Monday, February 27, 2012

Feb 27th - Outfit #24 - Baggy Monday

Although today's outfit was very comfortable to wear, it's probably my least favourite of all of February. 
The colours all work fine, but the shape of it overall is just too baggy. With this skirt (last seen here) I need a more tailored top than this one (last seen here). Also, the long-sleeved tee (not a capsule item - I don't wear it unless it's layered under something else) is maybe a bit too casual.

Ah well, it was Monday.
This is the last wear of all of these pieces! I'm not going to miss wearing them (at least not for a few months), but I will miss these shoes (last worn here). They have been really fun, plus they're comfortable.

The stuff:
Big stuff.

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Blouse (The Limited, thrifted), skirt (Morena, consignment), shoes (I [heart] Billy), ring (Aldo Accessories), bracelet (Le Chateau), earrings (The Cobbler).

While I was planning out my March wardrobe, L was working on one of our dioramas. Someone popped up to help.
Vizzini's eyes match L's sweater so well.


  1. Hi! Your top reminds me of a painting, and the bows on the shows and the ring pop with personality. Love it! I am a new follower!

  2. I really like the top paired with the long sleeved top though! :) Lovely colours in this outfit! :)

  3. Since you're going to be retiring that skirt for a few months, want to send it to MEEEEEE?? (Just kidding) =) But it's one of my favourite pieces of yours.

    I think this looks very good together - not baggy at all.

  4. Great color combos, but I agree - it would be good to see your form more : > Love those shoes so much. And how adorable is Vizzini -- he's a cover-boy cat! Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday (and sorry about the trouble with InLinkz . . . I am writing to them)

  5. Those shoes can come visit me anytime!!
    Vizzini is just too cute!! what an adorable pix. It's so nice of L to wear a green shirt to set Vizzini's eyes off!!

  6. I love the colors in the top. I bet it would have worked with a slimmer skirt. Awww kitty! So cute.

    Oh btw we may have kittens at my mom's in a few weeks. Annabelle is getting round!

  7. That pic of your sweetie and kitty is awesome - the cat looks like a graphic on his shirt!

  8. I *love* that outfit! It looks so fun!!! How about a belt of some sort to give it more shape? Or maybe some sort of necklace to keep the eye up higher?


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