Sunday, February 19, 2012

Feb 19th - Outfit #17 - Out for a Stroll

I didn't intend to go out today, but since I had to get groceries anyway, I thought I'd have a longer stroll and go down to the plaza where one of my favourite consignment shops was. 
I ran into Leslie aka Hostess of the Humble Bungalow having a browse there - such a small town! I ended up with a vintage scarf purchased from another store but no clothes this time. Maybe this challenge is helping me restrain myself! 

A casual look for this blazer, making this its third wear. My cropped jeans make their fifth appearance, and the blue tee gets worn for the second time.

No one saw me in the outfit without the jacket buttoned up, but this is what it looked like.
The boots were great for walking - I've given them quite a beating over the two years I've had them, and they are due for a polish. This is their fourth wear this month.

It started out clear with patches of sun - it felt like spring!
Unfortunately that didn't last and I was pretty chilly for the walk home.

Blazer (David Findlay, thrifted), tee (H&M, thrifted), jeans (Jackpot, swap from Caro), boots (Miz Mooz), bag (License), scarf (Danier leather), gloves (Club Monaco).

However, signs of spring were everywhere, from bunches of snowdrops...
To crocuses blooming.
You can see a few tulip and daffodil buds pushing up. Those are the next flowers we'll see in abundance.

One of the things I love about Victoria is the lovely heritage houses. This house actually has "Heritage" status.
I like the little balcony up on the roof.

The semi-Tudor look of this house appeals to me: 
This type of manicured garden is pretty popular; I prefer more overgrown ones.

These two kitties checked me out as I walked past their driveway:
The grey one looks quite cranky, doesn't he?

My absolute favourite in the spring is the plum and cherry blossoms:
Another week or two, some sunny days, and the first round of them will be in full glory.
Spring is on the way!

Hope you are having a fun weekend!


  1. Were you surprised that the clerk asked if you were the fashion blogger? Had she seen you online or did you mention it to her before? How exciting!

    I wondered if you'd find any treasures
    I'll post about my loot in a day or two.

    It was nice to see you this afternoon.

  2. Leslie, I know most of the people in the stores where I'm a regular, but MSC usually doesn't remember me - that was a surprise! I had given her my card on a previous visit.

    Nice to see you too! We will have to do another shopping expedition again soon - maybe in March?

  3. I really like this casual outfit on you - AND the blue streak in your hair! (I've been "reading you" - just not finding time to comment so frequently.)

    I'm working diligently on my weight. Before spring, I expect to be back to a shape conducive to both closet-shopping and thrift store shopping. I can't wait!

  4. What a gorgeous walk. Those houses are just lovely. It was quite chilly where I'm at. I should have worn a hat and gloves in addition to my coat. Ah well, we're looking at 70F weather by Wednesday.

    Wish I had your lack of luck. Lol, I hit Goodwill today and came home with a bag of stuff. They've also raised their prices recently. D=

  5. Your boots are beautiful and you have cared for them well...I also like the little Tudor home and of course the blossoms of spring...enjoyed the post!

  6. I like how you make even casual outfits look polished! :)

    And I giggled at the kitty picture - the grey one does look so grumpy, not as cute as your two :)

  7. Oh hell, Seeing the signs of spring in Victoria opened up a crack in my heart! We still have old snow and ice and I am thoroughly sick of it already. sigh. Very envious of the boots too.

  8. Oh, I love pretty homes. The first one here is beautiful, especially with the patio on the roof.

    Coincidentally I photographed some dramatic homes in my neighborhood yesterday and posted them this morning. Our minds are in similar places.

    I agree with you that overgrown nature is better than overmanicured presentations.

  9. Cute jacket! We visited Victoria when I was young, and I've wanted to go back ever since.

  10. Awesome outfit as always!! I love the pictures of the homes and the Spring blossoms!! I can't wait for it!!

  11. Thanks for the tour of the town! It is so cool when you bump into another blogger in real life. What you're wearing is perfect for a day of shopping.

  12. Love the simplicity and classic look of this outfit, and especially against the fun stripe in your hair. :)
    And you know I adore when you post photos of the world around you. Spring is on its way!


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