Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feb 21st - Outfit #18 - Capsule Day 2 - Preppy Twist

Gotta rush as I have to leave soon for my WW meeting!

Today's outfit:
This went better than expected - I like the rust-coloured tights with all the black and white and dark brown.

This is the white shirt (last seen here), the black asymmetrical skirt (last seen here) and my brown wool sweater (here, same as the white shirt). The leopard flats make an appearance (last worn here).

I'm quite the prepster, eh?
The trick to tying a sweater around your neck is to fold the neck over flat so that it lays flat. If it's a cardigan, make sure it's buttoned up.

The brown belt is the 3rd accessory item to be added.
I wanted a wide belt.

This black leather cuff is new-to-me:
I got it when I met up with Lorinda - it was $2.00 and it's really nice quality. Very soft and supple.

I went with my other leather wrist pieces on the other arm:
I felt like a steampunk Wonder Woman!

Sweater (Banana Republic, thrifted), shirt (Burberry London, thrifted), skirt (Morena, consignment), shoes (The Bay), black cuff (thrifted), steampunk cuff (SkinzNHydz), wrist-wrap (Club Monaco), belt (Plum), key earrings (Oscar & Libby's).


  1. Ee! This is so cute. I call looks like these "alternative-prep". They're edgy with preppy elements, like your sweater. also your turquoise streak is so fab!

    The skirt/tights/flats combo keeps things interesting. $2 for that cuff? Great deal!

  2. Yea, the bracelet's finally making an appearance. Loving that belt too!

  3. It's a great look and in my book the shoes SAVE it from being 'preppy.' the cool thing about challenges is that we come up with looks, we might never have otherwise.

  4. Love the leather accessories, they look fab! And your red tights :)


  5. You have so much style permeating every choice you make that I can't imagine you being mistaken for preppy ever. You approach fashion as art and create masterpieces that are original.

  6. So cute--love the rust tights pop of color and of course the turquoise pop of color in your hair!!
    Now I NEED leopard flats!!

  7. Love the shoes. Your waist looks so tiny. What a great advert for WW.

  8. The coloured tights make this outfit pop! Lots of WOW factor.

  9. I think you know how much I love black & white! I like the shoes you're wearing with this...the leather accessories, too.

  10. Great style! I came across your blog quite randomly as I search for leather cuffs for my girl.
    I have the exact same black leather Guess cuff I bought in '08 for $40 Cdn (incl tx)! My favorite accessory by far (as I don't wear jewelry).
    Great find for $2!!! Well Done!


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