Thursday, February 2, 2012

Feb 2nd - Outfit #2 - Brocade and Asymmetry

I know it's only Day 2 of Month 1 of my challenge, but having a limited wardrobe sure makes it easier to pick an outfit! Wham bam, done!

Today, another jacket and another new-to-me item in the skirt:
I adore this jacket. I chose it to go in the challenge for February because it only looks right when it's done up (although I might try it open with a shirt under it at some point) and once the weather gets warmer I won't be wearing it much. I wore it with the sleeves rolled up this time to show off the nice purple lining.

I picked up the skirt on consignment a few weeks ago and have just been waiting to wear it. It's a fairly thick cotton, with a velvet stripe texture to it. I love that it's asymmetrical - I've really been grooving on that in skirts for a while. Maybe it's the Next Big Thing? I have always liked that deconstructed kind of look.

The skirt is mostly straight like a pencil skirt, but then it is all stitched up oddly on one side.
The stripes accentuate it.

The back:
You can see how the rest of the skirt is fairly normal. I think this was around $28.00 on consignment (the store always takes the tags off, and I forget).

I might have to include this skirt again in the challenge at some point during a warmer month, as it's unlined. I'm wearing a half-slip under it:
My slip is Christian Dior! I've had it for a year. I liked how the pale grey peeked out at the hem. It worked well at preventing tight creep.

The stuff:
My Cydwoq shoes - so comfortable. I had to do a "basic" black shoe (and skirt) so that I'd have a couple of go-to pieces that would go with almost everything. Some of the items I've chosen for February are - shall we say? - more limited in their wear! Ooh, I'm so excited to do new outfits out of this capsule.

The shiny stuff:
My oak leaf thrifted bracelet (which I will always think of as the "pee bracelet"), my cuff from London and one of my pairs of silver earrings that I've had forever.

Here's a bright shot of the texture of the skirt:
Sort of a herringbone weave, where the black bands are velvet.

The brand was sewn on a strip of fabric inside:
It was made in Victoria! I've found another local designer: website here. The railyard that the main slideshow of photos is set in is not too far from downtown, across the bridge. They seem to specialize in asymmetry and deconstructed looks. The website doesn't seem to have been updated in a few years, and the Etsy shop is closed, but I dropped them an email, so maybe I'll find out if she's still making clothing.

Jacket (Naughty), skirt (Morena, consignment), shoes (Cydwoq), cuff (St. Paul's Cathedral gift shop), bracelet (thrifted), earrings (Plum).


  1. I love the jacket and the shoes and the slip, but I think a skirt like this would give me FITS!

  2. I like asymmetry too! I have an asymmetrical Japanese skirt from 2002 that I've been meaning to wear.

  3. I'm beginning to realise that your 30 items are way cooler than mine - look at that skirt! It is so awesome :D

  4. Such a great outfit especially those Cydwoqs.

    and that skirt! Another great find. You are the consignment master.

  5. The skirt is WAY cool--almost steam-punky in nature. Maybe with a crinoline type slip under it peeking out??
    Your jacket is so elegant!
    Pee bracelet--LOLOLOL--it is gorgeous!
    Have a great weekend

  6. That's one thing about having less--- it's so much simpler to pick something out :)
    I think that jacket is a work of art !
    and for a moment I thought the brand was "Lorena" I was about to say i designed it but then i read it again...

  7. I've been very sick for a few days. But I used the down time wisely by starting at the beginning of your blog and reading every entry. Thank you for your style and inspiration, but even more for your honesty. I loved reading about the hard times and your triumphs. I can so relate to being constantly asked, "What are you so dressed up for?" The answer, we both know, is LIFE!

  8. Fancy Grancy, wow, I'm flattered, thank you so much. Welcome!

  9. I love that skirt so much - really like how it's got that interest by being asymmetrical! :)

  10. Great skirt! That bracelet reminds me of a pair of earrings I adore that were my grandmas's...lovely!


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