Friday, April 1, 2011

A Fluevog A Day - Listen Ups Ivanna

I have embraced Casual Friday as a way to play a little bit with the business casual dress code. Maybe I'll wear something made of denim (a dress, a skirt, a vest, a jacket, jeans) or maybe I'll just wear something a bit...different. Today's Fluevog is an old favourite: my Listen Up Ivannas.

However, the real star of the outfit is the pants. But onto those in a minute. Here's the outfit: Pretty sedate for me, yeah? Nice brown pants, black cardi, pretty top with some sparkle, and oh, check out the shoes:
It poured all day today and my feet got wet every time I went outside. I have thick socks on now.

I got this top at Plum in their closing out sale. It was $18.00. I love the pattern and the loose tunic style. I don't have a lot in this cut, so it's been a bit of a challenge to find something to wear it with.
Yes, these are real leather pants! I found them in Vancouver a couple of weeks ago at a retro/vintage/thrift clothing store (the same store where I got my python jacket and my vintage Gianfranco Ferre pencil skirt).

They felt wonderful on the rack and when I tried them on...well, they fit like they were made for me. The length is perfect, they don't sag anywhere and they're not too tight (they're lined from the waist to just below the knee). They were $59.99, and worth every penny. It's hard to see here, but the colour is a rich cognac brown.

And they do amazing things for my butt:
I felt powerful in these all day. No one said a thing to me, although when I was standing at a stop-light a lady asked me if I worked in Melanie Lyne (a clothing store that caters to middle-aged rich women - they have nice things, but I have only bought jewelry there) because I perfectly had their "look." I think it was a compliment.

They are way better than my last attempt at a (p)leather pant.

When I got them home, I went through the pockets and found this piece of paper:
At first I thought it was blank, but then I saw very faded printing:It's a receipt from Finale Bar in Cambridge, Massachussets (which apparently, still exists). Not a huge deal (although cool that my pants travelled all the way to Vancouver), until I spent some time figuring out what else was printed on the receipt.

The total on the bill is $19.85 for a drink and white chocolate cheesecake, but the interesting thing is the date of the receipt: Dec 31 '02, at 10:37 PM. Someone was wearing these pants on New Year's Eve 2002, and paid for her food and drink before midnight! And then she obviously never wore them again, because this receipt remained in the pants' rear pocket for over 8 years.

Isn't that neat? The stories these pants could tell! I wonder if she had a bad date, or left to go to a(nother) party? Maybe these pants had such a bad association with her NYE that she never wanted to wear them again and they sat in her closet accusingly until she threw them in a garbage bag and left them at Goodwill, where they sat on a $5 rack until a buyer for this retro store spotted them and shipped them back to Vancouver and marked them up horrendously.

The stuff: A much better representation of the colour of the pants there. That's a pretty high waistband, but it felt comfortable all day. At least I didn't have any plumber's crack or muffin-top going on!

These shoes were last worn here. I got them in October 2008 (on sale) at the Granville Street store in Vancouver. They are the last of the old Listen Up line, with that exact heel. This was a shoe that didn't grab me at all until I put it on, and then I had to have them!

Oh, one more thing about the leather pants. Since they're from the Gap, it's easy to figure out exactly how old they are: All Gap (and Banana Republic) labels have the season on them (it's true, go look). These pants are from Fall 2000. Hmmm...and these are vintage how, exactly?

The sparkly stuff:I love the coppery sequins on the tunic, so themed my accessories to go with that, rather than contrast. Please ignore the Band-Aid sizing on the ring.

Cardigan (Kensie Girl), tunic (Dex), leather pants (Gap, thrifted), shoes (Listen Up Ivanna, Fluevog), leather cuff (Oscar & Libby's), ring (Fossil), earrings (Plum).

Inigo was just being so cute last night:We restocked his cat fud (spelled like in The Far Side) and gave him the tray to sit in. All cats love sitting on any kind of paper product. It's a fact.

Inigo sort of...overflowed his tray: Still - utter cuteness! Have a great weekend and may all your trays be full.


  1. As a Cambridge resident (who doesn't know that bar...), I'm amazed that your pants ended up in Vancouver! And I LOVE them. I've wanted a nice pair of leather pants for years, to fulfill my rock & roll fantasies. I need to go on a search... I also love your top: it looks great on you; I'm trying to look for more tunics, because I notice I wear them the most.

  2. Those pants are fierce! I of course love the 'vogs. Sorry about your toes! In the name of fashion, you still rocked the sandals.

    That's one of my favorite things about thrifting - imagine the lives of the garments and their previous owners. I didn't know that about Gap/Banana Republic things. Makes me want to go check out my stuff by them to see how old they are.

    Hovercat!Inigo ♥ so cutes!

  3. KITTY! Kitty, kitty, kitty! Lordy, I want a cat. Damn you, allergies!

    And the pants are awesomely epic. As are the shoes. As is the top. So, basically, I'm coveting your entire outfit.

  4. The pants look fantastic and what an interesting story that receipt tells. Did you know that your picture was on the Huffington Post as part of Wendy B.'s series on red legs?

  5. I love this outfit (yeah... no surprise!) I think I could never put off leather pants! But you rock! Your kitty is so sweet! Have a nice weekend!

  6. I think if you're going to wear leather, it has to be real not pleather;) These pants are an amazing find, retro or not. Cognac is much classier than the more common black.

    the Fluevogs are lovely of course. I know only too well how a pair of Fluevogs can capture you once you have tried them on. There's some kind of magic going on with his shoes!

  7. great casual look than is so polished!!

    Like the way the tunic style tank gives you a very lean look.

    I second your statement that cats like to sit on paper products- all of ours do too!!

  8. I love this outfit, Sheila. It looks great on you. And yes, all kitties love to sit in boxes, or bags. They have to make it THEIRS. He is so cute!

  9. "And they do amazing things for my butt..." i don't know, i think it's probably the other way 'round ;)

    just a great great look~that top is wonderful on you, the shoes rock, and then -

    Leather Pants


    holy fork! i'm likin' this take on casual friday, fer sure. & Inigo looks so cute in that box! a few days ago the bouche got all frisky inside a thin cotton duffel-type bag - of course at the end he got a little freaked when he couldn't find his way out, luckily i was able to extricate him pretty quickly. whew!

    and how smart is it of cats to be so happy with such everyday things? pretty darn. steph

  10. p.s. also i have to send this post to my mom - the detective work you do on these clothes adds a completely new dimension to thrifting! steph

  11. Those are really awesome leather pants! I love them with the top, but it's true they do make you look great all around, too bad the top covered up your butt! hehe!!

    Inigo, is cute in his free tray. So cute!!

  12. So much greatness here that I don't know where to begin. Love the ensemble altogether, and those leather pants are quarter-bouncing perfection!

    Also, cats in boxes are awesome.

  13. Holy cow, Batman! I just saw your picture on The Huffington Post! It's my favorite source for news.

    Obviously you must know about it. I hope you don't mind that they published your last name; I know how much you value your privacy.

    It was great seeing you there. You should be proud! That's a major news-publication.

  14. Steffi does send me here, and every time is delightful. She knew it would just love the detective-ing part of your post (maybe she left the receipt in the pocket so every time she wore the pants she was reminded of that exciting, lovely night?) - but your RUG!! It is awesome and I love love love it. Also your kitty. 8-)

  15. I was so glad when I saw the pic of your butt; afterall in leather pants, its all about the butt shot! (perfect) Maybe it was me in those pants in Paula

  16. Gorgeous! Love that tunic and those shoes. Those pants are so sweet! What a find.

  17. Oh you look AMAZING in those leather pants! A-MA-ZING!

    I keep trying leather pants but I either haven't found the right pair of just don't have the right body shape for them. Oh well, I'll keep trying!

    Also I love your ring - it's nice and sparkly!

    Love the kitty in tray pic - what a darling he is.

    Sarah xxx

  18. Those pants kick ass... plus I am a sucker items with a story.
    I have to say that Inigo looks like a stuffed animal sitting on that box...

  19. You look great! God those pants are nice on you!

  20. C&B, I know - how did they get here? I've been hunting for leather pants forever. Thanks so much!

    Megan, thanks! Eh, it was only rain, not a big deal. Yes, I love the stories (even if I make them up).

    Erin, isn't he adorable? He knows it too! Thanks so much!

    Terri, thank you. Yes, I did know!

    Dimi, thanks! You too!

    Northmoon, I totally agree - which is why I didn't keep my other pants. I didn't want black pants - it had to be a colour. Agreed again - Fluevogs are mysterious that way.

    Thanks, Alecia! Ha, those darned kitties.

    Chris, thank you! Yes, they sure do. Inigo is the cutest!

    Steph, aw, thanks! Ha, thank you so much, and yes, cats make you realize the simple pleasures of... a box! Hee, thanks for passing me along to your mom.

    Alison, thank you!

    A-Dubs, aw, you're too sweet, thank you. Cats in boxes RULE.

    Ralph, thanks - wow, that's so cool. I did know, yes, I gave Wendy permission to post it. It's pretty exciting. :)

    Hi, Iq - are you Steph's mom? That's a neat idea, and possibly true! My rug is from Home Depot, thanks!

    Paula, ha! Could have been you? Cool!

    Keely, thank you!

    Sarah, thanks, m'dear! Just keep trying - your pair is out there.

    Lorena, thanks - I know, I love doing the detective work on clothing.

    Kim, thanks, hon!

  21. yep. lq is my mom - at one of her workplaces, they called her 'elk' (based on the phonetics of 'l' and 'q'). you two remind me of each other somehow - really smart, very bubbly but a wee bit shy, and 'figure-outers'.

    not to mention awesome specs! i knew mom would love this post! happy monday & OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE I BLOG - KNOW SOMEONE ON HUFFPOST!! steph

  22. WOW, those are some gorgeously-fitting leather pants, Sheila! Well done indeed.

  23. I love everything about this outfit; so sleek and sexy and fierce. Your dupa looks spectacular in that leather! :)

    Hahaha, silly Inigo.

  24. That's so cool, Steph, thank you for sending her my way (aw, and you think we are similar?). Ha, I know, I feel vaguely famous. Yeah, maybe not.

    Thanks, Sal! I thought of you when I bought them: "Sal would love this cognac colour"!

    Kristen, thanks so much! Ha, go dupa, go!

  25. Those pants are HOT! Great pairing with the 'Vogs, and how cool that they have a story to boot.

  26. Thanks, Audi! The story is the best part.

  27. You look superb in those beautiful leather pants. I really love leather pants anyway, I used to always wear them.
    Interesting history of your wonderful leather trousers. If I had given my leather pants away then someone would have found numerous tickets from the London Underground in the back pockets.
    Anyway, keep wearing those leather pants. They really suit and you look superb in them.
    Best regards from the U.K.

  28. You would look nice..In Red Leather Pants and Black Leather Pants..Have a nice day.


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