Monday, February 20, 2012

Challenge Within a Challenge - My 10-Item Capsule Wardrobe

I've been doing the Wardrobe Challenges put on by Jane at The Small Fabric of My Life since 2008 - by my count, this is the 5th Capsule Wardrobe Challenge. 

The rules:
  • Between Feb 20th and Feb 24th you need to choose 10 items from your wardrobe including skirts, dresses, tops, knitwear, and shoes to mix and match.
  • You can add five accessories such as scarves, but hosiery, jewellery and underwear is not included.
  • Outerwear is not included as it is still very cold.
This is the first time that jewelry hasn't been limited to being one of the five accessories, so I'm pretty excited about that! 

I had a hard time picking out 10 clothing and shoe choices from my small 30-item February wardrobe, so my mix may not be as creative as it has been in years past, but we'll see if I can come up with some more interesting ways to wear these 10 items. I'm always up for a challenge!

Without further items are:
1. The Desigual coat.
2. The leather shirt

3. The turquoise sweater

4. The Burberry white shirt

5. The brown wool sweater

6. The purple skirt

7. The black asymmetrical skirt

8. The cropped jeans

9. and 10. The Fly London green shoes and the leopard flats

Accessories (limited to 5). 1. Purple belt, and 2. Leopard scarf.
I've only selected two accessories so far - I might add things as the week goes on to make five total.

So, what do you think? Could you make five outfits out of this assortment?

If you're interested, check out my capsules of previousWardrobe Challenges here (scroll down to "Wardrobe Challenges and Theme Weeks").


  1. I think Terri is doing this too - it looks challenging indeed. I know you can do it, or course! I think the white Burberry shirt will get a couple of uses? And leopard flats are the ultimate neutrals, IMHO : >

  2. An amazing collection. I am so excited to see how you wear them.
    I can hardly believe the CWC is now in its 5th year.
    How time flies!

  3. I can see you getting 5 outfits out of this easy.

  4. You are a glutton for punishment! A challenge within a challenge! patti is right, I'm attempting it for the first time and think you are the first person to make me aware of this challenge. Good luck.

  5. When you have all the gorgeous clothes that you do I don't know how you survive these challenges. You're a stronger woman than I :-)

  6. A challenge within a challenge! You are made of heartier stuff than I, my friend. :)

    But I love all that you have picked. Can't wait to see it together.

  7. I think I would struggle to make 5 outfits with 10 items! I know you will achieve it though you put things together so well :)

  8. Love everything you picked!! I'm anxious to see what you do with it!!


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