Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last Day of Wardrobe Freedom!

Well, this is it: the last time I'll wear something that isn't in a one-month capsule wardrobe for quite a while. I'm trying to think of it in just 1-month chunks instead of the overwhelming thought of a full year. I know I have enough clothes to do this without overlapping - my current wardrobe of shoes and clothing items just in my closet is over 200 items, and come March 31st, I'll be digging out those big plastic containers that I stored all my Spring/Summer clothes and shoes in last October and packing away all my Fall/Winter clothes and boots.

But enough of my jibber-jabber! The last outfit is...
I see a kitty in the background
Not terribly exciting. That's my semi-sheer kimono top, last seen in August (3rd outfit down), with my olive skirt (also last worn in August).

I really wanted to wear my Miz Mooz boots one more time.
Maybe they will be in March's 30 items?

The stuff:
Inigo goes in for a sniff
I adore those boots. I get so many compliments every time I wear them.

The jewelry:
Inigo guards my necklace from Vizzini (out of frame)
Tomorrow is my company's big 2nd quarter meeting and luncheon, which I'm helping organize. Some bigwigs will be out here. I hope they like my colourful outfit!

Top (Mexx, thrifted), cami (InWear), skirt (Club Monaco, consignment), boots (Miz Mooz), necklace (vintage 60s, Mom's), cuff (SkinzNHydz, local).


  1. I just bought an olive skirt that looks exactly the sale! Love it paired with the kimono top :)

  2. hi there sweetie, I love your boots too! Well, most of your footwear actually!

  3. Those boots belong in a movie. They're that special.

    Your post lacks a title. I'm guessing you were too tired to notice. Better a title-less post than no post!

  4. I love those boots too :)

    Here in central Ontario I don't dig out my spring summer until almost May

    Love your 30 day capsule idea


  5. This is a great challenge! I'm hoping you find it inspiring for the entire year. After not working for a few months I'm finding myself just wanting to wear the easiest of things and falling into the clothing rut I was in when I worked in IT. Every time I get to see friends or family I've been overdoing it with my outfits and I miss some of clothes as I've been packing everything away as we are moving for the 5th time in 18 months. This will be the last move. I'm really hoping this new home to be my forever house.

  6. I can see why yo love the boots. Such a great color with unique details. Perfect with your kimono top.

  7. OOOOO--love them boots!!! I love the whole outfit. And Inigo is so handsome--nothing better than a cute cat accessory!

  8. Ah! Those fabulous boots. The kimono top is very pretty as well. I think you'll get the hang of dressing in month-long chunks. Just pre-plan for seasonal changes and you'll be fine.

  9. I am new to your blog and liking what I see. But I had to leave a comment of love for your cat--black and whites are my weakness! Cute!

  10. I think it's a fabulous challenge, and I can't wait to see how you do!
    And those boots better make it for March - they are fabulous!


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