Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Feb 7th - Outfit #6 - Stained Browns

Today was One of Those Days. I found out that I'd ordered food for a meeting for today instead of tomorrow (that's what you get when you're working in the middle of a carpet-laying glue-fest, like I was on Friday). I also had a big spot on the thigh of this skirt when I put it on.
A new skirt in the challenge! This is my tan/cream pinstriped one. You can't see a single one of the zippers or pockets in that picture, which is weird. The thing is littered with them, front and back.

The sweater is also a new item in the challenge. I love it because it's such a basic, and it's exceptional quality (merino wool with a titch of spandex). I last wore it here.
You can see my attempt at making the spot go away.
The Burberry white shirt makes its second appearance. I spilled black coffee all over my arm this morning which soaked through the sweater and stained the white shirt. I rinsed it right away, but could still see the stain. Arg.

Fortunately, I hit it with Folex when I got home and the coffee is completely gone! Hurray! I also put a smoosh of cornstarch on the skirt stain and it lifted it right out. Must have been some salad dressing or something greasy from last time I wore it. Oops.

The stuff:
Only two pairs of shoes left. These are my Miz Mooz walking boots. I walked home from work in them today.

Sweater (Banana Republic, thrifted), shirt (Burberry, thrifted), skirt (Sandwich, consignment), belt (Club Monaco), boots (Miz Mooz), necklaces (Plum).


  1. Phew: Glad you got those stains out! I love the boots and the watch necklace :)

  2. What a challenging day, wardrobe, wise : > You pulled through though, and looked fab doing it. Your walking boots are so, so cool.

  3. What a great skirt. I love all the pocket and zippery details.

    Sorry about the coffee spill. =( Last week I spilled tea all over one of my cardigans. I rinsed it out but then I had a big water mark to dry out on my radiator. I ended up wearing a coworkers sweater most of the day. It's become the "community sweater".

  4. Love this look. The long pendant necklaces, the belted pullover with collar, all perfect.
    Nice trick getting all the stains out too!

  5. That skirt is way cool!!! you are inspiring me to start looking for some work skirts (my co-workers will FAINT when I show up in one-LOL)
    I've got a leopard skirt on my look-for list!

  6. I love your layered necklaces! They go so perfectly. I like the pocket details on the skirt, but omg spills and stains. I know if I eat or drink before photos I am 98% guaranteed to spill something on myself.

  7. Glad you got the stains out! I'm always spilling things on my clothes, haha!



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