Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Feb 1st - Outfit #1 - Purple and Green (and a Thrift Score)

Day 1! How intimidating! Pressure's on...Read about my Challenge here.

Before I get going, a shout-out to my new readers and followers - thank you! Hello, CharlotteSometimes (I love that song), Shopstop Ann, Disturbed Style, menopausalsupermodel (love it), zhine, and mica, and as always to my long-time (and more recent) blogfriends. You're all awesome. 

So, on we go. Outfit Number One:
Of course, I have to start it off with a bang and wear The Coat. I didn't wear any outerwear today, just the coat buttoned up all the way with a pair of thick gloves. It was dry, cold and sunny today and I did a lot of walking and riding the bus.

My company's two offices had a massive lunch meeting today (which I helped organize), so I was doing a lot of running around. I had to arrive at the hotel early, stayed late, and then had to leave early to catch the bus to the dentist. My dentist is in the town that L used to work in, so it's an hour bus ride. I enjoy listening to music as I sit on the upper deck (we have double-decker city buses on the busy routes), although today I flossed my teeth (I tried to hide it so that I wouldn't gross out my fellow passengers).

So atypical of me, I'm wearing a white button-up shirt!
I have a teal cami on underneath (not one of the 30 items) to keep me warm, hide my cleavage and cover in case of button pop.

That's my pouffy purple skirt - and aren't the purple tights a good match?

I did take the coat off when I first arrived at work (I was warm from climbing the stairs), I ended up keeping it on all day, unbuttoned.
This is my second wear of my green Fly London shoes. A few days after I bought mine, my girlfriend Caro wore them to the New Year's Eve party - she didn't know I had them! Such good taste that girl has (Patti, she loved the dress and looks amazing in it, FYI).

The stuff:
I love purple and green together.

The jewelry:
I have had this set for many years. I didn't wear the matching bracelet...this time.

So, I did mention a "score" in the title of this post, and score I did. For the aforementioned white shirt had a very interesting label:
Wee! I love finding good quality name brands in thrift stores! Yes, you read that right, I found this in a thrift store, just sitting on the rack.

As you can see by the above label, it's made in the UK. The inside seam tag also looked right (I did a lot of research on Burberry after I found my vintage trench coat):
Yup, all the right fonts. And look at that double side seam stitching. So nice.

A careful instruction label on the back of the above label.
"Made in the United Kingdom" again. I always check the inside for all labels.

Look at the lovely pale plaid on the inside of the collar:
That same plaid lines the inside of the cuffs. I wore the cuffs flipped so the plaid showed.

Right down to the buttons:
Perfect font, stitched nicely. My verdict: authentic Burberry.

Oh, the price?
I know! Score! Are you kidding me? $4.00? How could they not know this brand? I just picture a couple of people going, "Check out the label on this one: Burr-Berry." "What kind of berry is that?" "I dunno. Just put it at 4 bucks. Some idiot will pay that for a white shirt."

Here's one just like mine (only with darker plaid cuffs/collar) that sold on eBay for $41.00. Whenever I thrift or find an item on consignment that's at least 10% of the original price, I call that a score. This is right up there with my $3.99 Prada shirt.

Coat (Desigual), shirt (Burberry London, thrifted), skirt (Plum), shoes (Fly London), jewelry (Myka Designs, gift from L).


  1. What a find! I love that you mentioned that that white shirt was not typical of you, and yet it made your first 30. Can't wait to see how you make it "you" as the month goes on!

  2. Whoa! Score! I love when that happens. I know my thrift store occasionally prices nicer coats or "brand" shoes higher. They also occasionally stick the shoes into those lock cabinets, but all the designer clothes are tagged alongside the walmart and target stuff and put onto the racks. I think it feels even cooler when I find those pieces. Hooray for thrifting luck!

    I love your coat, you're off to a great start. The Fly London shoes are surprisingly adorable. I'm consistently surprised by some of the brands (like cydwoq) that are actually very flattering on the foot. I really think more online shops should show shoes on feet.

    I look forward to the rest of your month. Maybe I do need to join up for your 30x30 and put myself on a shopping ban for awhile. (Ah well, soon enough).

  3. Burberry?! Wow! I really like the shirt on you - looking forward to seeing how else you will style it :)

  4. Amazing thrift score! Jaeger seems to be my lucky brand for thrift shop finds.

    Purple and green is a great way to kick off your challenge. I love that colour combo, and now I'm thinking I might wear green tights with my purple dress today. Inspirational, you!

  5. Wow, great start! What a super find with the Burr-berry shirt : > It's hard to find a good white shirt at the thrift, let alone a designer one! I'm so glad Caro likes the dress, and thanks for the update. Love, love those shoes.

  6. Such a cute skirt!!

    Shelia, come register to win the fabulous pink clutch and red coral necklace I will give to one follower on Valentine's Day! They would look so great on you!! They are high end beautiful pieces!!

  7. Gotta love that Desigual coat! Gorgeous!And $4 for a Burberry blouse is something you should never pass up.

    My parents are in Victoria for a few weeks. Maybe I should go visit them and scope out all these stores you go to.

  8. Wow! Burberry at the thrift store??? That is awesome! I love your coat, it is really fun!

  9. Sheila shoots...she SCORES!!! Love the outfit-that blouse is AWESOME and such a good piece to style with.
    The coat is gorgeous--love the teal and purple together-very elegant!

    I score a pair of never worn Clarks Maryjane wedges for $5.24 yesterday--soon to be debuting (need heel grippers) I LOVE getting expensive name brand stuff for next to nothing!

  10. I *love*it when anyone scores a well-made designer piece! I amazed my colleagues at work with £14 Mark Jacobs pleated wool shorts (regular retail £100) that I recently got on consignment. But then maybe I shouldn't tell people about all the bargains to be had!

  11. You are so lucky with the thrifting! Kudos to you~

  12. While I know that the blouse is real score, the piece of this outfit I'm coveting is the purple skirt. And, yes, it is a good match with the tights. Sounds like the coat was essentially a long jacket for the day.

  13. Love the jacket, and especially love that you went so simple under it. It makes all the detail and lushness of the jacket stand out even more.

  14. Thanks for the shout out! :D

    I am in awe at your amazing steal on that shirt - ti will last you years, what a great price! And I love the purple in your outfit too :)

  15. I'm too late for this one but I'll join you in March. I'm doing a mini challenge this week, 10 pieces (including shoes) for a week. Deciding what to wear was super easy this morning!


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