Monday, August 2, 2010

Bride of Dress Week - Begins...on the Long Weekend!

In the hallowed tradition of my other Dress Weeks (see sidebar for links), this week's title is based on yet another monster movie title (the most excellent "Bride of Frankenstein"). I'm running out of ideas for titles, though! Any suggestions? I'd like to continue the monster movie theme, and it must work with the phrase "Dress Week".

I wasn't intending to do a Dress Week until September, but I was browsing in a second-hand store on Saturday and found THREE amazing dresses (all in the $20-22 range). Well, of course, this called for a Dress Week!

Saturday's outfit:
Nice and light for Weight Watchers, with a bit of badass in the skull scarf. I also went for lunch in this and did some shopping. Of course, I just got this dress last week and wore it on Monday.

Dress (Taylor, consignment), shoes (Reaction Kenneth Cole, gift from Cat), scarf (Metrowear, San Francisco).

Today's the holiday, but we still had to get groceries:
I ended up abandoning the shoes when I got home - darned things kept loosening up as I wore them. When I got home, I changed into a pair of flats, and we went out for lunch.
I've had this dress forever (3 years?): wore it here, here, here, here, and here. Whoa, that's a lot!
The weather's off and on, so the jacket is needed. We're off to the museum, out for dinner, and then going to see "Iron Man 2" at the IMAX!

Dress (Kenzie), wedge shoes (Tommy Hilfigger, consignment), flats (Franco Sarto), leather jacket (Danier), earrings (Plum, gift from L).

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Sheila I have a thing for Kenzie dresses. There has not been ONE of theirs that I do not like !
    Of course no exception with this one.

  2. I like both of these! They look comfortable and cool - and I know you'll find all kinds of ways to "jazz" them up!

  3. yummy leather jacket- love that color AND I am sooo jealous- Iron Man 2 with drool worthy robert downey jr.- big fan

  4. Dress Week from the Black Lagoon, The Valley of the Dress Week, Little shop of Dress(es) Week, Invasion of Dress Week!!

    Okay I'm getting into Alien movies now.

    Both super cute dresses. The green one is a fabulous palette for accessories, but has that great detailing on the bottom. I like the second dress better with the flats for some reason. Hope you enjoyed your night out!

  5. Fab outfits! I really love that second one - you suit those orangey tones so well :)

  6. A yellow leather jacket? JEALOUS!

  7. Shoes that untie are a drag...I usually end up tying them REALLY tight and then they loosen to an acceptable level.

  8. Fabulous dresses, both! And don't forget Revenge of Dress Week, The Beast from Dress Week, Invaders from Dress Week, Forbidden Dress Week (ooh, that could be naughty!), The Incredible Shrinking Dress Week (haha -- also lots of potential there!), and my favorite: I Married a Dress Week from Outer Space!

  9. I was going to vote for Little Shop of Dress Week but then I read I Married a Dress Week from Outer Space and laughed outloud. Does my vote count?

    Great dresses, as always. Can I borrow that jacket? You might as well throw in a pair of shoes too

  10. Lorena, this is one of my favourites - I've worn it tons of times.

    Thanks Rebecca! You know I will!

    Alecia, thanks so much - yes, RDJ = yumminess!

    Megan, those are awesome suggestions! Love them! Thanks so much.

    Cat, thanks! I love that dress too - worn it lots.

    Sal, I know. To.Die.For.

    Wendy, they are! I did that, but then I felt like my calves were bulging. Ugh. These might have to go!

    Audi, thanks! Those are fantastic!

    Thanks, Shybiker! Wait till you see the new dresses!

    SU, yes, your vote counts! Bring it on! Yes, you can borrow the jacket, but I think my feet are bigger than yours.


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