Monday, February 20, 2012

Feb 20th - Outfit #18 - Capsule Day 1 - Teal and Purple

Day 1 of the Capsule Challenge is here! And this is what I wore:
 The Desigual coat (last worn here on Day 1 of the February 12 For 12 challenge), the turquoise sweater (last seen here), the old workhorse, the plum skirt (here) and the Fly London shoes (here).

My purple belt is one of the my 5 allowed accessories:
And the bigass black chain necklace completes it.

Oh, I nearly forgot - check out Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style!

Coat (Desigual), sweater (Kersh), skirt and belt (Plum), shoes (Fly London), necklace (Club Monaco).


  1. One of my favorite color combos -- Henry has a teal leash and Gigi has a purple one :-)

  2. I love the teal with the purple skirt and the coat ties it all together. Most excellent.

  3. I love the way it all works together.
    I have opted for very safe colours and am now wishing I had been a littlemore adventurous. I love those shoes so much.

  4. Hi my Love!
    So glad to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for all the support. I could actually feel it.
    My dad is stable and at home. my mom is hanging in there ( early alzheimers) (stuupid spellchecker)
    I LOVE this coat and it reminds me- i thriftted a similar one and forgot!
    Must wear this week!!!!!!

  5. Love the purple and teal together, and that coat is just awesome!

  6. I love that coat more every time I see it - gorgeous! Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday : >

  7. Love purple and teal together. That coat is AMAZING!!

  8. Ohmygosh, I didn't think your mini-capsule would turn out so well. But these pieces all just work. Even without the coat they work, but the coat is like the extra cherry on top of a super amazing sundae.

  9. That is a really hot combo - you look amazing! (as always)

  10. Yowza! Love this look. Teal + plum looks great on you!


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