Thursday, February 16, 2012

Feb 16th - Outfit #14 - Peacock Poop and Dad's Birthday

Today is my Dad's birthday. He would have been 70 this year - he was 55 when he died. For his birthday most years, we would always meet up after work and go for dinner at a pub, then go to an action movie. He would get Bridge Mix and I got popcorn. He was so embarrassing - he talked to the screen! "Oh, look out!" Hee, I remember "Cliffhanger" and "Judge Dredd." I always like to watch a trashy action movie around his birthday to remember that.

I had to plan my outfit around the new streak in my hair, right? 
My lovely dark green and brown blazer with the copper thread gets a second wearing, my asymmetrical black skirt gets worn for the third time this month, and the very fly Fly Londons are back, last seen at Outfit #1!

This time I wore the blazer done up:
It has the best shape - it was a pleasure to wear.

I had a long sleeved layering tee underneath (a green one, in case it peeked out a bit), and a vintage full slip for warmth and non-tight creep. Speaking of tights, these actually had a huge hole on the calf that I didn't notice until I got to work. Dang!

The stuff:
The necklace is reversible; it has a silver bird on a blue turquoise background on the other side.

My hair went over well at work today. The women liked it quite a lot; the men mostly either ignored it or made a joke of it.

"Hey, what's that you've got in your hair?"

"Oh, a bird got me on the way to work. A peacock," I said. Har dee har har.


I've had a couple of people ask me how the challenge is going.'s challenging! I will be doing a month-end summary and analyze how things went, and will have a vote for the favourite outfit.

Anyway, I have all these thoughts about it on a short and long-term basis. Should I be planning what month to wear what? What about a colour theme? More shoes? Less shoes? Should I purge now at the end of winter or wait till next year? What if I don't wear all the Smoking Lily I bought this month until next month? I usually wear all my new clothes right away - won't that be weird? Will I lose readers because I don't have as many "new outfits"? Will people complain? What Fluevogs should I buy in March in Vancouver? What am I going to wear out of the 30 items in this capsule wardrobe for next week's 10 item capsule wardrobe??

Jacket (David Findlay, thrifted), skirt (Morena, consignment), shoes (Fly London), bird ring/earrings/necklace (Lavishy), sun ring (Nine West).

Vizzini was blocking me from leaving the den this morning:
He's a little blurry because he never stops moving.

He sits so funny, like a kangaroo.


  1. I sometimes consider doing a 30-type challenge, thinking it'd be easy bec. I go thru plenty of stretches wearing the same pieces. I *do* wear everything in my wardrobe, just slooowly ;-)

    Your outfits so far haven't been boring, they've shown the same creativity & fun combos as before. Not very repeat-y to my eyes. I particularly love today's & yesterday's!

  2. Love the hair, the outfit rocks and I totally dig those shoes! Don't worry about losing readers. Those who love you for real will stick around. Pardon me if I don't visit as often. Work has taken over my life!! But I still have you in my thoughts and will visit when I can!!

  3. Thanks for the sound advice. And for showing me -- with your hair -- that age is no limitation on style. You're my hero!

  4. You know my color-of-the-month in 2011 clarified my shopping somewhat though I don't think I purged as strongly as I might have. I know that my readership BUILT throughout the year. My monthly color wardrobes had roughly 30 pieces...

  5. Those shoes are so fabulous and I love the skirt.

    Vizzini reminds me so much of my Dougal. Those tuxedo cats are nothing but trouble. Cuddly trouble.

    If I was going to Vancouver to buy Fluevogs I think I would either get these:

    or these:

  6. Love the outfit--especially the jacket. And OMG the SHOES!!!
    I love foloowing you during this challenge--it's awesome to see how creative you are and it inspires me to get outside my box!

  7. Oh the shoes! How amazing.They just add a different vibe to different outfits.
    Vizzini is quite a character and a handsome one too.

  8. what a nice way to remember your Dad :)

    I love your challenge outfits! It's so nice to see all the different ways you can wear the same items. it's inspiring, not boring.

    And definitely makes me feel the need for more separates in my wardrobe! I'm really picky with tops, but I have oodles of pants and skirts. Mostly end up wearing dresses!

  9. You look gorgeous. I especially love the shoes/tights combo.

  10. I am still madly in love with that jacket. Should I tell you that Heart and Sole have a sale? A fantastic, it-hurt-to-walk-away kind of sale. Ya know, just to add to your wardrobe dilemmas :-)

  11. Lorinda, I've been through Heart and Sole many times in the last month. I am trying to be good - don't tempt me, woman! :)

  12. Sheila, your questions made me chuckle. You could wear a binliner every day and you would still make it look exciting and uniquely styled, each time! Your readers are going nowhere x


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