Thursday, February 23, 2012

Feb 23rd - Outfit #20 - Capsule Day 4 - Purple and Brown

One more day of the capsule wardrobe challenge to go! Not that I'm not enjoying it...but I am starting to get really tired of wearing the same clothes...over...and over...and over...
I went for comfort today. A nice loose sweater (last seen here), the forgiving skirt (here), the flat leopard shoes (here).

Sadly, the streak in my hair is starting to turn pale green. Man, my hairdresser was right when she said that blues and greens fade fast. I suppose it will be light blonde by the time she colours it again (in the 3rd week of March!). That would be kind of cool too, though.

The leopard scarf makes its only appearance so far.
I like doing my tights the same colour as my skirt.

I played a bit with extra colour in my ultra-colourful bracelet.
Isn't it pretty? L has good taste.

Sweater (Banana Republic, thrifted), skirt (Plum), shoes (The Bay), scarf (Fairweather), bracelet (gift from L).


  1. Love this! I think it's my favorite of this capsule challenge!

  2. Love this! I think it's my capsule favorite! And that bracelet is truly awesome. :-)

  3. I would never have thought to pair purple and brown...and I shall have to study several items in my closet again as a result.

    I'll be posting the last three of my outfits tomorrow...

  4. Sheila, this outfit looks great. Purple&brown look just right.
    Btw, I wanted to let you know how inspiring I have found all your colourful outfits - I struggle with wearing more than 2 colours at a time (and one of those will always be black, navy etc). I can looked really washed out in some colours. BUT! I've had my colours done and have some really exciting colours to try out now (dark teal, raspberry, emerald). Turns out I'm not sallow, just wearing not-the-best colours...
    Thanks for the push. Some of the colours in my swatch book (it's not gospel, just fun) are quite Sheila! X

  5. This outfit looks comfortable *and* fabulous, Sheila -- I love the touches of animal print. Gorgeous bracelet too, way to choose 'em, L!

  6. Love the scarf round your neck and the purple skirt!

    even though you are reusing pieces more often you're creating very different looks :)

  7. I love brown and purple, but I love purple with just about anything. This is such a great skirt, wish I could find one similar!! Great look!

  8. I am a recent convert to purple and brown. I stumbled upon the discovery that a range of purplish colors, from pinkish lavenders to dark plums or eggplants, mix nicely with my brown neutrals. (I think I wandered into the this terrain from the more predictable land of the brick red/burgundy shades. Have you noticed how these tones inch toward the purplish ones? Colors will always amaze me in this way). I love the way you're wearing them.

  9. Yes L has excellent taste--in bracelets and wives!!!
    I love the purple with the brown and leopard--not a mix I've ever thought oF!!

  10. See if your hairdresser can order in Elumin products. They never fade. That's what the red in my hair is.

    The purple and the leopard is a great combination.

  11. I love the purple Sheila . I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog. I had a thrift fix yesterday and saw many things I know you would like , hopefully you are out shopping this weekend . You also encouraged me to crank my red up a notch or too in the red department . Donna

  12. I love seeing this challenge within a challenge! And I'm in love with that bracelet of yours. So many pretty colors and shapes.
    I've been getting pink streaks in my hair for a year or so now and when it fades out it is blondish (my hair is a dark brown so it stands out) and what's funny is I tend to get more compliments in the "the colors completely faded out" stage then in the "freshly colored BRIGHT PINK" stage. People are strange haha

  13. I love this outfit, you look fabulous! Purple is one of my favourite colours and your leopard peep-toe flats are gorgeous, I have a similar pair myself and I love them.


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