Monday, February 28, 2011

Leopard Week! Some Casual Leopard

Welcome to Leopard Week! Go here for links to participants.

Now, leopard is not to everyone's taste, but it sure is to mine! I love the luxurious look of it, and it makes me feel like a 40s movie star. I also like that it's a pattern found in nature. Many people have associations of leopard as being "too old" or connoting some crazy old lady who draws on her eyebrows (wait a minute, I draw on my eyebrows!). But give leopard a chance and it can add some zip and zing to an otherwise blah outfit!

Today, I'm busting out my furry leopard skirt:
Last time I wore this (and the time before that), I did a more dressy look, so this time I thought I'd try to do more casual. This outfit would be a kind of dull with a denim skirt, which is what I would normally wear, don't you think?

Oh, and this is a fist-pump:
Second round of interviews is on Thursday! Woot!

As seen above, this leopard pattern has light and dark banding, like on an actual leopard. I felt like I had a full food chain on me: Leopard eats the birds (on the tee), birds eat the bug (in the necklace). Ha!

I also dug out my black velvet gloves with the leopard trim to add a little dash to my outerwear:
I felt very posh as I strolled to town to get groceries.

And of course, one must have some luxury in one's house clothes too:
Leopard slippers!

The stuff:
Comfy boots, leather cuff and necklace.

A close-up:
That's a real beetle encased in the drop (and it glows in the dark!).

Long-sleeved tee (Plum), graphic tee (Truly, Madly, Deeply, consignment), skirt (S&D, thrifted), boots (Indigo by Clark's, consignment), cuff (Catalyst Leather), necklace pendant (some gift shop), leather jacket (work swag), gloves (gift from Elaine).


  1. I love the light and dark color bands on the skirt, and that necklace is truly special. You're a walking episode from Animal Planet!

  2. the slippers made me laugh! I love the bug necklace. Do you ever have a problem with people wanting to pet you when you wear leopard?

    And congrats on the second interview!

  3. A wild woman like you looks natural in leopard! And congrats on progressing with the job thingie...

  4. I love predator/prey type pairings. I've done snake with feathers before. I also LOVE that you went with green as a pairing.

    I have to say your beetle necklace is both the coolest thing ever - and scares the beejeesus out of me.

  5. Thanks, 'Doll! Ha, I like that!

    Terri, of course, I have leopard slippers. My girlfriends like this skirt because it's fuzzy. Thanks!

    Shy, why, thank you!

    Megan, heh, me too. I love green with leopard. The store where I got this pendant had all kinds of different bugs - they were only $6 each.

  6. Terri's comment made me giggle, as now I'm envisioning people coming up to you and petting your bum. Which would probably be inappropriate, yes? Yes.

    Reciprocal fist pump about your next interview! Knock'em dead!

  7. Love the leopard slippers. Why should you be deprived of leopard if you're not leaving the house! You need your at-home leopard and your on-the-town leopard too.

  8. Thanks, Scary! Mostly people stare at me - not so much petting.

  9. That is a Truly Beautiful Skirt ! I also Really Love the bug necklace. I have been looking for one.

  10. Wendy, I so agree! I think I need some leopard satin pajamas to lounge around in.

    Emma, thank you!

  11. Oh, I so love this outfit. It would be perfectly fine and cute with a denim skirt, but the leopard takes it into a new realm of funky and arty. I'm so sad that I will not be able to wear my leopard print pumps...I sprained my foot last week. I love them so, I'll just have to pull them out and look at them in honor of Leopard Week.

  12. ohmigod. Seriously? It's leopard week? Holy crap! I can't wait to see how this shapes up. Especially since it's starting out with this fabulousness!

  13. Congrats on the second interview! I hope it goes well on Thursday.

    Also, what an awesome skirt! I want a furry leopard skirt! I don't know that I ever could have envisioned a casual leopard outfit, so very nicely done.

  14. Love all of your looks!! I just got my leopard post are having alot more fun!!

  15. OMG, the green with the leaopard, the boots, and the cool jewelry,especially the beetle. Love it! Plus it would make my 7 yr old run away from me, which is sometimes a good thing.

  16. Alison, thanks, and yeah, I agree - the leopard makes it fun! Aw, your poor foot, I hope it's okay. Please give the shoes love.

    A-Dubs, sheeyah! Hope you enjoy it!

    Thanks, Anne, fingers crossed! Thank you - I love this skirt. Very warm and snuggly.

    Pam, ooh, I will come check it out, thanks!

    Thanks, Lesa, ha, is that a good thing? How can she not like a beetle?

  17. Fab skirt, I'm so glad you started this week! I am amazed at how many leopard items I keep 'remembering' I own! Day 2 and I'm still going strong! :D

  18. Thanks, Karen! I love all your leopard items - I realized that I need more!

  19. I have those same slippers. I'm still doing Kendi's 30 for 30, however I'll definitely be wearing some leopard Weds. through Fri. for Leopard Week--meow! lol!

  20. When I close my eyes and think of you, this is pretty much the type of outfit I think of you in. Although there is usually a striped long tee underneath. ;-D

  21. Laniza, I love my leopard slippers! I'll look for your outfit!

    Kristen, ha, this must be a classic Sheila look, then!


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