Saturday, February 11, 2012

Feb 11th - Outfit #10 - A Wee Saturday Shop at Smoking Lily

I fully intended to get up at 9am and go to my WW meeting this morning, however, instead I slept in and then L and I met Andrew and Nick for lunch. It felt very decadent to sleep in.

Today's outfit features the last of my 30 February items, this denim jacket.
I dyed my hair last night - it's a little darker than I normally go, but what the heck. It'll lighten up in a couple of days.

In case you're interested, this is what I can see when I'm sitting outside on the steps:
It's a castle! I'll go up there one day when it's sunny for a photo shoot.

I love the suck-you-in-ed-ness of this jacket. It has a lot of lycra in it.
Wearing it over the same top from yesterday, and this faux suede skirt last seen here in Outfit #5. Wore my walking boots (Outfit #6), because we got some groceries and stuff for our Festivus party tonight. Yeah, I know Festivus is supposed to be in November or December, but whatever. Our theme is actually "F**k Valentine's Day! it's Festivus!" We have a Feats of Strength contest (this time not arm-wrestling like at our last party), and the Airing of Grievances. Of course, we will put up the Pole.

The accessories are my locally-made silver feather earrings, and my Shi Studio cowboy buckle and belt.

Although it's cloudy today, it's not that cold, so I just bundled up with my faux fur:
Jacket (Bisou Bisou, consignment), top (Ellen Tracy, swap from Caro), skirt (Precis Petite, thrifted), boots (Miz Mooz), gloves/scarf (Parkhurst), belt/buckle (Shi Studio), earrings (locally made). 

While we were downtown, I had to go to Smoking Lily* because I had heard they were having a huge sale starting today on stuff that didn't sell, one-offs, discontinued styles, etc. If you looked at that link, that store is only 3 feet deep by 6 feet wide. I tried all my purchases on in the street, right there. Oh, and that second picture? That's an octopus coat...and it may have come home with me...

I have never bought a single piece of Smoking Lily new (only my yellow bug scarf was purchased for me new), but I went hog wild. The prices were crazy! Sadly, most of it will have to wait to be worn until March when I change over to a new capsule wardrobe.

I picked up a few things for friends, because that's just what I like to do. This is for Megan Mae:
I cut the silkscreened logo off the shopping bag. This is an elastic pull-on belt with a leather "buckle" with a lady's face silkscreened on it.

A close-up:
The silkscreen is a silvery-grey, so it's hard to photograph.

I also got this belt for another friend who loves bicycles:
It has a creepy bug on it too! I hope she likes it. I did buy myself one of these belts too - they were only $15, regular $45.

This is something I bought for myself that I will never be modelling!
They're called "Underlovelies" - these were $7.00 (they are regular $20). The back of them (the above picture, has blue greyhounds leaping amongst bees, and assorted floral patterns. One of the designs is a repeated keyhole:
It carries around to the front. So pretty! I almost don't want to wear them. Almost.

*Just as a reminder, I link because I love. I didn't get anything from Smoking Lily for linking to them or mentioning them; I support local businesses.


  1. What a great jean jacket! It fits you like a glove. What a gorgeous view. I think I'm officially envious of where you live.

    The octopus coat is so cute! Can't wait to see it on you. Ee! I'm very excited about the belt. The woman looks a Mary motif. Lol, even the panties are adorable.

    I crazy want that bee skirt on the front page.

  2. Octopus coat? Like this one?

    I got mine in Victoria about 4 years ago. =)

    My mother may have been at the sale...she's in Victoria for the month staying at a friend's condo near the helicopter pad.

  3. Seems slightly equestrienne to me? Love it.

  4. That is a great jacket. I really like the whole outfit and the belt buckle is TDF.
    Your hair looks lovely, may I ask what product you use to color it?

  5. A castle in the neighborhood! I want to see.

    The jacket is most excellent and now I'm off to have a gander at the octupus.

  6. Debbi, this time around I used Garnier Nutrisse. I use a lot of different brands, basically whatever's on sale that's close to a really bright red.

  7. Your hair looks great! Love that jean jacket on you, it fits so well! :)

    How luck you got to shop the sale- I am looking forward to seeing you wearing what you bought next month :)

    those belts are perfect gifts too! :)

  8. Love the new darker red! And am so jealous you get to look out at the castle... Have a great party tonight!!

  9. Great purchases! I particularly like your pants, what a cool pattern...

  10. Oh, wow: I love everything about that outfit. The shape of the skirt is so flattering, as is the jacket. Warm, rich colors and textures, fabulous fit, perfect accessories, just wow!

  11. The jacket is cut so stylishly. Really attractive, especially with a belt.

    The underlovelies are incredible. I'd rob a store to get my hands on a pair of those.

    Finally, thank you. Thank you, Sheila. You are such a nice person. Your supportive words reach deep inside me. The world is lucky to have you in it.

  12. I absolutely love your hair that color! Dark red is stunning on you. And those undies are totally adorbs :)

  13. That jacket is stunning on you and I love the skirt!!
    The new darker red hair really works for you!

  14. Hello! Really loving the darker red; it looks great.

    Judy S.


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