Monday, February 6, 2012

Feb 6th - Outfit #5 - A Bargain Jacket and a Catfight

Ah, Monday, my longtime foe. 

*ahem* And here's my outfit for today:
It's been lovely and sunny (although cool) and I finally have enough light in the mornings to do my outside pictures again! Hurrah!

All new pieces in the mix for this month's challenge: the jacket, the thin sweater, the midi-skirt and the leopard flats. I've had the sweater (3rd outfit) for a couple of years, and I wear this skirt a lot. I wish I had just done plain nude fishnets with this as the paisley tights were a little much with the leopard shoes.

I had to throw in quite a few neutrals in order to have lots of options to go with all the colour in my 30 items this month. I've done only 6 bottoms (5 skirts, 1 pair of jeans), but 16 tops, sweaters and jackets. Those tend to be the things I have run out of in past capsule wardrobe challenges. I'm sure I will get sick of the same 6 bottoms pretty quickly.

Anyway, moving on...the jacket is new-to-me:
It's actually a very dark green and brown tweed, with a copper lurex thread running through it. The fabric is silk and wool. It has an amazing fit on me, not really highlighted in this outfit because I wore the jacket unbuttoned all day. You can bet I will wear it done up at some point!

I found the blazer at a local thrift store at the same time as my Burberry white shirt. What a day for scores! However, I did not pay $5.00 for this jacket:
Because it was "green tags are half price" day! Yes, I only paid $2.50 for this.

The brand is David Findlay which is apparently a Canadian company; the blazer is made in Canada and it is lovely quality. When I was in the same store with Lorinda she spotted the matching lined wool/silk trousers. They fit like a dream except that they were miles too long, but you know what? I don't wear suits, I rarely wear pants, and I am supremely lazy and would not get them hemmed. It would have been a waste of the $3.00 to buy them.

The stuff:
Such nice colours together. You can see a bit of the shiny copper in the jacket there. And five buttons! They really "lock and load."

A close-up:
My vintage 1920s/30s necklace, orange crystal earrings, and leather belt.

Jacket (David Findlay, thrifted), sweater (Kersh), skirt (Precis Petite, thrifted), belt (Club Monaco), necklace (vintage 20s/30s, gift from L), earrings (Plum), shoes (The Bay).

The cats did not like me taking "stuff" pictures before I fed them.
They wrestle silently. It's very unnerving.


  1. $2.50? Now I feel super guilty about splurging $12.99 on a jacket when I was thrifting this weekend. What a great deal!

  2. Great outfit! I love the colours of the top and skirt together :)

  3. Those pants DID look fantastic on's nice to see the matching jacket. That sweater is such a nice color on you! I think I'd prefer silent cat fights to the shrieking and hissing that goes on around here...yeesh!

  4. Great score on the jacket! You look terrific, as per always. Love the pic of the silent wrestling match. We have those here too, then it ends with one good swat and a hissssss. Good times.

  5. Your two cats look so much like my two cats - I just had to tell you that! I have two black and white kitties too - and they also wrestle, but not always silently!!

    Also like your jacket very much!

  6. That jacket was a steal and definitely a great color combo on you. I love teal top and the rusty color of the skirt together.
    That necklace is totally drool worthy!
    And of course-CUTE CATS!!
    I am so pinning this outfit on my style board when I get home from work tonite.

  7. I like your outside pictures, it almost makes me feel like I am there :)
    And spending less than 3.00 on a jacket is a dream come true.

  8. Silent cat fights -- part of CIA training?

  9. Oooh these colors are gorgeous. I almost want to say I would have hemmed your pants, but mailing them across a continent would have been harder than going to a tailor. The metallic threads are amazing.

    Also lol kitty fights. Mom's cats keep trying to attack each other when one is sitting in someone's lap. Omg it sucks.

  10. I love the whole outfit, but I long for those tights! And I agree, I like the larger pics, too :)

  11. I clicked on this thinking I was going to see some fur fly! Imagine my surprise to seeing you wearing almost an exact copy of a skirt I own, although the stockings and the shoes aren't in my wardrobe. Love the look...

  12. I am such a sucker for teal/turquoise and animal print. Hey, I think I know what I want to wear today! :)


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