Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feb 15th - Outfit #13 - Shades of Grey (and a Streak of Turquoise)

Putting this jacket into the challenge limited the bottoms I could do it with; only the purple brocade skirt, the black skirt and this grey skirt actually work with it. I do have more than one black skirt (I have several), so I can wear it with other things, but it's not exactly a wardrobe staple. I might wear it one more time this month, I'm thinking.
It was frigid out this morning - I'm surprised you can't see my breath in that picture! Everything was rimed with frost.

I liked how the paler grey of the skirt brought out the lighter grey in the brocade of the jacket.
They are actually a closer match than the pictures make them seem; the skirt is so shiny that it picks up hints of other colours around me.

The stuff:
Well, there isn't any stuff. I wore a pair of white gold earrings and that's it.

I am seriously in love with these Cydwoqs. They are so comfortable!

This is a late blog entry. I am starving as I had a long hair appointment tonight. I had a little something put in my hair:
Wee! I love the turquoise against the red. I can't wait to show it off at work tomorrow.

Jacket (Naughty), skirt (Club Monaco), shoes (Cywoq).


  1. Love the turquoise in your hair!

    That jacket is beautiful too, a great statement piece even if you can't wear it every day! :)

  2. The new hair accent is wow-cool! I think you're doing your re-mixing in grand style.

  3. I'm swooning over those beautiful tights. And like the whole ensemble. Seeing your outfits makes me feel good inside. Warm and happy.

  4. Loving the turquoise stripe :-). (is this what happens when you limit your wardrobe, you're forced to add extra excitement in your hair? ;-))

    How are you finding the challenge?

  5. Love your style! I work at a Cydwoq retailer ( and found your blog doing a Cydwoq google search. You are fabulous!

    Charly Godwin
    Bulo Shoes

  6. What a cool turquoise stripe! I have been wanting to do that myself.
    Your outfit is lovely!

  7. The turquoise streak is AWESOME! Love it!

    And I love those tights so much.

  8. Whoa to the streak of turquoise...wondering if I could do something similar to the grey stripe in my hair! This jacket is absolutely gorgeous!

  9. Omgomgomg YES! Your hair turned out so great. I think this outfit turned out really great. That jacket is kind of a difficult piece, but the shapes work in a complementary way.

  10. OMG how cool is THAT ?
    What a way to make a statement. I also like how the color contrasts with your red hair.
    I tried blue on my hair a few years ago but it was not even noticeable...

  11. The streak turned out great! Good for you for being so brave

  12. did you have your hair red previous to the blue? i'm trying to do the same thing. did you just dye the blue over the red? orr?

    1. Bethany, I dye my hair red myself. My hairdresser bleached the streak (making it white/blonde) first, then dyed the blue over it.

      When I colour my hair now, I soak the blonde streak (the blue faded out really fast!) in conditioner, then wrap it up in cling-wrap with an elastic so that it doesn't get any dye on it. My hairdresser refreshes the bleaching every couple of months.


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