Saturday, February 4, 2012

Feb 4th - Outfit #4 - A Carefree Saturday

L is busy all day and evening with friends, so I did my own thing today. We've been married nearly 15 years,  and one of the things that keeps us happy to see each other are our days apart. I always enjoy a day on my own, doing whatever strikes my mood. Tomorrow we're hosting our Super Bowl party for the football pool folks, so we'll have plenty of time to socialize.

This morning I went to my WW meeting - my boss from my old job was there, so we went for coffee afterwards and then she gave me a ride to town.
One of the factors in choosing my clothes for my challenge is making sure I have weigh-in clothes! This is the same black skirt I wore the other day - nice light cotton. Of course, I stripped off the boots, the vest and all the jewelry before I got on the scale.

I've hardly worn this top since I got it, even though I love the colour, the sleeves and the neckline. I think this is the third wear...seen before here and here (which is the same outfit except for a different skirt).

The vest is a wardrobe staple for me.
I have to have a piece of leather or suede, right?

I got groceries then treated myself to lunch out - ah, mimosas and Eggs Benny (with hollandaise on the side). I did a quick tour around a couple of little thrift store and found a couple of great summer items that are going into a bag for a few months. When I pull them out, it'll be a surprise because I'll have forgotten all about them!

The stuff:
I adore the boots - and I got a huge number of compliments on them today. I did a lot of walking, starting at 9am and finishing at 3:30pm, including walking home from town, and my feet are actually feeling pretty good.

The necklace and earring set were from Mom this past Christmas.

I'm off to make chilli for the Super Bowl!

Top (H&M, thrifted, vest (Cabi, thrifted), skirt (Morena, consignment), boots (Bellevues Libby Smith, Fluevog), earrings/necklace (gift from Mom).


  1. Is that vest actual leather, as it looks to be? I love these shoes too and can understand why you received many compliments.

  2. Wow do you look cute on a Saturday!!! I feel like such a slob...lolol
    The way the bluish color moved from the blouse to the shoes is really neat!!

  3. This outfit is perfect. It's not too "matchy matchy" but the colours complement each other very well.

    I have the green/grey Libby Smiths. I know you're shocked!

  4. Terri, yes, it's actual leather - I love how it's conformed to my body shape since I got it.

    Megan, so not shocked! You have great taste in shoes, Fluevogs in particular.

  5. Really, can I just have all your boots pleeeeze!

  6. Great outfit! The bits of coordinating blue are matchy enough to make this resident of Matchy Town quite happy :)

  7. Oh I love this outfit! I like how the boots are similar to your top and vest too! :)

    Sounds like a lovely way to spend the day :)

    Have fun with the superbowl tomorrow - I've heard it's a big deal in the US :P

  8. Oh, those boots. If only it were easy to get Fluevogs in the UK, I would be so happy. And so broke. But mostly happy.

    I have thrifted so much leather clothing over the years. I need to wear it more!

  9. Great outfit! I love your t shirt because of the sleeves - I'm a sucker for these kinds of details :D

  10. Love those boots. The blue on them and the blue at the top look just delicious!

  11. Oooh, the balance of the purple and brown leather on top with the same for the boots below really makes the boots stand out.

  12. I'm lovin' all your outfits so far!! The thought you put into details is amazing and so inspiriing. Just wishing for warmer weather here in Sweden now so I don't have to cover up completely anymore... ;-)

  13. Those boots are really cool. I'm glad you've put them into the mix so we can see more of them.


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