the colors--it's YOU!!!
    Plus you could put a jacket over it for a competely different look!

  6. This dress was meant for you! You look wonderful, Happy Festivus : >

  7. That's a real show stopper of a dress, and love how you accessorized it.

  8. Love the dress! Very festive (making it perfect for festivus I suppose). Though it does make me want spring more than I already do. Hubby's bday is on Valentine's, so we usually just celebrate that and call it good.

  9. Wohoooo! You're such a colourexplotion! Meant in a very, very good way, ofcourse!

  10. Great dress Sheila. I love the floral pattern. Especially love your tattoos peeking out with the neckline at the back.


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