Thursday, October 27, 2011

This or That - Dots or Stripes

Today's challenge: Dots or Stripes!

Yes, ma'am, coming right up:
And this is why I didn't save the holey tights from yesterday for today! It's stripey legs! Wee! I've had these tights for a few years now - got them at Winners on one of my expeditions.

This is my striped velvet blazer that's really navy but is pretending to be black today:
It really is striped, honest. Only worn once, here (3rd outfit down, very casual) - now my cost per wear is down to $3.25!

The blouse is a micro-polka dot (2nd outfit down), and that's my lovely grey velvet skirt (3rd outfit). All very exciting indeed.

The stuff:
I have very few "plain" shoes - these are the closest I still have to a classic black pump. I love them.

Oh, and there, see? Stripes and dots - told ya!

Blazer (Ann Taylor, thrifted), blouse (Jacob), skirt (Club Monaco), shoes (Guess), earrings (Plum).


  1. Fantastic tights! Double the stripes and polka dots! Love it. Those tights are fabulous. I need to start deploying some of my tights.

  2. I love your tights too! I can't believe you managed to include two types of stripes AND polka dots - you're a genius :D

  3. What a great pair of tights! Then you mixed polka dots too? Love it :)

  4. I knew that you had to have some good reason for not saving the dotty tights! I think I found the same blazer when I was thrifting yesterday. Unfortunately, it was miles too big. And it may have actually been black.

  5. I was counting on you to do both! Love, love those tights. You are a fashion star.

  6. SI ! SHEILA ! me encanta !
    those tights are just out of this world !

  7. Hi Sheila, found your blog from the Citizen Rosebud The +40 blog list. You have a wonderful & fun sense of style. Great job on the fashion challenge.

  8. Thanks, Megan! I am loving getting back into funky leg looks this season.

    Ki, thanks! No, I just have a lot of tights. :)

    Style Journey, thanks!

    Cara, that's so funny - we could have had twin blazers!

    Patti, thank you!

    Lorena, aren't they cool?

    Gracefully, thank you so much! Nice to meet you, and thank you for reading!


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