Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feb 14th - Outfit #12 - Red and Caramel - Valentine's Day

Happy V-Day! I hope you are all spending time with someone you love (even if that someone is you). 

I had to wear some red for Valentine's Day:
My red jacket, the painty blouse and this caramel skirt which I am rapidly getting tired of (last seen here). I basically wore this whole outfit except for the skirt here.

I liked the curvy silhouette:
But it wasn't all that comfortable for running around in. I wish either the top or the bottom half of the outfit was looser.

Vizzini inspects my shoes:
I do adore the shoes, though. And you can't go wrong with a rose, even if it's just a zipper rose.

Jacket (French Connection, thrifted), blouse (The Limited, thrifted), skirt (Precis Petite, thrifted), shoes (I [heart] Billy), belt (Plum), rose (Victoria & Albert Museum gift shop).


  1. I would love to figure out how to make the zipper roses. Love the color combination here...perhaps because caramels are my favorites in a box of chocolates.

  2. The jacket looks great, especially with the rose! How cool is it that it is made of a zipper? :D

  3. Definitely a favorite color combination for me. You look great!

  4. I love your red with the jacket and those shoes! They look really cute :)


  5. Love the outfit!!
    I need to make some zipper roses--I scored a bunch of vintage ones and I'll NEVER sew anything involving a zipper!!

  6. I really like that skirt but I know what you mean about becoming tired of it. You are a stronger person than I in doing the 30/30/12 experiment.

    Those shoes really are super cute!

  7. I have some zipper rose shoe clips that I should dig out and wear. You look marvelous as always. I love those shoes! They are definitely my style.
    I think Vizzini and my Harry both love being in the pictures!

  8. The whole outfit does work really well together, but I totally understand why you might be getting tired of your pieces! I agree with Megan, you're a much stronger person than me to do that challenge. However your shoes are just magical. Seriously adorable.

  9. Too bad it wasn't good to run around in - it looks great!


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